Affirmations for future (92+)

Affirmations for future

  • I know what I want to do in life
  • I think logically through life decisions
  • I make the right choices for me
  • I look out for myself in the right way
  • I am conscientious of what I want
  • I take the risks necessary to put myself in a successful position
  • I am at peace with my desires
  • I think ahead
  • I use my available resources to my advantage
  • I am doing the things that I love to do
  • I will do what needs to get done for me to succeed
  • I am striving for a better future
  • I will stop denying myself the chances to be great
  • I will take advantage of all of my opportunities
  • I will choose the right path for me
  • I will let nothing get in my way
  • I will stop making excuses for myself
  • I will be more focused on my future
  • I am becoming confident, capable, and concise
  • I will trust myself with making the right decisions
  • I am naturally ambitious
  • I am always seeking new opportunities
  • I simply think things through
  • Others see me as having a bright future
  • I am willing to take risks for my dreams
  • I do what I need to do to follow my dreams
  • I save what I need to get to my goals
  • I make the necessary sacrifices to achieve my goals
  • I have a carefully planned, well thought-out future
  • I am confident in my future
  • I make healthy decisions
  • I seek to understand others
  • I consider others who my decisions affect
  • I have all the tools I need to be successful
  • I am attractive and likeable
  • I am confident I have a bright future ahead of me
  • I adapt quickly and easily
  • I let go of things that do not serve me
  • I make time for friends and family
  • I give back and help others
  • I am mindful of what’s going on around me
  • I plan ahead and think things through
  • I set goals and do everything in my power to achieve them
  • I do not make excuses or say I “can’t” do something
  • I believe in myself and trust I will make the right decisions
  • I am learning to be grateful for what I have while being excited for what has yet to come.
  • I am eternally grateful for the love I am capable of giving, and for the love I have yet to receive.
  • Whatever has happened, and whatever does happen, I’m certain that I can be grateful again.
  • I am grateful for the helpful guides that sometimes appear in disguise to usher me back to love.
  • I am grateful now, and that is keeping the door open for more blessings.
  • Even devastation is an opportunity for transformation, and my gratitude evolves as I do.
  • There is a calmness to a life lived in gratitude, a quiet joy.” – Ralph H. Blum
  • I welcome all of the ways the universe wants to bless me.
  • If I approach this situation/experience/person with appreciation, I will be held in the arms of abundance.
  • Whatever I see, I trust that the universe is supporting my highest good. I choose to see this season of my life, then, through the eyes of appreciation, as best as I can.
  • My thanksgiving is perpetual; it survives every obstacle because I am willing to keep it alive.
  • The feeling of gratefulness expands my perspective and opens me up to new ways of living happily in this world; it’s as if the whole universe is in my heart.
  • I’m willing to see beauty where others see nothing; I can look beyond a rock and uncover the diamond. For the rocks and the diamonds, I am thankful, because life is a rich experience that includes everything.
  • The more you pay attention to what’s already working in your life, the better it gets.
  • My thanksgiving extends far beyond my thoughts; I bring a grateful spirit to each step and action I take.
  • I choose to be thankful for the light of this new morning, and for renewed energy and strength to be who I know I can be.
  • I shine the light of appreciation on an otherwise dark situation; there is no darkness that can escape that light for long.
  • I accept my burdens and I accept my blessings, and so I transform my burdens into my blessings.
  • I partner with peace today, and I do this through the power of keeping a grateful heart.
  • I fully accept the joy that wants to surface in my life, and I accept it now in gratitude.
  • Give thanks for your ability to give anything in life, even if all you can give is a “thank you.”
  • I choose to see peace instead. I am willing to trust that my life is exactly as it’s meant to be. I can relax a little and be thankful for what I have now.
  • In truth, my gratitude is an absolute magnet for the manifestation of all that I want.
  • I am celebrating feeling light and alive at my perfect bodyweight of one thirty-five.
  • I am enjoying the thrill of flying.
  • I am attracting joy into my life.
  • I am confidently expressing myself openly and honestly.
  • I am feeling exhilarated, agile and alive.
  • I am effectively communicating my needs and desires to my loving partner.
  • I am looking around me at the faces of the people I am helping and I am thrilled to know that I have made a difference in their life.
  • I am feeling relaxed and grateful to be sitting here in Hawaii with my toes buried in the warm sand, feeling the warmth of the sun on my face.
  • My possibilities are endless
  • I open myself to a wonderful and blessed new future full of love and joy.
  • I release the past and forgive everyone
  • I attract success & prosperity with all my ideas
  • Every thought i think is creating my future – louise l.hay
  • The past has taught me many things, I embrace it. The future holds many possibilities, I seek them. Today I live with honest presence in this moment.
  • I move forward eagerly, while embracing the now
  • I live from this moment forward.
  • My future is going to be very, very awesome.
  • I choose not to worry or stress about the future I cannot control; I choose to be positive and enjoy today.
  • Every day I ask myself if what I am doing today is getting me closer to where I want to be tomorrow.
  • I am meant for great things that will be accomplished
  • Today I will do something my future self will be proud of
  • I live in the now with great expecations for the future
  • My future has a purpose, and will exceed all of my expectations.
  • The best is yet to be
  • My future is optimistic.
  • As I remain in the present moment, the past and future give way to infinite possibilities.
  • My future is beautiful and bright
  • I am going to make a better life for my children!

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