Affirmations for health (92+)

Affirmations for health

  • My body heals quickly and easily
  • I am living a long and healthy life
  • I am joyous
  • My body is healthy and functioning in a very good way
  • I have vibrant health throughout my mind, body and soul
  • I appreciate and love my body
  • I love to exercise and feed my body healthy food
  • My body is healthier and stronger everyday
  • I have a perfect posture
  • I like to work out
  • I am getting better with every passing moment.
  • I give myself permission to have perfect health.
  • My body deserves to be whole and healthy
  • I love taking care of myself.
  • I manifest perfect health by making smart choices.
  • I enjoy being healthy, happy and whole.
  • I listen to the messages my body sends me.
  • I choose happiness and health in my life.
  • I am healthy
  • I attract pure health and wholeness every day.
  • I am capable and prepared to heal my body.
  • Health is my birthright
  • I experience perfect health
  • I am full of gratitude
  • My body is healthy in every way
  • I think healthy thoughts
  • My grateful heart attracts health into my life
  • I have a healthy spirit, mind and body.
  • I am happy, healthy and fit
  • My gratitude for health brings more health
  • My strong body is able to quickly recover and heal
  • I attract health
  • Health is attracted to me
  • With gratitude I take care of my body
  • I am blessed with an abundance of health
  • I produce miraculous results by living a healthy lifestyle.
  • I have a strong body
  • I have perfect health
  • I choose health
  • Health comes to me
  • It is easy to make healthy choices
  • I am surrounded by a healthy lifestyle
  • I am blessed with health & energy
  • I have healthy eating habits
  • I am perfectly healthy
  • Good health surrounds me
  • I choose good health
  • My body is strong and healthy.
  • I am strong and healthy.
  • Every cell in my body vibrates with energy and health.
  • I am healthy, healed and whole.
  • I release all disease from my body and welcome health, love and happiness into my life.
  • Every cell in my body vibrates with energy and health.
  • I nourish my mind, body and soul with love and care
  • I love and appreciate my body.
  • I choose foods that are satisfying and good for my body.
  • My body responds with strength, health and beauty.
  • I eat healthy, nutritious and digestible food every day.
  • Every cell in my body now vibrates with energy and health.
  • I am free of unwanted stress.
  • Every day in every way I am getting healthier and healthier.
  • I eat healthy and I stay healthy.
  • Every day my eyesight is better than the previous day.
  • I get good sleep every night and I get up fresh every morning.
  • I love exercising and I exercise every day.
  • I am grateful for my healthy body and I bless every part of my body.
  • Perfect health is my divine right and I claim it now.
  • Every cell in my body is healthy and radiates health.
  • Every organ in my body is healthy and functions at its optimum scale.
  • I am pain free in every respect and my body is full of energy.
  • Throughout the day I am full of energy.
  • I breathe deeply and every breath energizes me.
  • My body has a natural ability to heal.
  • The light within me is healing my entire body.
  • I am one with the universe I am healing now.
  • Divine light flows through every cell of my body.
  • I know that my healing is already in process.
  • Every doctor that touches me is a healing hand.
  • I now receive the treatment I need in the perfect time, place and way for me.
  • My inner guidance leads me to the right healing modalities for me.
  • I am grateful for the healing that is happening in my body.
  • The universe allows me to heal in miraculous ways.
  • I am prepared to receive healing energy.
  • I attract healing energy every day.
  • My body is being healed right now!
  • Loving myself heals my life.
  • I love taking good care of myself.
  • I feel healthy and strong.
  • I think healthy thoughts.
  • I think young and feel young.
  • I am blessed with good health
  • I am grateful for my life and good health.
  • I am healthy, healed and whole
  • My body restores itself now to its natural state of good health.
  • I am healthy and whole.
  • I listen to my body with love
  • My energy and vitality are increasing every day.
  • I love myself in totality and I radiate energy.
  • My body metabolism is at its optimum and provides me with all the energy that I need.
  • I have the power to control my health.
  • I have abundant energy, vitality and well-being.
  • I am healthy in all aspects of my being.
  • God’s love is flowing through my body.
  • I release old hurt, anger and resentment easily.
  • I open to the natural flow of wellness now.
  • Abundant health and wellness are my birthright.
  • Thank you God for my strength, my health and my vitality.
  • I am feeling stronger and better now.
  • I am healed by a powerful divine light.
  • I allow myself to be divinely guided towards maintain better health.
  • I make right decisions for my health.
  • I am guided from within to make healthy food choices for myself.
  • I give thanks for my good health.
  • I give thanks for self healing.
  • I am grateful to my inner guidance for right judgment to choose food wisely.
  • Every organ of my body is working exactly as it is supposed to be.
  • I am grateful for every beat of my heart.
  • I give thanks for my good senses.
  • God has given me a healthy body and in gratitude, I take good care of myself.
  • I always contribute in healthy ways to my body.
  • I drink healthy quantity of water every day.
  • I quench thirst by drinking clean water.

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