Affirmations for holiday (51+)

Affirmations for holiday

  • I enjoy peace and tranquility on my dream holiday.
  • I attract the vacation of my dreams.
  • My dream holiday destination draws closer to me each and every day.
  • I feel fulfilled for I am certain that all my travel desires are being met.
  • I am grateful for the opportunity to travel the world.
  • My getaway is calling me closer each and every day.
  • I am a traveler.
  • I am a magnet for new journeys and adventures.
  • My bags are packed and I am ready to go.
  • I sail the deepest oceans and fly over the highest mountains to reach my dream destination.
  • I visit lands far and wide while discovering the world.
  • Taking time out for rest and relaxation at a beautiful resort is where I am meant to be.
  • I relax on sunny beaches.
  • I deserve a long break away from work.
  • The universe loves to show me it’s beautiful landscape as I travel around the globe.
  • I was born to fulfill my travel dreams.
  • I commit myself to take well deserved holidays often.
  • The stresses of life all melt away when I vacay in paradise.
  • I visualize unpacking my bags in the most beautiful location in the world.
  • I am constantly marveling at the worlds many wonders.
  • The universe provides me with unlimited resources to be able to travel where I want and when I want on my dream vacation.
  • I enjoy the company of my loved ones while enjoying my dream vacation.
  • I feel grateful to be able to manifest my dream vacation.
  • Money for travel flows into my life effortlessly.
  • I enjoy plenty of spending money while on holiday in my dream destination.
  • I am an adventurous spirit who experiences the Earth’s wonders daily.
  • My journeys are always safe, relaxing and enjoyable experiences.
  • I am taking a trip to the most amazing holiday destination in the world.
  • I enjoy sightseeing while taking amazing trips to exotic lands.
  • The downtime I deserve is granted to me in the form of a beautiful getaway.
  • I visualize eating at the finest restaurants while on my dream holiday.
  • I am jet-setting around the globe.
  • A well-deserved break leaves me feeling rested and renewed.
  • I am flying to faraway lands full of excitement.
  • I am expanding on my cultural awareness while discovering the world.
  • My energetic signature is an exact match with a wonderful holiday.
  • I am waking up to another relaxing day in paradise.
  • I indulge in luxury relaxation packages while on my dream vacation.
  • My dream vacation is on its way.
  • A fabulous vacation is being drawn toward me.
  • I visualize my dream holiday every day.
  • The perfect trip away is within my grasp.
  • I am attracting a holiday
  • I am certain that I can attract a holiday
  • Attracting a holiday is something I know I can do
  • I am visualizing what it will be like to take a relaxing vacation
  • My mind is totally focused on attracting a holiday
  • I am meant to go on a beautiful trip
  • I am using the law of attraction to manifest a holiday
  • I believe deeply that I will go on a great holiday
  • I am using positive thinking to make my dream holiday a reality
  • A wonderful vacation is being attracted into my life
  • I will attract a holiday
  • Each day I am closer to manifesting a dream vacation
  • I will attract a wonderful vacation
  • A relaxing vacation is just around the corner
  • I am getting closer to going on a great trip
  • My mind is becoming more focused on manifesting a holiday
  • I am finding it easier to visualize myself taking an amazing vacation
  • I will find a way to go on a great vacation, no matter what
  • I will just naturally attract a holiday
  • I am turning into someone who is completely focused on taking a dream vacation
  • I fully believe in my ability to attract a holiday
  • Attracting a holiday is easy for me
  • I can naturally attract a holiday
  • I deserve to take a relaxing and refreshing holiday
  • My mind is totally capable of attracting a great vacation
  • I can effortlessly visualize myself taking a holiday
  • I am naturally attracting a holiday
  • I believe that I will attract a vacation
  • It is my destiny to go on the vacation of a life time
  • The law of attraction is manifesting my dream vacation
  • Covid cannot force me to distance my heart from my family.  
  • Delays are opportunities to reflect, give thanks, and creative positivity. 
  • I remember I have a choice in what I plan for the holidays. 
  • I love myself enough to set boundaries.  My time and my energy are precious resources. I get to choose how I spend them. 
  • I am free to follow love. 
  • Kindness is like snow. It never fails to add beauty to what it covers.
  • This is only temporary. 
  • My daily practice is my strongest practice. 
  • Stay here, now. 
  • Today I spread the light of Christmas everywhere I go!
  • I allow the joy of this season to fill my heart and propel me into a prosperous new year!
  • Christmas is MY day! I plan to enjoy all it has to offer!
  • I love peace on Earth and goodwill toward men and I practice it all year long!
  • This year I’m focused on what Christmas means to me rather than what it means to the world.
  • This year I refuse to allow guilt to ruin my Christmas experience!
  • When I make Christmas about sharing rather than getting, I always feel better.
  • Breathing in, I feel the love of Christmas. Breathing out, I embody the love of Christmas.
  • This year I am absolutely committed to restoring the true meaning of Christmas in my life!
  • The energy of Christmas is game-changing when I allow it to spread throughout my life.
  • Today I feel the joy of the season. Today I feel the peace of the season. Today I feel the love of the season.
  • Today I am breathing in the light and love of the season and sharing it with everyone I meet!
  • I love the holiday season because the long lines teach me patience.
  • Christmas is my chance to activate the power of giving in my life.
  • My mind is filled with hope. My heart is filled with joy. It’s Christmastime and anything is possible!
  • Christmas is a new beginning and I am making the most of it!
  • Breathing in, I experience the power of Christmas. Breathing out, I share the power of Christmas.
  • Today the sights and sounds and smells of the season fill me with joy!
  • I create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation in my life.
  • Instead of waiting for a time to relax, I create this time for myself.
  • I make time for special activities that I find relaxing.
  • When I set aside time to do the things that recharge my spirit, I become a more centered person.
  • I’m important, and I allow myself to rearrange my schedule to make me a high priority. I make time for myself.
  • I actively seek out relaxation in my life.
  • My time and my schedule are important; however, my serenity and relaxation are equally important to me.
  • I purposefully make time to step away from my busy life and simply breathe in calmness.
  • Today I choose to create the time I need to seek relaxation. I will schedule this time for myself.

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Research Resources

Manifestations are sometimes viewed as pseudoscience but there is some interesting research that does at least give you some reason to believe otherwise.

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