Affirmations for flawless skin (100+)

Affirmations for flawless skin

  • My skin is clear and radiant
  • My skin is healthy and balanced
  • I have glowing and radiant skin
  • My skin is beautiful and I love it
  • I take good care of my skin and my skin is happy
  • My skin feels supple and smooth
  • I eat healthy food that is good for my skin
  • Every day I to send love to my skin
  • I treat my skin gently and with love
  • My skin is smooth, soft and healthy
  • My beautiful skin is blemish-free
  • People quickly notice my glowing skin
  • My skin heals blemishes and irritations with ease and grace
  • I have naturally healthy and balanced skin
  • My skin is naturally healthy and unblemished
  • I completely love my skin no matter what
  • My skin gets clearer every day
  • I accept my skin for exactly how it is with no judgment
  • I love my skin and I appreciate how healthy it is
  • My skin is healthy and supple
  • I am grateful for the time I have lived to acquire my lovely wrinkles
  • My skin takes care of me and I take care of it
  • My skin is a reflection of who I am and I am good
  • I love my skin and don’t want anybody else’s
  • My wrinkles and fine lines show my wisdom and strength
  • My skin is healing and healthy
  • I love my skin, it is my best friend and I treat it with care and respect
  • I have beautiful, healthy skin
  •  I make time to nourish my mind, body & soul
  • My complexion is clear and radiant 
  • I speak & treat myself with kindness 
  • I love and accept myself for who I am
  • I take good care of my skin 
  • I am full of loving, healthy, positive and prosperous thoughts 
  • I am in love with taking care of myself
  • I love my skin and treat it with respect
  • I am worthy of _______________ . (You fill in the blank.) 
  • I know my skin is healthy and clear.
  • I have radiant and perfect skin.
  • I am so thankful for the beautiful skin I have.
  • My skin is pimples, acne and blemish-free.
  • Exfoliating and moisturizing my skin makes me feel clean and beautiful.
  • My youthful skin is the result of the healthy food I have.
  • I have very smooth and clear skin.
  • I know I am a beautiful person inside out.
  • I am thankful for my shiny white teeth.
  • I have bright shiny eyes.
  • I have beautiful round eyes.
  • My face is very attractive.
  • I have a beautiful body.
  • I am gorgeous and glamourous.
  • I am blessed with a natural glow.
  • I am thankful for the natural beauty I have.
  • It is easy for me to look beautiful.
  • I have a very good fashion sense.
  • I am appreciated for the good fashion sense I have.
  • I carry confidently everything I wear.
  • I have a very optimistic approach that radiates on my face.
  • I am full of health and vitality and everyone enjoys my company.
  • My looks are the result of the wonderful personality that I have.
  • I see a beautiful woman staring back at me when I look into the mirror.
  • I am attractive in every manner.
  • I am not very difficult to approach.
  • I have been blessed with divine beauty.
  • I am content with the way I look.
  • I have a beautiful spirit, mind and body.
  • The way I enjoy and laugh through life is the actual reason behind my real beauty.
  • The more optimistic I remain, the more beautiful I grow.
  • I am elegant and graceful.
  • I am confident, attractive and have a natural beauty.
  • I have a sense of inner peace and enjoy life the way it is.
  • I take no stress and that reflects on my skin.
  • I have long, thick and shiny hair.
  • My hair is black and super shiny.
  • I have a very gorgeous and luscious hair.
  • My hair is becoming better each day.
  • My hair is strong and gets thicker with each wash.
  • I take proper care of washing and putting on conditioner on my hair regularly.
  • My scalp is very healthy and nourished.
  • I have very healthy hair which is dandruff free.
  • I have strong and rejuvenating hair cells.
  • I am appreciated for the hairstyles I make.
  • I am appreciated for my healthy hair.
  • My hair adds beauty to my personality.
  • It is my choice to be pretty, attractive and beautiful.
  • With each passing day, I am becoming more beautiful.
  • I shall always be beautiful regardless of age.
  • My kindness is the actual reason behind my beauty.
  • The higher frequencies that my souls vibrate at are the reason for my true beauty.
  • High frequencies such as joy and bliss are reflected through my face.
  • My facial features are sharp and unique.
  • I just not look and dress beautifully but also speak beautifully.
  • Positivity lies in every cell of my body and that is the reason for my actual beauty.
  • I surround myself with positive people which reduces my stress and adds on to my beauty.
  • My silky and shiny hair is found very attractive to people.
  • My posture is erect and perfect and I carry myself beautifully.
  • I carry whatever I wear very elegantly and beautifully.
  • I like the way I dress up for each occasion.
  • The fashion styles that I create have the potential to become trends.
  • My extra weight adds cuteness to my personality.
  • I am working hard to lose the extra fat that I have.
  • I have very pretty and attractive facial features.
  • My voice is very sweet and melodious which everyone enjoys.
  • My personality with the optimism adds on to my beauty.
  • Inner peace and happiness is the reason for my charismatic and charming personality.
  • The bright side of the things that I always look for show up as the brightness on my skin.
  • My smile is radiant and can cheer anyone up.
  • My lips are as pink as I want them to be.
  • The soft lips that I have added a sense of softness to my personality.
  • I always choose to dress up in those colours that bring out my personality.
  • I only eat food that enhances my health and beauty.
  • I always apply perfect makeup and keep it natural.
  • I care for my beautiful skin and body.
  • I put on jewellery sensibly that enriches my look and beauty.
  • I always put on minimal makeup to let my skin breathe.
  • I only take actions that are good, healthy and useful for my body and skin.
  • I do not starve myself to death. I believe in taking in a healthy diet.
  • I am beautiful and so is everyone around me.
  • My dark skin makes me more attractive.
  • I am believed to be a beautiful woman because of the confident personality that I have.
  • I truly appreciate all of me.
  • I am a fitness master and every cell of my body is extremely fit.
  • I see true beauty in myself.
  • I am never filled with self-doubt and that makes me charming and attractive.
  • I am bold and I am happy about it.
  • I am a lovable woman and that reflects through the beauty of my soul.
  • I have the required body shape and I am proud of it.
  • I am extremely proud of the way I look and carry myself.
  • I know what looks good and what looks bad on me. I dress accordingly.
  • I accept compliments and believe in returning them.
  • People compliment me naturally.
  • I deserve to hear how pretty and beautiful I am.

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