Affirmations for forgiving yourself (96+)

Affirmations for forgiving yourself

  • I acknowledge my faults and forgive myself completely.
  • The past is over. I move beyond my mistakes and focus on living in the NOW.
  • I set myself free and forgive myself of any wrongdoing.
  • I release the heavy burden of shame, guilt, self-hatred and self-judgement.
  • I release all stress and criticisms towards myself and forgive.
  • To err is human. I forgive myself for my imperfections.
  • I release negative, damaging patterns of thought and behaviour.
  • I let go of all urges to criticize myself.
  • When I make a mistake, I stop brooding over it incessantly, learn from it and move on.
  • I am at peace with myself.
  • I am capable of loving all of who I am.
  • I let go of all self-judgment and shame.
  • Self-hatred does not serve me.
  • I treat myself with respect and kindness from today forward.
  • I approach myself with patience and understanding.
  • I forgive myself for any regrets that I have been holding and remind myself to focus on the present.
  • Self-forgiveness is a choice, it is a gift of freedom that I give myself.
  • As I forgive myself, it becomes easier to forgive others
  • I allow myself to be forgiven.
  • I am done beating myself up for what has happened in the past.
  • I exchange my shame and anger for self-love and self-compassion.
  • I overcome self-condemnation and choose to love myself.
  • I am loved.
  • I am forgiven.
  • I am human.
  • I am learning and growing every day.
  • I am capable of moving beyond my mistakes.
  • I forgive myself one day at a time until it’s complete.
  • I am willing to live with all of who I am.
  • I forgive others as I forgive myself: with ease, sincerity and loving compassion.
  • I trade my anger with compassion.
  • I trust myself to build a better future.
  • I have the courage to heal and become whole again.
  • I forgive myself so that I can have inner peace again.
  • I take this small step toward greater growth.
  • I release the past so I can step into the future with pure intentions.
  • I follow the principle of “live and let live”
  • The past is done. I now live in the present.
  • I have the courage to heal every wound.
  • I release the pain, anger and rage from my body.
  • I step away from the prison of resentment into freedom.
  • The past has no power over me.
  • I accept myself for who I am.
  • Mistakes are apart of life and they teach me valuable lessons.
  • I deserve love and forgiveness.
  • The door to my heart opens inward. I move through forgiveness to love.
  • Today I listen to my feelings, and I am gentle with myself. I know that
  • all of my feelings are my friends.
  • The past is over, so it has no power now. The thoughts of THIS moment create
  • my future.
  • It is no fun being a victim. I refuse to be helpless anymore. I claim my own power
  • I give myself the gift of freedom from the past, and move with joy into the now.
  • I get the help I need, when I need it, from various sources. My support system
  • is strong and loving.
  • There is no problem so big or so small that it cannot be solved with love.
  • I am ready to be healed. I am willing to forgive. All is Well.
  • When I make a mistake, I realize that it is only part of the learning process.
  • I move beyond forgiveness to understanding, and I have compassion for all.
  • Each day Is a new Opportunity. Yesterday is over and done.
  • Today is the first day of my future.
  • I know that old, negative patterns no longer limit me. I let them go with ease.
  • I am forgiving, loving, gentle, and kind, and I know that Life Loves Me.
  • As I forgive myself, it becomes easier to forgive others.
  • I love and accept my family members exactly as they are right now.
  • As I change my thoughts, the world around me changes.
  • I forgive myself for not being perfect. I am living the very best way I know how.
  • I cannot change another person. I let others be who they are, and I simply love who I am.
  • It is now safe for me to release all of my childhood traumas and move into love.
  • I know that I cannot take responsibility for other people. We are all under the law of our own consciousness.
  • I return to the basics of life: forgiveness, courage, gratitude, love, and humor.
  • Everyone in my life has something to teach me. We have a purpose in being together.
  • I forgive everyone in my past for all perceived wrongs. I release them with love.
  • All of the changes in life that lie before me are positive ones. I am safe.
  • As I forgive others, I find I appreciate them more.
  • By forgiving myself and others I set myself free
  • By recalling all the loving memories I have of my departed, I elevate my being from grief to joy.
  • By releasing the past, I allow myself to move onward and upward.
  • Every day I am letting go of everything that has been holding me back.
  • Every day I ensure that I move away from the past.
  • Forgiveness comes naturally to me.
  • Forgiveness has given me back my freedom.
  • Forgiving others brings immense emotional freedom.
  • Forgiving others makes me feel incredibly free.
  • I abandon all notions of prejudice and love everyone equally.
  • I acknowledge that all my memories, good and bad, are my own creation.
  • I allow myself to experience my feelings, and release all those which are negative.
  • I allow only good memories to inhabit the present.
  • I am breaking down the barriers in my life, one by one.
  • I am dissolving all blocks to achieving my goals.
  • I am forgiving of myself and others.
  • I am now beyond my past.
  • I am now free to move forward in my life.
  • I am now living my life without regret because I cherish the present.
  • I am righting all the wrongs in my life.
  • I am willing to let go of my past and take the next step towards a better future.
  • I apologize to myself for living in the past.
  • I begin every day with forgiveness and live every day with love.
  • I choose to forgive all others in my life, and they forgive me.
  • I choose to let go of the past, and embrace the present moment.
  • I clear my grief with cleansing tears.
  • I discard all excuses for letting life happen to me.
  • I eagerly release all hurt, anger and resentment from my life.
  • I easily and readily forgive myself and others.
  • I easily let go of all disempowering beliefs.
  • I easily let go of all negative memories.
  • I easily relax and let go of all the negatives in my life.
  • I easily release anything that keeps me from experiencing joy in my life.
  • I easily release sadness with tears.
  • I empower my life by forgiving and releasing.
  • I feel the immense joy of being free from …
  • I fondly remember all the happy moments in my life, and willingly release all sadness and pain.
  • I forgive all people in my life, including myself.
  • I forgive and forget easily because I know that nobody is perfect.
  • I forgive and forget, and set my spirit free.
  • I forgive and forget the past and welcome the present.
  • I forgive myself for all ill feelings I have harbored in the past.
  • I forgive myself for every unkind thing I have done in the past.
  • I forgive myself for every unkind word I have said in the past.

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