Affirmations for ideal weight (35+)

Affirmations for ideal weight

  • I am fit and confident in my own body.
  • I make choices with ease that support my weight loss journey.
  • All the people around me are in complete support of my weight loss.
  • I always envision myself at my ideal weight.
  • I have all that it takes to lose weight and achieve my ideal body weight.
  • I am enough.
  • Weight loss is as easy and natural for me as breathing in and out.
  • I am naturally raising the standard on myself and my health.
  • I love the idea of me being at maintaining my perfect body weight with ease.
  • All the weight I lose, I lose permanently.
  • I love my body completely right, which helps me in my journey of losing weight.
  • I burn fat with ease.
  • I listen to what my body tells me it needs.
  • I am intensely driven toward achieving my weight loss goal.
  • I commit to a new lifestyle that is beneficial not only for weight loss but for higher self confidence and self esteem.
  • I am perfectly full and satisfied with the perfect amount of food I need for fat loss
  • I love going to the gym and eating healthy.
  • I sink into deep states of sleep and relaxation, helping my body recover perfectly each day.
  • I easily let go of relationships that don’t benefit my weight loss and health.
  • I naturally read and watching content that helps me gain knowledge and ideas for effective weight loss.
  • I fully commit to getting down to my ideal body weight.
  • I dwell on all the long term positive effects that my weight loss will bring me, and it inspires me!
  • I set realistic but challenging goals for myself that inspire me to lose weight and feel great.
  • My focus and drive never wavers on my weight loss journey.
  • My heart and soul is so passionate and driven toward achieving my weight loss goals.
  • It is perfectly clear to me how all the positives about weight loss outweigh the negative.
  • I am grateful for this new lifestyle change and love losing weight.
  • Not only is my health improving, but so is my entire life. And it feels great!
  • I trust myself fully and completely to make the right choices that create great weight loss.
  • I love and embrace the weight loss journey, enjoying every single step of the way.
  • My thoughts are constantly positive and revolve around positive images of me being fit and healthy.
  • I share with people my insights and tips for weight loss as I know they reinforce my new beliefs.
  • I give thanks for having a body that is capable of exercising and effectively losing weight.
  • I am so thankful that there are so many tools and tips that I can use to get me fit for life.
  • Each and every cell in me feels healthy and vibrant.
  • I am in complete control of my weight.
  • I easily work my workouts and exercise around my work and life schedule.
  • I tell my body and mind what to do. Not the other way around.
  • I am arriving closer and closer each day to my perfect weight.
  • Every day is a new day to begin on a positive and stable foot.
  • I naturally eat in perfect and proper proportions.
  • I pay no attention to people telling me my goals aren’t possible.
  • I do not listen to they naysayers and haters. I continue on with optimism and hope, knowing my weight loss goals are attainable.
  • My core values are around my fitness and weight loss journey, helping me naturally make great choices.
  • I am craving healthy and whole foods more and more each day.
  • Working out comes natural to me.
  • I am becoming more physically active each day.
  • I see food as fuel, not as something to suppress emotions with.
  • My metabolism is high and effective at burning fat and helping with weight loss.
  • I love the journey of health and commit to a lifestyle change, not just a diet plan. It is who I am now and forever.
  • I am literally watching fat melt of my body, more and more by the day.
  • I commit to loving myself throughout this entire journey.
  • It is safe for me to change my body.
  • My cardiovascular system is running perfectly, helping me reach my weight loss goals with ease.
  • I prioritize working for progress and not perfection.
  • Everyone is different and I don’t hold any expectations to my weight loss, only that it is and will keep happening.
  • The whole universe conspires to help me with my weight loss and fat loss.
  • I inspire people with my dedication and commitment to fitness and weight loss.
  • I enjoy eating healthy foods.
  • I belief in my abilities and know I have what it takes to transform my body and mind.
  • I love setting new goals for myself that keep me inspired and motivated to keep going with my weight loss.
  • I am mastering my weight loss and health more and more each day.
  • I listen to my body when it tells me I need to eat, I do not eat out of boredom.
  • All my feelings and emotions are predicated around my weight loss.
  • Even in my dreams, ideas and inspiration come to me about weight loss.
  • I am never ashamed about my journey, I move at a pace perfect for my body.
  • I commit to losing weight slowly and in a healthy manner. For this is the key to long term sustainable weight loss.
  • There is no one on this earth stronger and more driven than me.
  • I shoot for progress instead of perfection.
  • I am guided by the universe which guides me easily and directly to better and more effective weight loss.
  • I take joy in seeing my body transform and my clothes fit better.
  • Losing weight and fat is becoming easier for me each and every day.
  • I can feel a great internal shift in my body and mind that feels so positive.
  • If I get off track, I do not beat myself up. I simply get right back on the wagon with a high level of optimism.
  • I am getting closer and closer to my ideal weight with each day.
  • I naturally eat only what I need for my weight loss, not the entire plate.
  • I easily pre-prep my meals each week to help create effective weight loss and a healthier body.
  • I am not longer needing extra weight to protect me.
  • I feel safe and protected by my strong new self.
  • I have all the mental and physical power needed for effective and long lasting weight loss.
  • My fat loss is progressing each day, and progress feels so great!
  • Whenever I look in the mirror, all I see is myself at my perfect body weight as well as a champion and a warrior.
  • I only think about my past accomplishments when my mind tries to sabotage me.
  • I follow the best fitness and diet influencers and coaches online and on social media.
  • I love myself completely and love living in this amazing body.
  • Eating good helps me heal my body completely. Giving me full restoration.
  • When I wake up, I only think about positive thoughts about my weight loss journey.
  • Changing my old habits is becoming easier and easier every day.
  • My health and wellness is improving on a consistent and daily basis.
  • I only dwell on the positive aspects of weight loss.
  • I find a big enough reason WHY I want to lose weight. Strong enough to pull me through the tough times.
  • I have no fear of saying no to foods and people when I need to do so.
  • I am a winner, and I will not stop until I win.
  • I naturally attract into my life the perfect people to help my with my weight loss.
  • I allow my intuition to guide me in the process of better health and weight loss.
  • I love challenging my body and mind through fitness and better health choices.
  • My body adapts quickly and well to the new choices I am making for my health and wellness.
  • I literally have no question in my mind that I am doing the right thing and will reach my goals.
  • I look at weight loss as a marathon, not a sprint. Therefore I naturally make decisions that are for the long term benefit of my health.
  • I always and only focus on the positive aspects of my weight loss journey.

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