Affirmations for improving eyesight (35+)

Affirmations for improving eyesight

  • Each day my eyes grow stronger and more relaxed
  • Every day my eyesight improves
  • Focusing my eyes is easy
  • I am blessed with perfect vision without glasses/contacts
  • I am finding it easier to relax the tension around my eyes
  • I am healing my eyes
  • I am improving my eyesight
  • I am releasing the tension around my eyes
  • I am sending healing energy to my eyes
  • I appreciate my eyes
  • I can improve my eyesight
  • I can see better
  • i can see clearly
  • I can see clearly
  • I can see clearly now. My vision is improving. I enjoy seeing clearly. Clearing my vision is easier than I thought. I have unlimited seeing abilities.
  • I choose how I view life, because I choose my thoughts
  • I create the life that I want to see with love
  • I enjoy relaxing the muscles around my eyes
  • I exercise my eyes regularly
  • I focus my eyes with ease
  • I have 20/20 vision.
  • I have absolutely perfect eyesight, with fantastic clarity, brightness, detail and colour: all this particularly with my right eye, naturally, supernaturally, magically, miraculously, awesomely, now & always, eternally, with increasing ease & strength!!!!
  • I have crystal clear eyesight
  • I have good eyes
  • I have perfect vision and i can see clearly
  • I love my eyes
  • I see and I look at my past, present and future with love
  • I see clearly
  • I see everything clearly no matter where I look
  • I see the good everywhere and in everyone
  • I so love and adore my beautiful eyes
  • I take care of my eyes
  • I take good care of my eyes
  • I will break free from eye strain
  • I will heal my eyes
  • I will improve my eyesight
  • Improving my eyesight is easy
  • Improving my eyesight is something I will just do naturally
  • My eyes are free from strain
  • My eyes are naturally strong and healthy
  • My eyes are relaxed
  • My eyes are sharp and focused
  • My eyes are starting to focus more effortlessly
  • My eyes are strong
  • My eyes can see sharply
  • My eyes will become healthy and strong
  • My eyesight is becoming sharper
  • My eyesight is improving quickly
  • My eyesight is naturally improving
  • my eyesight is now perfect
  • My eyesight is sharper
  • My eyesight is sharper
  • My facial muscles are relaxed
  • My vision is 20/20
  • My vision is becoming sharper
  • My vision is crystal clear
  • My vision is getting better
  • My vision is naturally sharp
  • My vision is sharp
  • My vision is sharpening
  • Taking care of my eyes is important

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