Affirmations for life goals (41+)

Affirmations for life goals

  • I am worthy of manifesting my biggest desires.
  • I believe in myself and my ability to succeed
  • something wonderful is about to happen to me
  • I allow love to fill me up and guide me in all of my actions.
  • Everything is alway working out for me.
  • I always choose happiness.
  • My mind is free of resistance and open to the possibilities.
  • I am in the process of becoming the best version of myself.
  • I look for the good in every situation.
  • My desires are fueled by an unlimited belief in myself.
  • I can do anything I put my mind to.
  • I have faith in myself and in my abilities.
  • I have what it takes to reach my goals.
  • I can handle anything that comes my way.
  • Great strength lies within me at all times.
  • I have the courage to keep going.
  • I have the courage to walk my own path and follow my dreams.
  • My dreams are far more important than my fears. I keep going no matter what.
  • My faith lifts me higher than fears.
  • Today I face everything with great courage.
  • It is impossible for me to fail.
  • Today, I make magic
  • I am creating the life of my dreams.
  • I am focused, persistent and will never quit.
  • I am totally in charge of my life.
  • Whatever I put my mind to, I achieve.
  • I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.
  • My energy creates my reality. What I foucus on is what I will manifest.
  • I am dedicated to living in alignment with my purpose.
  • I love the life I am creating and opportunities flow to me with ease.
  • My intuition never lets me down.
  • I always follow my heart’s path.
  • I am always being guided to living my heart’s desires.
  • I live in perfect alignment with my highest truth.
  • I trust myself and turn inward to seek my highest truth.
  • My life works beautifully as I navigate my path with grace and ease.
  • I follow my intuition and know that nothing is put before me that I can’t handle.
  • Everything feels so right; I trust I am on the right path for me.
  • I see abundance everywhere.
  • I am always attracting abundance.
  • I am open to money coming to me from new ways that I’ve never imagined.
  • I am connected to the endless abundance of the universe.
  • I am worthy of making more money.
  • Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.
  • I always have enough money.
  • I am grateful for what I already have and for all that I receive now.
  • I handle success with grace.
  • I am fully supported making money doing what I love.
  • It is safe for me to make money.
  • I am aligned with the energy of abundance.
  • I am aligning my priorities and taking life to the next level.
  • I smash all my goals with ease!
  • I am living my best life RIGHT NOW!
  • I have a fire in me to achieve success.
  • The Universe is bringing me everything I desire!
  • I am suddenly receiving a huge boost in my career!
  • I am confident and cool about my business.
  • I have intense purpose and passion that brings me success.
  • I am capable of achieving miraculous things in my life!
  • I am clear and focused on my goals.
  • I have an abundance of opportunities to achieve my goals.
  • All of my goals are well within my reach.
  • I achieve all my goals with ease!
  • I easily take action toward my goals.
  • I have clarity and energy to move toward the end-result.
  • My success is life-changing!
  • Wonderful things are happening to me right now!
  • The Universe brings me wild success!
  • I accomplish everything I set my mind to.
  • I am focused and consistent.
  • Anything is possible in my life!
  • I have limitless belief in myself.
  • I am incredibly strong and determined.
  • I am committed to my goals.
  • I have unending enthusiasm and confidence!
  • I take huge steps toward my goals each day.
  • I clearly visualize how I feel when I achieve my goals.
  • Working toward my goals is energizing!
  • I manifest unlimited opportunities.
  • The Universe brings me success every day.
  • I believe in the power of the Universe to bring me success.
  • I believe in the power of myself to achieve success.
  • I absolutely SMASH all my goals I set for myself!
  • When I am authentic to myself, success is inevitable.
  • I am achieving more success than I can possibly imagine!
  • I am driven and brilliant.
  • I am on a journey of epic success.
  • I embrace my own power to achieve my goals.
  • I am unstoppable.
  • I am a trailblazer.
  • I am a badass.
  • All my dreams are coming true.
  • I am a visionary in my field.
  • My goals are taking me on a captivating journey.
  • I break through all my goals with ease.
  • All this success soothes my soul.
  • My success helps me live a life of luxury and ease.
  • I intentionally work toward my goals every day.
  • I am deliberate with my time and effort toward my goals.
  • I have the perseverance to reach all my goals.
  • Achieving my goals transforms my life.
  • I achieve unlimited success.
  • My tenacity ensures my success!
  • I have all the power in the world!
  • I am aligned with the abundance of the Universe.
  • I am focused and make informed decisions.
  • I am a doer and go-getter!
  • I am ambitious.
  • I deserve all the success I can imagine!
  • Achieving my goals allows me to live the life of my dreams!

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Manifestations are sometimes viewed as pseudoscience but there is some interesting research that does at least give you some reason to believe otherwise.
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