Affirmations for hair growth (86+)

Affirmations for hair growth

  • I will learn the good things about my hair.
  • I appreciate my hair
  • I will not compare my hair to anybody else’s.
  • I have realistic expectations of my hair.
  • I am learning my hair and will continue to do so.
  • I am doing and will continue to do whatever makes my hair happy.
  • I will always think positively about my hair.
  • I am having and will continue to have a successful natural hair journey.
  • I will make taking care of my hair fast, fun, and not a lot of work.
  • I will always be thankful for my hair.
  • I will continue to nourish and respect my hair.
  • I will always respect my hair without letting it define me.
  • I will continue to uplift others as well as myself.
  • I will not allow the negativity of others to rub off on me.
  • I have manageable hair.
  • I will do whatever it takes to manage my hair properly.
  • My hair is easily detangled.
  • My hair glides through my fingers and a comb.
  • I can easily detangle my natural hair.
  • I can easily handle my hair.
  • My texture is easy to manage.
  • My curl pattern is easy to manage.
  • My natural hair type is easy to take care of.
  • Managing my hair is not a lot of work.
  • I appreciate my hair.
  • I will do whatever it takes t manage my hair properly.
  • My hair will be whatever length I want it to be.
  • My hair can grow back.
  • My hair will grow back.
  • My edges can grow back.
  • My edges will grow back.
  • My natural hair is growing faster than before.
  • I will reach my goal length.
  • I will surpass my goal length.
  • The only way my hair will be short is if I decide it.
  • Growing my hair is not a lot of work.
  • I will do whatever it takes to have healthy hair.
  • I will avoid damaging products.
  • I will be attentive to my hair.
  • I will continuously improve the health of my hair.
  • I will not damage my hair again.
  • I will not do things that damage my hair.
  • The health of my natural hair is improving.
  • My past habits will not be my future habits.
  • Keeping my hair healthy is not a lot of work.
  • My hair is healthier than it’s ever been.
  • I will take care of my scalp.
  • I will pay attention to my scalp.
  • I love my natural hair.
  • My hair is beautiful, just the way it is.
  • My hair looks beautiful in every style.
  • My hair is beautiful because it’s mine.
  • I am confident enough to wear whatever hairstyle I want.
  • I do not, never had, and never will have bad hair.
  • My curl pattern is gorgeous.
  • I am blessed to have my hair.
  • No mistakes were made on me or my hair.
  • My hair was never ugly. It has always been beautiful.
  • My hair enhances my beauty.
  • People love my hair and acknowledge it’s beauty.
  • My hair looks perfect on me.
  • My hair type looks impressive, whether it’s long, short, or medium length.
  • My hair is healthy
  • My hair is growing
  • My hair cells are healthy and strong
  • I always take perfect care of my scalp
  • My scalp is in peak health
  • My hair is beautiful
  • I think positively to send good energy to my head and scalp
  • I am in full control of my hair growth
  • My hair is strong and healthy
  • My hair is full, alive, and abundant
  • I will grow my hair
  • My hair is beginning to return
  • I will nurture my hair cells
  • Each day my hair becomes healthier and healthier
  • I am transforming into someone with a perfectly healthy scalp
  • I will do everything possible to protect my beautiful hair
  • I will let go of stress to improve the health of my hair
  • My hair is growing longer and longer
  • My hair cells are starting to rejuvenate
  • I will take care of my scalp
  • I have great hair
  • I have naturally healthy hair
  • I can regrow my hair easily
  • My hair is returning naturally
  • My scalp is in perfect health
  • Nutrition and blood are always flowing to my scalp
  • I have strong and healthy hair cells
  • Others admire my amazing hair
  • My hair is naturally strong and healthy
  • Taking great care of my hair is something I just naturally do

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