Affirmations for getting your ex back (37+)

Affirmations for getting your ex back

  • (name of the ex) and I are meant for each other.
  • (name of the ex) can sense my love and positive energy.
  • (name of the ex) is naturally attracted to me.
  • Everyone always treats me with respect and kindness.
  • Everyone loves me deeply and unconditionally.
  • Everything always works out for me.
  • I accept the forgiveness of others
  • I achieve anything I set my mind to
  • I acknowledge my mistakes and decide to work on them
  • I am confident and happy.
  • I am confidently attracting my lover back
  • I am getting back together with (name of the ex).
  • I am getting back with (name of the ex) sooner than expected.
  • I am grateful for having (name of the ex) in my life.
  • I am learning to be a totally honest person; in life and in relationships
  • I am letting go of the grudges and I open myself to love
  • I am overflowing with love and hope.
  • I am practicing self-love because the more I love myself, the more I’m able to love others
  • I am ready to build a healthy relationship with (name of your lover)
  • I am so happy and grateful that (name of your lover) forgave my unthoughtful actions
  • I am the only person my ex can see their future with.
  • I am the only person they feel comfortable around.
  • I can easily express my feelings now
  • I deserve a second chance in a relationship
  • I feel connected to (name of the ex) on a deep level.
  • I forgive myself for any promises I’ve broken
  • I have learned my lesson and deserve a second chance
  • I learn more about what love means every day
  • I truly love and respect (name of the ex).
  • It is okay to expect and receive love from (name of your lover)
  • Me and my lover have great chemistry.
  • My ex feels good in my presence.
  • My ex feels like I am the best thing that has happened to them.
  • My ex is constantly trying to make me happy.
  • My ex is deeply connected to me.
  • My ex is deeply in love with me.
  • My ex is missing me from the moment they wake up to the very moment they go to sleep.
  • My ex is obsessing over me right now.
  • My ex is strongly attracted to me.
  • My ex is thinking about me 24/7.
  • My ex wanting to get back with me right now.
  • My ex wants to spend every second of their life with me.
  • My ex’s attraction for me is increasing every second.
  • My heart is open to a fulfilling relationship with (name of your lover)
  • The bond between the two of us is getting stronger every single day.
  • The more I desire my lover the more they become attracted to me.
  • They are grateful to have me in their life.
  • They are only attracted to me and I am only attracted to them.
  • They are very considerate towards my feelings.
  • They become more and more loving towards me every minute.
  • They love me for who I am.
  • They think I am magnetic and irresistible.
  • They think I am their perfect match.
  • They think I am their soulmate.
  • They treat me like queen.

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