Affirmations for job search (37+)

Affirmations for job search

  • I deserve my ideal job and today I find it!
  • Right this moment, my resume is being seen by all the right people.
  • My resume gets me interviews and I show up to seal the deal!
  • Right now, the job I am looking for is looking for me!
  • I am recession proof! I have the skills and the talent to compete in any economy! (Video)
  • I am a great employee! Any employer is lucky to have me!
  • I am an asset to any organization and I prove it in every interview.
  • My confidence is building! My ideal career arrives in my life today!
  • Every time I interview, I exude confidence and energy!
  • Every time I interview, I exude credibility and capability!
  • Whenever I interview, I always impress!
  • I am read for my interviews. I am confident in my interviews. I am successful in my interviews.
  • Amazing jobs are appearing in my life out of nowhere!
  • As I put my intention for a great job out into the Universe, the Universe responds with great job opportunities.
  • I am creating the career of my dreams. It appears in my mind and then in my world.
  • Career change is an opportunity to have the career I want. This time I choose a great career for me!
  • No more excuses! I deserve a job that fulfills me and now I am ready to find it!
  • My perfect job is on a direct collision course with me right now!
  • I committed to my happiness in this job search and my determination pays off!
  • I am ready to work! I am ready to contribute! I communicate that energy in every interview!
  • Every no for my wrong job gets me to closer to the yes that is perfect me!
  • I close my eyes and I see myself in my ideal job. I open my eyes and I go make it happen!
  • Breathing in, I know I am worthy a great career. Breathing out, I have it!
  • I ask and I receive! I seek and I find! I ask for my ideal and today I find it!
  • The negative news about jobs is about averages. I AM above average!
  • I am intelligent, resourceful, and skilled in my trade.
  • My ideas and experience are valuable.
  • Having a job does not define me.
  • The right career opportunity is available for me.
  • I trust God to sustain me while I’m out of work.
  • I’m thankful for divine direction concerning my career.
  • I believe God will provide a new job for me.
  • I’m energized by the chance to work somewhere new.
  • I believe my next job will be the right fit for me.
  • I’m thankful I won’t have to settle for this new role.
  • I will not accept a job out of fear.
  • I’m thankful for a healthy work environment.
  • I’m grateful the economy doesn’t dictate God’s plan for me.
  • I have value apart from what I do for work.
  • I have wisdom for what’s required in my next role.
  • There’s an opportunity that fits for my life during this season.
  • I am diligent and successful in all that I do.
  • My talent and accomplishments will not go unnoticed.
  • I have the patience and stamina to find the job that’s for me.
  • My full self will be welcome in my next job. I will not have to play small.
  • I find the best job perfect for me because I deserve it!
  • My resume can attract useful people!
  • My resume attracts employers like a magnet!
  • My self-confidence helps me to cope with any job!
  • The skills and abilities I have acquired allow me to compete in any area of \u200b\u200bthe economy!
  • Any employer will appreciate me, because I am just a great employee!
  • In every interview, I can prove my value as an employee for any organization!
  • I feel more and more confident in myself! My successful career starts today!
  • Confidence and positive energy emanate from me every time I pass an interview!
  • When applying for a job, others notice my inner strength and have boundless trust in me!
  • In every job interview, I am amazingly impressive to the employer!
  • My readiness for an interview is top notch. I feel confident in my abilities!
  • New opportunities open up in front of me and unique vacancies appear out of nowhere!
  • The job I dream about exists in my mind. Now it manifests itself in my world!
  • I am ready to get the job I deserve. It completely satisfies me!
  • A successful career is what I strive for!
  • I am the most powerful engine of my own career success!
  • Everything I work on, I do with intelligence and love! I am worthy to hear praise in my address, and also to receive excellent financial reward!
  • I am the master of my career. Its development and success depends on my initiative!
  • My career is my choice! I choose a dizzying career growth!
  • New ways are opening up for me to reach new career heights today!
  • I find ways to make money to make me feel happier.
  • Today my actions are a significant contribution to my financial situation!
  • My choice is to grow and improve through collaboration with my work colleagues!
  • I use my many talents all the time!
  • My growth up the corporate ladder is lightning fast!
  • My career is constantly changing for the better. I try to accept and make the most of all changes!
  • Mastering new systems and processes is very easy and effortless for me!
  • I am open to knowledge and ready to grow!
  • I deserve my perfect job and today I find it!
  • All the right people are interested in my resume.
  • My resume attracts employers.
  • I am confident and I know that I can work in my favorite position!
  • I have the skills and talents to compete in any economy!
  • I am a great worker! Any employer is lucky with me!
  • I am a valuable link to any organization and I prove it in every interview.
  • My confidence is growing! A successful career comes to my life today!
  • Every time I interview, I radiate trust and inner strength!
  • Whenever I do an interview, I always impress!
  • I’m ready for an interview. I’m confident in myself.
  • Amazing jobs appear out of nowhere in my life!
  • I am pursuing the career of my dreams. It appears in my mind and then in my world.
  • No more excuses! I deserve a job that satisfies me, and now I’m ready to find it!
  • I deserve a great career.
  • I am the engine of my career success!
  • I work with love! I work smart! I am worthy of praise and good income!
  • I easily go to the goal and grow professionally
  • I am the boss of my career and I take the initiative to have the career I want!
  • My career is my choice.
  • Today I see ways to achieve career growth.
  • Today I see ways of earning money that contribute to my happiness.
  • Today I contribute to my financial well-being.
  • Today I choose to grow and become better through collaboration with my colleagues.
  • I use my talents every day!
  • I am climbing the corporate ladder with lightning speed!
  • In my career, positive changes are happening all the time. And I accept them and make the most of them.
  • I easily and effortlessly master new systems and processes.
  • I am always ready to learn and grow!

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