Affirmations for laughter (35+)

Affirmations for laughter

  • Laughter and happiness come easily and naturally to me
  • I am funny and I make people laugh
  • I create laughter and feelings of happiness and joy wherever I go
  • Lighthearted laughter is liberating
  • The universe is laughing with me
  • I have a great sense of humor
  • Every time I laugh or smile, I create positive energy and healing
  • I make people laugh easily
  • I share my gift of laughter with others.
  • I have an excellent sense of humor. 
  • People enjoy spending time with me. My gift of laughter rubs off on others. 
  • Everyone enjoys a good laugh.
  • Laughter connects me to other people. 
  • I feel closer when I am able to share a humorous moment with someone. 
  • Laughter can help to heal my relationships. 
  • Anything is possible when humor is present. 
  • I can deflect anger and other negative emotions with humor.
  • Humor is one way of lessening my fear. 
  • I feel emboldened after laughing. 
  • I can handle the challenges of life more effectively when laughter is my regular companion.
  • Sharing laughter can strengthen relationships. 
  • Humor is the best way to begin and to end a relationship. 
  • When I share my laughter with others, it is like giving that relationship a booster shot. 
  • I know the relationship will continue to grow.
  • My sense of humor is forever developing. 
  • Each day provides new insights that sharpen my wit. 
  • I enjoy sharing my sense of humor with others. It is a gift that I can give freely and openly.
  • Laughter is important because it makes people happier. 
  • Laughter makes me happier.
  • Today, I am sharing my sense of humor with the world. 
  • It is a blessing that benefits everyone around me. 
  • Laughter is something that we can all share
  • I love to laugh.
  • Laughter enhances my physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. 
  • I develop my sense of humor and discover opportunities to laugh more often.
  • Laughter releases my inhibitions. 
  • I stop taking myself so seriously. 
  • I give myself permission to look silly and have a good time. I feel more open. I unleash my creativity.
  • Laughter draws me closer to others. 
  • Sharing joy strengthens my relationships. 
  • I am grateful to my family and friends when they cheer me up. 
  • I try to spread those good feelings around by staying upbeat.
  • Laughter helps me to learn. 
  • Dry facts come to life when I connect them with an interesting story. 
  • When I am amused, I can face my mistakes, and analyze them so I know what changes to make.
  • I laugh to minimize irritations. 
  • Lines seem shorter and public bathrooms seem cleaner when I am entertaining myself with small talk or memories of funny cat videos.
  • I laugh to promote healing. 
  • I turn my tears into laughter by focusing on the comical aspects of the situation. 
  • When I relax, I can think logically and see events from a different perspective that allows me to grow.
  • I laugh to overcome challenges. 
  • When I am struggling with a difficult task, I turn it into a game. 
  • I look for way to have fun while cleaning the garage or helping my children with their homework.
  • I laugh at myself. I acknowledge my own eccentricities.
  • Today, I bring more laughter into my life.
  • I lighten up and look for the humor in each experience.
  • I Feel Good.
  • I am Healthy.
  • I Laugh for the Joy of Living.
  • I am Wise.
  • Laughter and happiness come easily and naturally to me.
  • I am funny, I make people laugh
  • Lighthearted laughter is liberating.
  • Spontaneous laughter is the joyful soul’s pure delight.
  • The universe is laughing with me
  • I make people laugh
  • I love laughter. I love humor. I am funny.
  • I have a great sense of humor; my humor is sharp-witted.
  • Through humor, I can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. And once I find laughter, no matter how painful my situation might be, I know I can and will survive it.
  • I am amusing. I spread happiness and laughter wherever I go.
  • Spontaneous laughter is my joyful soul’s pure delight in action.
  • Reliable [True] humor secures the possibility of delight in ALL laughter.
  • I laugh often, with gusto
  • I create a happy world of Love, Laughter, Harmony and FUN! I do this by fully being with people, fully listening and fully loving … and, by being fully Self-Exprssed.
  • I create laughter and feelings of happiness and joy wherever I go.
  • Every time I laugh or smile, I create positive energy and healing.
  • Laughter and fun comes to me just for me being me.
  • I am feeling more confident every day.
  • I feel peaceful, relaxed, and self-assured. (It’s easier to be confident and funny when you’re relaxed.)
  • I relax easily by breathing slowly and deeply.
  • I enjoy finding humor in life and making people laugh.
  • I find humor in everything and love to laugh.
  • I am happy, humorous, and fun to be around.
  • I feel calm, relaxed, and hopeful around other people.
  • I exude confidence, sincerity, and humor.
  • I radiate warmth, self-confidence, and love.
  • I sparkle with self-confidence, humor, and vitality.
  • I make people laugh with ease and confidence.

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