Affirmations for gaining weight (88+)

Affirmations for gaining weight

  • I can gain weight!
  • I will remain fit!
  • I just have to eat healthy food!
  • I will nourish my body!
  • I love being healthy!
  • I will eat only when my body needs it!
  • I will follow the diet!
  • I am ready to experience a new me!
  • I will not take a step back!
  • My mindset is very clear for the change!0
  • I believe that I can gain weight!
  • I have the right to manage my diet system!
  • I have the keys to gain weight!
  • I have enough patience to gain weight! 
  • I am no longer skinny!
  • I eat all of my food!
  • I have a huge appetite!
  • I feel pleasure in gaining weight!
  • Muscles are coming to me!
  • I will not escape my workout!
  • It is not at all hard for me to increase my weight!
  • I am becoming the person I always wanted to be!
  • I am eating to support my body!
  • I enjoy the exercise! 
  • I have challenged myself to gain weight!
  • I have a monster appetite!
  • I do accept my body in every condition!
  • I am capable of gaining my ideal weight!
  • Age is only a digit, I can and I will gain weight!
  • I like my body!
  • I will love my body after gaining weight!
  • I am not giving up on my objective of remaining fit!
  • No matter what, I will have more weight!
  • I will remodel my lifestyle to a fresh way of living!
  • I deserve to be more healthful!
  • I am taking a protein-rich diet!
  • I am going to compare my body!
  • My body is going to gain the expected pound very soon!
  • Being underweight is not a big deal for me!
  • My body after gaining weight will be very idle!
  • My brain is the strongest part of my body, it never lets me down from my aim!
  • By gaining the weight I am going to surprise all of them after a few months!
  • Avoiding useless thoughts is always simple for me!
  • My body is a gift and I have to take care of it anyhow!
  • I felt the need to gain weight, that is why I am going to gain weight!
  • I trust my body’s sanity!
  • I only care about my opinion about my body weight!
  • I can feel that things have started changing!
  • I can rebuild my body, I am rebuilding my body!
  • I will build my fate on my own!
  • I will do regular exercise to maintain my body!
  • I will maintain my ideal weight!
  • I deserve an attractive and healthful body!
  • I deserve to feel the best for me!
  • I am thankful that I am reaching my goals!
  • I am reaching the stage where I can feel proud of myself very soon!
  • I have chosen to gain weight for myself, not for what others think!
  • I want to gain weight because it will give me strength and stamina!
  • I am gaining weight so that I can have a better personality!
  • I am establishing a healthy habit!
  • I am observing my body’s needs, I am going to fulfill them!
  • I am going to build positive thoughts in my brain!
  • I have successfully gained 10 pounds!
  • I am very excited to follow up on the new diet plans!
  • I am going to experience lots of new foods!
  • I have learned from past experiences, I am not going to repeat those mistakes!
  • I will always maintain my body!
  • I can detect the difference in my body weight!
  • I am going to be my eye witness to my weight gain!
  • I usually do not get affected by other people’s points of view about my body weight!
  • I don’t give any attention to those who speak ill about my weight but I will work for those ho care!
  • I will surround myself with positive energies that can help me in gaining weight! 
  • I love being fit and healthy and I am working on it!
  • I will never forget this weight gain journey!
  • I am gaining weight every single day!
  • I am getting the weights I needed every time!
  • I will gain only the required weight!
  • I am not going to be overweight!
  • I am excited about my weight gaining goals!
  • I am loving how my whole life has started changing after gaining weight!
  • I am always looking for inspiration every day which helps me in gaining weight!
  • I am increasing my weight for my betterment only!
  • I am feeling supercharged as I have already gained some weight! 
  • I am amazed by my willpower, it always helps me in a challenging situation!
  • I am getting in shape, I am feeling very energetic!
  • I am treating myself like no other can do!
  • I can be as healthful as I never thought!
  • I am relaxed about my weight now!
  • I am not scared of weakness!
  • My stamina has boosted!
  • I get appreciated for my dedication towards gaining weight!
  • My body is transforming day by day!
  • I am going to feel glorious of myself after achieving my goal!
  • I am going to get my ideal physique! 
  • I have left all the negative energy and thoughts far behind!
  • I am going to eat all healthy foods in a healthy amount!
  • I am not going to ignore my diet!
  • I have to follow my routine strictly!
  • I am loving myself more than before!
  • I am a unique person for this world and so is everyone!
  • I am becoming more attentive towards my weight gaining!
  • I am paying more attention to fitness!
  • I have decided to gain weight and I know I will do it!
  • I have started seeing a new me every new day!

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