Affirmations for impatience (41+)

Affirmations for impatience

  • Today I choose patience.
  • I am filled with calm and stillness.
  • I trust that everything will happen in its own time.
  • The Universe will give me everything I desire when it is the right time.
  • I breathe in love and patience.
  • I feel at ease while waiting.
  • The seas are calm and I am drifting happily.
  • I pause to listen.
  • I feel content to wait.
  • I breathe in and out.
  • I relax the muscles in my jaw and neck.
  • I have all the patience in the world.
  • I am filled with patience and peace.
  • I am patient with myself.
  • The Universe has divine timing.
  • I treat others with patience and respect.
  • I listen with patience and love.
  • I am filled with calm acceptance.
  • All good things are coming to me.
  • I gently release expectations.
  • I am a safe space for others.
  • As I breathe, I take space.
  • I relax and enjoy the journey.
  • I am joyful and content with my progress.
  • My heart is open to miraculous things happening to me.
  • I am patient with my healing.
  • I am patient with others.
  • I honor the time it takes for everything to manifest.
  • I trust the Universe’s timing.
  • I am committed to my soul’s purpose, regardless of how long it takes.
  • Healing takes time, and I embrace the process.
  • I am patient with results.
  • I respond gently and patiently.
  • I focus on my breath.
  • I am a good listener.
  • Everything I need comes to me exactly at the right moment.
  • My purpose drives me at exactly the right speed.
  • Patience is strength, and I am strong.
  • I trust the timing of my journey.
  • I treat others with patience, kindness, and love.
  • I am patient and calm.
  • My patience is growing more every day.
  • I am becoming a very patient person.
  • Patience is my middle name today.
  • I have patience with the people around me.
  • It feels better to be patient.
  • If life was a test of my patience, I would pass with flying colors.
  • I am kind and patient.
  • Patience comes naturally to me.
  • My patience is wearing thick.
  • I am a naturally patient person.
  • I am not in a rush.
  • Everything is happening as it should.
  • It feels good to be calm and relaxed.
  • I accept that some things take longer and that’s ok with me.
  • I am the epitome of patience.
  • I am patient with myself and it feels good.
  • I am tolerant and flexible.
  • I release the need for control.
  • I have total control over my patience.
  • I am overcoming the impatience with my job.
  • I am more patient and tolerant of my boss.
  • I am more patient with my colleagues.
  • Patience and I are good friends.
  • Patience is easy because I live in the moment.
  • I have all the time in the world.
  • I have no reason to rush things.
  • Nothing is as important as my wellbeing.
  • I like to relax and take things slow.
  • I am very tolerant of my children.
  • I accept that sometimes children are restless.
  • I let my children be free and playful.
  • I embrace my children`s cheerful personalities.
  • I let my children be who they are.
  • I am refreshed by my children`s playful spirit.
  • I am in no rush to get anywhere.
  • I now have the patience I’ve admired in others.
  • I will use this time to reflect on myself.
  • I conquer impatience by finding more interesting things to do while I wait.
  • Being patient is easy when I am focused on the present moment.
  • I’m patient with myself and my insecurities.
  • Being patient is one of the top priorities in my life, and I practice it every day.
  • Every day I grow more patient with myself and others.
  • Every moment of every day I am becoming more and more patient.
  • I accept that sometimes things just take longer than planned.
  • I am a tolerant and forgiving person.
  • I am always patient with myself.
  • I am as patient as a turtle.
  • I am patient with my lack of patience.
  • I have the patience to spare.
  • I am becoming more patient with myself and others every day.
  • I am gentle with my efforts to improve my life.
  • I am patience personified.
  • I am patient and understanding with family members.
  • I remain patient in all areas of my life today.
  • I am patient and understanding with others.
  • I am patient at all times.
  • I am patient with myself and others at all times.
  • I am patient with myself when I get stuck.
  • I am patient with myself and others today.
  • I am very tolerant when things take longer than I would like.
  • I appreciate that some things take more time than others.
  • I believe that patience is a valuable virtue.
  • I commit myself to develop the highest level of patience in my life.
  • I easily wait for when the time is right.
  • I ensure that what I want does not affect my patience.
  • Being impatient doesn’t feel good, that’s why I choose patience.
  • I exercise mindful attention rather than waste time with impatience.
  • I exercise patience in all that I undertake.
  • I choose to be patient and kind to myself today.
  • I have an abundance of patience.
  • I am patient with allowing myself to forgive myself.
  • I am patient with my lack of patience, I will get better.
  • My patience is an attribute.
  • I have much patience and understanding.
  • I possess deep patience.
  • Today I stay patient through all things.
  • I should be called Mr. Patience.
  • I find the time to be patient today.
  • I appreciate the patience of others today.

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