Affirmations for good grades (86+)

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Affirmations for good grades

  • Studying hard comes naturally to me
  • Others expect me to get good grades
  • Focusing feels natural to me
  • Getting good grades is natural for me
  • Passing exams comes easily to me
  • Recalling information is easy
  • I enjoy studying
  • I love learning new things
  • My brain works best when it is constantly learning
  • It is easy for me to learn new things
  • I excel in all my courses
  • I appreciate the knowledge that I am receiving
  • I am very lucky to have opportunity to study and learn
  • I learn quickly
  • My remember facts and figures easily
  • My concepts are getting clearer every day
  • I am able to study continuously for several hours
  • It is fun to study
  • Learning is part of the purpose of life
  • I humbly absorb the knowledge
  • It is easy to understand all concepts in text book
  • My books are best friends
  • Reading is fun
  • I read before and after my class
  • I have plenty of time to study
  • I am able to balance my studies with social life
  • I enjoy group as well as individual projects
  • I always finish my homework on time and get 100%
  • I am confident to ask questions if something is unclear
  • I have the best professors
  • I have the best classmates
  • Everybody wants me to learn and grow
  • I am very happy to go to school
  • I bless my classes with love
  • I always arrive on time to my classes
  • My efforts are always recognize positively
  • I am very bright and smart
  • I am focused
  • I remember everything that I read
  • I can concentrate easily
  • I know that my professors are preparing me for more than just a test
  • My professors favor me because I am a good student
  • I am in fact a good student
  • I pay attention in class
  • I ask intelligent questions
  • I can answer the questions that my professors ask in classroom
  • I am a good team player
  • I finish my papers on time and receive A
  • I am always praised for my good work
  • I am always prepare for my exams
  • My exams are easy for me
  • I receive As in my exams
  • I accept the grade of A in all my classes
  • I have a high GPA
  • I am always on Dean’s List
  • All multiple choice questions are very easy
  • All essay questions are very easy to answer
  • I know I am getting good grades in my exams
  • I am focused during my exam
  • I remember all the answers effortlessly
  • I have a good memory
  • I bless the part of my brain that helps me remember the answer
  • I am a great test taker
  • I am relaxed while I take my exams
  • I bless my exams with love and accept As
  • I celebrate my good grades
  • I possess an endless supply of creativity, energy and tolerance for any project that I assume.
  • I study and comprehend fast.
  • I remember everything I read
  • I enjoy learning more each new day
  • I have a 90 average
  • Strong wisdom is developed through wise and discerning study.
  • I learn, comprehend and remember fast and easily
  • I will pass my exam!
  • I am an excellent student, I am always on top of my work
  • I have a great memory; I am able to recall the necessary rules of law easily and effortlessly
  • I study efficiently, effectively, purposefully, and whole mindedly.
  • Learning, understanding, and applying come nauturally, constantly, and effortlessly.
  • I am cheerfully confident and serenely shrewd in doing my SAT writing section
  • I am easily able to sit for exams without stress or anxiety
  • I will earn good grades while completing my college degree
  • I love my student life! I am delighted to be scoring more than 95% studying that fulfils and inspires me.
  • I score high on my licensing exam
  • I have a GPA of 3.5
  • I am working hard to pass the real estate exam!
  • I study for the licensing exam an hour everyday
  • I am capable of learning it!
  • I know the tricks for studying this!
  • I have a great mind!
  • I always love to learn new things!
  • My memory is brilliant!
  • I have never doubted my brain!
  • My brain is extraordinary!
  • I am going to learn it quickly!
  • I always have faith in my brain!
  • I have a sponge-like brain that can absorb all the information!
  • My memory power is giant!
  • I am always a good learner!
  • I am not going to distract from my study!
  • I am getting a better learner every day!
  • I am looking forward to my exams!
  • New challenges are waiting for me! 
  • I can answer these questions quickly 
  • I am going to qualify for these tests! 
  • I have skills in completing my assignment on time! 
  • I will not skip my class! 
  • My brain has a keen interest in exploring knowledge!
  • I am fascinated by my education! 
  • I am staying to attend the class! 
  • I will equip myself for the upcoming exams!
  • I am going to keep my notes up to date!

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