Affirmations for junk food (35+)

Affirmations for junk food

  • Eating healthy and taking care of my body is important to me
  • Eating healthy comes naturally to me
  • Every day I *GET to fill my body with fresh produce, superfoods, greens, and juices that make me even more vibrant, energized, and beautiful.
  • Every meal brings me closer to the body and the health I want.
  • Fruits and vegetables are tasting better and better
  • Fruits, vegetables and other healthy ingredients will begin to taste sweeter and more satisfying as I incorporate them more into my meals.
  • I always choose good food over junk
  • I always eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • I always resist the temptation of junk food
  • I am a goddess. I treat my body like a temple and my kitchen like a sanctuary. My kitchen is a positive place.
  • I am a healthy eater
  • I am becoming more and more in tune with my body and its signals.
  • I am beginning to crave fresh fruits and vegetables
  • I am consistently choosing healthy, nourishing foods and nutrients over junk food.
  • I am consistently feeding my body with the fuel it needs to THRIVE.
  • I am constantly improving myself in all areas of my life, so it is only natural for me to be improving my dietary health.
  • I am craving healthy wholesome food way more than I crave junk food.
  • I am creative in the kitchen.
  • I am disciplined with my eating habits
  • I am empowered, motivated and capable of making my health a priority.
  • I am forgiving and compassionate with myself when I get off track, and gently guide myself back on course with my next healthy meal.
  • I am growing more and more confident every day!
  • I am healthy and strong because I eat only the best foods
  • I am honoring my body with the healthy food I choose to eat. Eating healthy is an act of self-love.
  • I am joyful in planning healthy meals that taste delicious and make me feel good.
  • I am obsessed with the results I feel and see when I eat healthy.
  • I am on the road to a healthy lifestyle
  • I am proud of myself and encourage myself each time I choose to eat a healthy meal or drink a healthy juice.
  • I am safe, I am worthy, and I am deserving of all good things.
  • I am someone who is disciplined with my food choices and can easily avoid junk food
  • I am someone who naturally takes their diets seriously.
  • I am starting to crave healthy foods instead of junk
  • I am taking care of my body by fueling it with only fresh whole foods
  • I am the kind of person who easily avoids processed foods and junk
  • I am transforming into someone who eats a balanced diet
  • I am worth the time, the care, and the money I invest in my health and nutrition.
  • I crave fresh and healthy foods
  • I eat healthy and this sets a good example for my friends and family
  • I eat healthy food
  • I eat the rainbow and my skin glows because of it!
  • I enjoy the satisfaction I get from eating healthy and knowing that I am making progress in my health. Taking care of my weight and health is a priority in my life.
  • I envision myself becoming stronger, healthier, slimmer, and more empowered as I continue with my diet. I will develop skills of diligence and self-control as I stick with the plan.
  • I feel radiant and full of vitality when I consume fresh, organic, seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • I find it easy to maintain discipline when tempted by junk food
  • I have always loved fruits and vegetables, so it brings me joy to put a greater focus on their consumption.
  • I love fresh fruits and vegetables
  • I love to eat healthy foods that give me strength and energy!
  • I make healthy eating easy by preparing in advance and getting satiated with every wholesome meal I make.
  • I naturally crave fresh whole foods
  • I provide the best possible nutrition for my body
  • I take my health seriously
  • I want to use this diet to be an example of health to others and to learn how to help my friends and family take control of their health as well.
  • I will always eat only the healthiest foods
  • I will be free from the habit of eating junk
  • I will become a healthy eater
  • I will eat right and live a long healthy life
  • I will give myself kind, encouraging self talk as I learn to achieve my health goals. I will rewire my brain and body to only want the foods my diet allows.
  • I will learn to develop healthy habits and free myself from unhealthy ones. Others will view me as someone in control of their weight and health.
  • I will remind myself daily of why I am choosing to diet and use this reminder to motivate myself. I will choose to consume the healthiest of foods and choose to drink lots of water.
  • I will treat my body right and fuel it with the best foods possible
  • It’s a pleasure and joy to take care of myself and my health by nourishing myself with a variety of nutritious foods every day.
  • It’s easy for me to follow the counsel and guidance of my diet plan. I am the kind of person who can stick diligently to plans like this.
  • My body heals and strengthens with every bite of healthy food I take.
  • My body naturally craves the fresh, wholesome ingredients that the program encourages. I view this diet as an opportunity for personal growth and personal change.
  • My fridge is my medicine cabinet.
  • My mind is attuned to what my body needs
  • Others are starting to notice I’m eating a healthier diet
  • Salads make me sexy.
  • The motivation to continue with my diet will come easier as the days go by. I will learn how to make important life changes that will gift my life with longevity and greater joy.

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