Affirmations for getting a boyfriend (43+)

Affirmations for getting a boyfriend

  • The right man for me is entering into my life right now.”
  • The right woman for me is entering my life right now.”
  • I am so happy that I have now a wonderful, loving and understanding boyfriend/girlfriend.”
  • I have a loving, understanding and supportive boyfriend.”
  • I deserve love and I receive love.”
  • I am worthy of love and respect.”
  • I am attracting infinite love and true love.”
  • I have a loving, understanding and supportive girlfriend.”
  • I am attracting into my life a wonderful, loving and kind man/woman.”
  • It is so pleasant and fun to be with my boyfriend/girlfriend.”
  • There is now so much love in my life.”
  • I have a healthy loving relationship.”
  • I am so happy to be blessed with a wonderful and loving boyfriend/girlfriend.”
  • I communicate in a loving way with my partner.
  • I respect and appreciate my partner deeply.
  • I can comfortably express my needs and feelings.
  • I am free to be myself in my relationship.
  • I am in a secure and loving relationship.
  • I am loved, cherished and taken care of.
  • I act from a place of love.
  • I trust my partner.
  • I know my partner is making good choices.
  • I believe in my partner.
  • Trust for my partner is growing stronger each day.
  • My partner loves and trusts me.
  • I respect my partner.
  • My partner acts with integrity.
  • I am perfectly capable of understanding my partner’s needs.
  • I believe in the strength of my relationship.
  • I am completely aligned with my partner.
  • I respect my partner’s boundaries.
  • I am considerate of my partner’s feelings.
  • I am in a loving and lasting relationship.
  • I will make this relationship work.
  • I easily manifest healthy relationships.
  • I attract loving and supporting partners.
  • I am open to start a new relationship.
  • I am ready to meet my perfect partner.
  • I am drawn to my soul mate.
  • I deserve to have a loving relationship.
  • I am worthy of love and devotion.
  • I am forgiving and understanding.
  • I am compassionate towards my partner.
  • I love my partner unconditionally.
  • I focus on the good things in my relationship.
  • I am flexible and patient with my partner.
  • I support my partner’s goals and dreams.
  • I am driven by my unconditional love.
  • Lasting relationship affirmations
  • Our relationship is strong and whole.
  • We will stay together for the rest of our lives.
  • Our relationship is getting stronger each day.
  • My love for my partner grows each day.
  • Our relationship will stand the test of time.
  • I’m so grateful for the people in my life that love me for who I am.
  • I love how I have learned to be patient through my relationships.
  • I love all my partner’s wonderful qualities.
  • I’m so happy that my partner gives me the freedom I need to do my own thing.
  • I am very fortunate to have the family I do as they help me grow as a person.
  • I love that I can be myself when I am with my partner
  • I am blessed to have a partner that I can trust enough to tell my secrets to.
  • I am grateful for the people who teach me how to love myself more.
  • I love how I can be diplomatic and more compassionate with the people in my life.
  • I am fortunate to be able to quickly switch anger off and turn it into love.
  • The love I send out to people comes back to me tenfold.
  • Being patient and kind is the best way to handle the people I love.
  • I love me and accept myself for exactly who I am, even the bad.
  • Even though my relationship may not be perfect, I am grateful for all the wonderful experiences and memories we are creating.
  • I love that I can just as happy alone as I can be with my partner.
  • I cherish the respect that I and my partner have for each other.
  • I am deeply in love with my partner and am grateful that he/she is deeply in love with me too. Spending time with my partner brings me great joy and fills my heart with love.
  • I am always happy to bring a positive attitude to my relationships.
  • I am worthy of love and I deserve to be loved.
  • I have more love than I ever thought possible.
  • I attract only healthy and loving people into my life.
  • My soul mate knows me when we meet.
  • I welcome love with open arms.
  • My love accepts me and loves me just as I am.
  • My soul mate loves me above all others.
  • I am so grateful for my incredible relationship.
  • Good and positive love is flowing to me and through me at all times.
  • I want love and love wants me.
  • I treat others the way I enjoy being treated.
  • I am in a loving and supportive relationship.
  • My partner believes in me and supports me fully.
  • My love life is a priority.
  • I have attracted my best mate.
  • My heart is open to love.
  • Love surrounds me every day in every way.
  • The true lover in me recognizes the true lover in you.
  • My relationship is loving, committed and long-lasting.
  • I allow love to flow to me and through me.
  • I allow myself to be loved fully.
  • I am a magnet for my perfect, loving match.
  • I am focused on love and beauty.
  • My perfect partner loves and appreciates me.
  • The love of my life is gorgeous inside and out.
  • My partner is generous and kind.
  • Loving and being loved feels wonderful.
  • I feel joy being in love.
  • I only attract positive people into my life.
  • I am loving and forgiving.
  • I deserve to be treated well because I am worth loving.
  • Being this lovable feels good.
  • I am always attracting perfect love.
  • I am open, free and loving.
  • I feel safe and secure whenever I am with my mate.
  • I am always connected to my highest and best good.

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