Affirmations for fluent English (29+)

Affirmations for fluent English

  • English feels as though it’s my mother tongue
  • English is becoming a natural part of my mind
  • I am a natural English speaker
  • I am developing a passion for English
  • I am extremely motivated to learn English
  • I am finding it easier and easier to understand English
  • I am quickly learning English
  • I can learn English fast
  • I effortlessly pick up on new English words
  • I enjoy studying English
  • I get a little better everyday
  • I grow with every word i say
  • I learn new languages easily
  • I love the English language
  • I memorize English words easily
  • I practice my English regularly
  • I understand English perfectly
  • I want to UNDERSTAND the meaning of Language.
  • I want to UNDERSTAND the rules of grammar.
  • I will become a fluent English speaker
  • I will effortlessly speak English
  • I will focus my mind for efficient language learning
  • I will have fun learning English
  • I will learn English
  • I will LEARN how to LEARN
  • I will LET myself go.
  • I will LISTEN a lot.
  • I will LISTEN and LET Language enter my mind.
  • I will LISTEN early in the morning.
  • I will LISTEN every day.
  • I will LISTEN late at night.
  • I will LISTEN often.
  • I will LISTEN to hear the words and phrases.
  • I will LISTEN to the meaning.
  • I will LISTEN to the same content many times.
  • I will not be able to speak and write well. But there is no hurry. I will work on UNDERSTANDING.
  • I will read a lot and especially, listen a lot.
  • I will UNDERSTAND the language.
  • I will UNDERSTAND what I hear and read.
  • If I UNDERSTAND what I hear and read I will be able to speak and write. UNTIL I can UNDERSTAND what I hear and read,
  • Language is in my heart
  • Language learning will be easy for me
  • Learning new languages comes naturally to me
  • My brain stores English words efficiently
  • My English is improving
  • My mind is focused on learning English
  • My mind is naturally relaxed when learning
  • My mind is naturally wired for learning English
  • Others are amazed at how quickly I learn
  • Speaking English feels completely natural
  • Speaking English is just a normal part of who I am

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