Affirmations for flying (25+)

Affirmations for flying

  • Booking flights is exciting
  • Breathe in, breathe out.
  • Every day, millions of people fly around the world safely.
  • Flying is easy for me
  • Flying is fun
  • Flying to business meetings is easy
  • I am a calm airplane passenger.
  • I am a confident, relaxed traveler.
  • I am beginning to enjoy flying
  • I am calm when flying
  • I am naturally positive when flying
  • I am safe; all is well.
  • I am safe.
  • I am secure. There is no cause for alarm.
  • I am willing to buckle my seatbelt.
  • I am willing to check my bags and receive my boarding pass.
  • I am willing to exit the plane whole and joyous to be at my destination.
  • I am willing to get in line for boarding.
  • I am willing to get on the plane.
  • I am willing to get out of the car.
  • I am willing to land in an airplane.
  • I am willing to pack my bags.
  • I am willing to rest during the flight.
  • I am willing to sit calmly at the gate for boarding.
  • I am willing to sit quietly during take off.
  • I am willing to travel by car to the airport.
  • I am willing to walk through security.
  • I can fly anywhere in the world
  • I enjoy taking long flights
  • I enjoy the freedom of traveling great distances quickly.
  • I enjoy traveling
  • I feel secure.
  • I have confidence in the airline staff.
  • I have released my fear and can fully enjoy my journey.
  • I like flying
  • I look forward to taking flights
  • I relax when on planes
  • I release all fear of flying and embrace the freedom of travel.
  • I travel often
  • I visit new sights regularly
  • I will banish my fear
  • I will book flights without hesitation
  • I will fly often
  • I will have a carefree life
  • I will live fearlessly
  • I will look forward to traveling
  • I will overcome my fear of flying
  • I will relax on planes
  • I will visit far away relatives
  • I’m so grateful to be exploring this beautiful planet of ours.
  • Long flights are relaxing
  • My fear is just a thought; it does not reflect the reality of flight safety.
  • My fear of flying is gone
  • My fears are not realities.
  • My life is free from fear
  • Others see me as a frequent flyer
  • Plane rides are enjoyable
  • Planes make noise. This is normal.
  • Turbulence is just like a pothole in the road.
  • Visiting far away places is fun

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