Affirmations for guidance (41+)

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Affirmations for guidance

  • All power is given unto me to be meek and lowly of heart. I am willing to come last, therefore, I come first.
  • All things are working together for good in my life.
  • As I go within and listen to the wise and loving voice of the Holy Spirit, I receive Divine Wisdom, Understanding, and Direction in all areas of my life. Receiving spiritual guidance and insight are a part of my everyday life.
  • As I join my heart and mind with the Voice of God within me, I am divinely inspired in all that I think, say, and do. I am truly One with the Holy Spirit.
  • Assertive intelligence leads me to my every higher ground.
  • The Blessed Holy Spirit guides me in awesome, loving ways.
  • God is my source. Freely I give, and freely I receive.
  • God’s wisdom illuminates me, casting light on my path.
  • Guidance comes in mysterious ways and through the most unlikely circumstances.
  • Healing energy flows throughout my being, renewing my mind and body.
  • I am a perfect non-resistant instrument for God to work through, and His perfect plan for me now comes to pass in a magic way.
  • I am always guided, guarded, and protected.
  • I am always under direct inspiration. I know just what to do and give instant obedience to my intuitive leads.
  • I am at peace at the core of my being.
  • I am connected to infinite, abundant spiritual supply.
  • I am Divine Presence expressing Compassion, Sincerity, Peace and Clarity. I know what I need to do, and am Divinely guided and supported in doing it.
  • I am divinely guided step-by-step to a new and fulfilling life.
  • I am guided to the perfect solution to all problems that come my way.
  • I am led by the spirit of God, everyday he guides me
  • I am personally guided, protected and blessed.
  • I bless the world with thoughts of unity and harmony.
  • I express divine love and affirm peace and harmony for all.
  • I follow my own heart’s true, blessed eternal living wisdom.
  • I have a blessed guidance in expressing my own unique ideas.
  • I listen to inner wisdom, and I am guided to live my purpose.
  • I now place my personal will upon the altar. Your will, not my will; Your way not my way; Your time not my time — and in the twinkling of an eye it is done!
  • I open my mind and my heart to the energy and direction of the universal power.
  • I open to receiving true and reliable guidance in marvelous, unexpected ways.
  • I shine the light of divine wisdom from within to guide my every step.
  • I stand aside and let God handle all situations in a perfect fashion.
  • I trust my own intuitive insights.
  • I want to do what my Higher Self wants me to do.
  • I want to do what the Universe wants me to do.
  • Infinite Spirit, give me wisdom to make the most of my opportunities. Never let me miss a trick.
  • My angel of destiny goes before me, keeping me in the Way.
  • My body is a vessel of life and energy.
  • My inner self always knows what to do.
  • My mind is filled with thoughts that bring love, light and truth to my life.
  • My thoughts, words, and actions create a space for peace and love.
  • Peace is my center. I am calm and serene.
  • The Divine Presence fills my body, mind, heart and soul. From this place of higher knowing, I see all things clearly.
  • The greatest divine light always guides me perfectly.
  • The guiding Light and Love of God fills my life with grace and ease. My heart and mind are filled with God’s wisdom, compassion, and understanding. Spiritual guidance and inspiration are a natural part of my everyday life.
  • The healing power of divine life strengthens and revitalizes me.
  • The higher power of the universe is guiding me through my intuition
  • The rich blessings of divine abundance flow to me and through me. I am prosperous.
  • The Voice of God within me is my Constant Companion and Guide. God’s loving Voice guides and directs me in what is in my highest good, and the highest good of all.
  • There are no mysteries in the Kingdom. Whatever I should know will now be revealed to me, under grace.
  • Visible guidance comes in the forms of all things.
  • When the mind is still, the Silence will guide me.
  • With each beat of my heart, I relax into peace.
  • With God’s Voice as my Internal Guide and Teacher, I deepen my experience of perfect fulfillment each day.
  • Your own

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