Affirmations for ideal body (55+)

Affirmations for ideal body

  • My gift to myself is this strong, sturdy and healthy body and lifestyle.
  • I feel thankful for the gift of health and fitness that is becoming such a big part of my life.
  • I am my biggest fan.
  • I am inspired by seeing my muscles toning up.
  • With each ounce and pound of fat I lose, my confidence and motivation soars higher and higher.
  • I am awaking the giant within me through this journey of weight loss.
  • I always get so encouraged and inspired by my progress which carries me onto the next win.
  • I naturally discover more healthy foods that I enjoy and help with my weight loss.
  • I am OK with starting with baby steps for I know they will turn into running strides soon enough.
  • I naturally see weight loss and fitness as a journey, not a destination.
  • My body works perfectly, eliminating and detoxifying, helping me lose weight quickly and effectively.
  • My desire for bad foods are dissolving more and more each day.
  • I love the way my body functions. It feels strong and healthy.
  • I naturally make friends who are on the same journey as me. They serve as great accountability partners for my journey.
  • I know my mind is powerful, so I naturally listen and watch things that strengthen my mind. Helping my weight loss journey.
  • I reward myself in a positive manner with each little and big win I have.
  • I love the way my whole life has transformed though my successful commitment to weight loss.
  • Each neurotransmitter in my body is fire optimally helping me feel great all day and have ample amounts of energy.
  • I love the feeling of transformations that is happening inside and outside the gym.
  • I love fitting in at the gym and making new and positive friends there.
  • I naturally engage in acts that help me burn more calories.
  • I laugh in the face of challenges along my weight loss journey.
  • I let go of all my limiting beliefs around weight loss and failure in the past.
  • I know that failure is only feedback. I learn from my weight loss failures and use them to make me more successful.
  • The people in my life are so encouraging about my weight loss and how great I look from my weight loss.
  • I naturally ignore hunger pangs and do good things when they arrive like mediate or hydrate myself.
  • I am looking better and better naked each day.
  • My old bad habits naturally fall away and are replaced with healthy habits that make my weight loss journey easy.
  • No one on this earth has ever been more blessed on their weight loss journey.
  • I naturally coach myself on this journey and am easily able to motivate myself to keep going strong.
  • It is becoming so easy for me to say no to unhealthy foods.
  • My home is becoming so in line with my health and fitness goals/
  • I am passionate about health and wellness.
  • I find new inspiration every day which helps we with my weight loss.
  • I feel at peace with myself when I commit to weight loss. And it feels damn amazing!
  • I am finding it nice that I can’t wait to go to the gym each day.
  • I now find weight loss and fitness easy to engage in when I used to find it hard.
  • I am the master of my fate and the captain of my soul.
  • I lose myself in the possibilities for myself, especially my pertaining my weight loss.
  • I find great people to keep me accountable for my goals.
  • Nothing and no one can stop me on this journey.
  • I see, feel and hear everything that I would if I were already at my perfect weight.
  • I feel great and look great as my body is slimming down.
  • I look in the mirror and see a champion. Never engaging in negative self talk.
  • I see a thinner me in the mirror.
  • My body and mind feel and are in perfect sync, helping me strive hard towards my fat reduction goals.
  • I place emphasis on how my clothes are fitting, easily paying no mind to what the scale says.
  • I feel confident and powerful in my body.
  • I love waking up in the morning thinking about all the possibilities for me that the day holds.
  • I look slim and slender and toned, like an athlete. And I love it!
  • Strangers and people I know always encourage me about my fitness and weight loss.
  • Any progress is good progress, now matter how little or how big.
  • I feel like there is nothing I can’t do in this life. I am truly limitless.
  • My clothes are fitting so great on me as I am reducing my weight.
  • All I know now is perfect health and wellness.
  • I do not fall for fad diets or gimmicks. I know they never give long term sustainable results.
  • I focus on all the positive things my weight loss is bringing me.
  • I engage in weight loss for the betterment of my mind and body and for me, not anyone else.
  • I let go of all the guilt and negative emotions that are revolved around food, right now!
  • I am looking so fantastic in these new clothes I have to by because my old ones don’t fit anymore!
  • I inhale wellness, and exhale fat loss.
  • I naturally eat whole and nourishing foods that provide me with the nutrients I need to feel great and lose fat.
  • It feels great to be becoming the best version of myself.
  • Through my fat loss pursuits, I have gained momentum and made positive changes in every area of my life!
  • I naturally chew my food completely which helps me feel full with less food.
  • My digestive track works perfectly, aiding in fast and effective weight loss.
  • Unhealthy foods just don’t taste good anymore.
  • I realize how unhealthy food doesn’t make me feel good or confident so I easily let go of my eating habits surrounding bad foods.
  • I exert massive gratitude and respect to myself and my body each day for it is the temple that I will live in forever.
  • I am literally in awe of my progress and how far I have came with my weight loss.
  • God is supporting and helping my weight loss journey. Making me feel that I am not alone in my journey.
  • I see the best in myself and know I am powerful and able to achieve perfect health and wellness.
  • I have hope and certainty for my future body and weight loss goals.
  • I am so grateful for my body and how it works to help me with my weight loss goals.
  • I am enjoying new friendships with people who are moving with me along this journey.
  • I am healthy and strong.
  • I perfect and master my eating habits more and more each day with more ease.
  • My new found weight loss and habit changes is giving me an unstoppable and high level of self confidence.
  • I treat my body with the upmost respect.
  • I feel great inside this new and improved body.
  • I believe in myself, even when times get tough. I push on.
  • I already feel the way I would feel if I attained my perfect body weight.
  • I am completely open to the best techniques and help to achieve my ideal body weight.
  • I am becoming more and more athletic each day.
  • My body is becoming more svelte and slender by the day.
  • I completely let go of all desires and urges to critique or judge my body or weight loss journey.
  • I am fit for life.
  • I love health.
  • I love the gym.
  • I love exercising.
  • I feel powerful in and out of the gym.
  • I walk, talk, think, speak and eat my goals and dreams of weight loss.
  • I am a walking and talking representation of someone who sticks to their weight loss journey impeccably.
  • I find humor and joy in my weight loss journey constantly.
  • I marvel constantly on how far I have come on my weight loss journey and it makes me feel proud.
  • I give myself more and more verbal and non verbal recognition by the day.
  • I am constantly finding active things that I really like to do, which helps me lose weight.
  • I let go of eating foods that are empty in calories for they no longer benefit me.
  • I see habits that sabotage my weight loss and easily let go of them.
  • People are always checking in with me and encouraging me to reach my ideal weight.
  • I have no shame in telling people my goals for I know I reinforce them when I speak them to others.

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