Affirmations for flexibility (27+)

Affirmations for flexibility

  • Becoming more flexible is a major goal in my life
  • Flexible curiosity allows me to discover endless truth.
  • Holding a stretch for a long period of time is simple for me
  • I am a very easily flexible in my body, increasingly
  • I am able to hold a stretch for a long period of time
  • I am amazingly flexible
  • I am becoming very flexible
  • I am blissfully adaptable and flexible, in only the most desirable ways for me, with only the most desirable reasons for me to be so, now and always, eternally so, with phenomenal increasing magnitude and ease, with every second, with every moment!
  • I am boosting my levels of flexibility every day
  • I am confident with my flexibility
  • I am dedicated to improving my fitness.
  • I am developing healthier muscles with every stretch
  • I am flexibility
  • I am flexible
  • I am flexible
  • I am flexible in all areas of my life, increasingly
  • I am focused on improving my flexibility
  • I am getting stronger
  • I am more flexible than a professional gymnast
  • I am naturally flexible
  • I am perfectly physically flexible
  • I am strong and flexible
  • I am very flexible about the form my abundant fortune takes.
  • I am very flexible in my quads, hips, glutes and lower back
  • I am very flexible in my thighs and calves
  • I am very flexible over my whole spine, perfectly
  • I can do many complex stretches
  • I enjoy a daily workout including yoga, pilates and strength exercises
  • I find my yoga exercises fulfilling and beneficial, leading to greater flexibility and an overall reduction in general achenes.
  • I gave the body of a dancer: slender, curvy, flexible, sleek and sexy
  • I have a durable mindset
  • I have a fundamental stretching technique
  • I have naturally strong muscles
  • I have strong levels of concentration
  • I have strong muscles for flexibility
  • I hold high standards for myself when stretching
  • I will concentrate on stretching
  • I will enjoy stretching
  • I will keep high goals for myself
  • I will refine my elasticity
  • I will take my time with every stretch
  • My flexibility will improve
  • My muscle tone is steady
  • My muscles are fashioned for stretching
  • My stretching routines are paying off
  • Stretching is a part of my life
  • Stretching is easy for me
  • Stretching is part of my daily routine

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