Affirmations for joy (45+)

Affirmations for joy

  • I am joy
  • I radiate joy
  • I am joyful
  • Joy fills my life
  • Joy flows easily into my life
  • I breathe in joy (this is lovely when you’re not really feeling the joy. Take a few nice deep breaths in and slowly release – As you breathe in say “I breathe in joy”)
  • My days are filled with joy
  • Thank you for all the joy that fills my life
  • Great happiness is all around me
  • Great happiness flows through me
  • My home is filled with joy
  • People I meet bring joy into my life
  • My friends bring even more joy into my life
  • My family bring even more joy into my life
  • My work brings me joy
  • I will center my life on the things that are eternal—the Word of God and people—and live in view of eternity.
  • I will pursue a relationship with the Lord as a priority above my job, my family, my church, and any other pursuit.
  • I will not define myself by the quality of my possessions because I have an eternal, imperishable inheritance waiting for me in heaven.
  • I will work as unto the Lord but not make work my Lord—only God can satisfy the longing of my soul.
  • I will greet every difficulty and joy today with the conviction that God has purposed it and ordained it for this specific time.  
  • I will walk today with faith in God’s good and perfect plan, knowing my understanding is finite and my feelings are fleeting.
  • I will claim the power and freedom of God’s love for me.
  • I will reject bitterness for harm done to me and will forgive and fight for joy at any cost, knowing God will serve justice.  
  • I will be content with the work God has given me to do and will look for ways to enjoy the fruit of my labor.
  • I will make decisions according to what pleases the Lord and live detached from the changing opinions and judgments of other people.
  • I will listen to God and continue forward with faith in Him even during difficult times.
  • I will submit to the governing authorities God has placed over me, both in action and in conversation.
  • I will steward my money and possessions in a way that honors the Lord who enables me to earn it and enjoy it.  
  • I will trust my future in the God who blesses me with every good gift, not in material possessions.
  • I will entrust my dreams for the future to the Lord and stay grounded in the reality of the present.  
  • I will trust and serve the God who holds my future.  
  • I will stay strong in seasons of sorrow and difficulty, knowing they are preparing me for richer seasons of happiness.
  • I will be open to constructive criticism and surround myself with wise counsel.
  • I will be patient, not pushing headstrong through the day but quietly seeking God’s counsel.
  • I will seize today in the name of the Lord and rejoice in it, knowing today can be better than my greatest memories.
  • I will seek a holy, righteous life before God without parading my righteousness before other people.
  • I will search for the wisdom of God as if for hidden treasure.
  • I will use the knowledge God has given me in humility and offer it as a praise to Him.  
  • I will work with all my might, love with all my heart, and rejoice in everything knowing my life is a gift.
  • I will claim the victory of Jesus and stand in His unseen love and grace rather than react to unfair circumstances.
  • I will choose what is wise and holy, even in the little things, knowing it will disperse the darkness and give me clarity of vision in Christ.
  • I will lead the people under my care as Jesus guides and directs me.
  • I will guard my tongue and only speak words of love and edification.  
  • I will embrace uncertainty, with God’s help, and keep moving forward.
  • I will live my life to the fullest today because God wants me to have fun!
  • I will ask questions and diligently seek answers from God’s Word.
  • I am always safe and protected.
  • Peace embraces me today.
  • I’m happier than I’ve ever been.
  • I deserve to be peaceful.
  • I deserve to be serene.
  • It’s okay to be happy.
  • It’s okay to say I’m happy.
  • I give myself permission to be relaxed and happy.
  • With every breath I become more peaceful.
  • Peace surrounds me in all that I do.
  • The more love and peace I extend the more I receive.
  • I continue to be happy.
  • I deserve a peaceful life now.
  • Living brings me great joy.
  • I spread joy with every step I take on my journey.
  • It’s okay to choose to be happy.
  • It’s okay to share my happy experiences with others.
  • If others share happiness with me that’s okay.
  • I deserve to be totally happy.
  • I can share my joy with others.
  • Helping others brings me great joy.
  • I am happy now in this moment.
  • I concentrate on thoughts that make me happy.
  • I am happy and well-rested.
  • Joy is an emotion I choose to feel often.
  • I choose to live happily ever after.
  • I find joy in even the littlest things in life.
  • To retain my joy I give it away.
  • I deserve to be around happy joyful people.
  • I feel peaceful and joyful.
  • I am happy and content in this moment.
  • It’s alright to shine with happiness.
  • Bathing gives me peace and comfort.
  • I am guilt-free about being happy.
  • I create peace and harmony for myself.
  • The fact is I’m happy.
  • I accept peace into every facet of my existence.
  • I prove to myself that my happiness is here to stay.
  • I float along happily in my world.
  • I choose to live a peaceful life today.
  • It’s okay to be happy when others are not.
  • I enjoy seeing the people in my world being happy.
  • I dilute my deep thinking with lots of laughter and joy.
  • I reap what I sow and I sow peace and love.
  • I am grateful and constantly at peace.
  • I’m determined to stay peaceful today.
  • It’s okay to be deliriously happy.
  • It’s a joy to hear children’s laughter.
  • My reaction to life is one of pure joy.
  • The decision for peace is always the right decision.
  • Forever happy and peaceful that’s my choice.
  • Peace descends all around me now and always.
  • I’m happy to be who I am where I am and when I am.
  • I am happy in this moment and for all time.
  • In this moment I choose to experience joy.
  • I’m now happy and well adjusted.
  • It’s okay to feel peaceful about having power.
  • I’m dedicated to being happy today.
  • I’m extremely happy with the superb choices I make.
  • I’m very happy to be involved in this thing called life.
  • I breathe in peace and a new intelligence now.
  • I am by every stretch of the imagination happy today.
  • Today I choose to feel the rewarding feeling of peace.
  • Being happy is a decision I’ve made today.
  • I choose to remain calm today no matter what.

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