Affirmations for first day of work (31+)

Affirmations for first day of work

  • I choose to be joyful.
  • I can find gratitude in any situation.
  • Hating my boss, coworkers, schedule, work does not make me happy. 
  • I have a really great job with a boss that gets me.
  • When I learn to like the small things, big changes happen.
  • I attract what I think. I think happy thoughts.
  •  My boss values my work.
  • As my joy increases, so does my abundance.
  • I love going to work.
  • My career is a journey, let the adventure begin.
  • I have my dream job.
  • I attract opportunities to advance my career.
  • My boss and coworkers appreciate me. 
  • My work fills my soul and bank account.
  • I am excited about going to work.
  • I am rewarded for my effort. 
  • New opportunities come easily.
  • I leave work at work. 
  • I am successful.
  • My career is about ease and abundance.
  • My job and I are a perfect match.
  • I love Mondays. 
  • When I look in the mirror, I see a success story.
  • I speak kindly and positively about my co-workers.
  • I refuse to entertain a negative thought. 
  • I create my happiness.
  • I am eager to learn new things and share my ideas.
  • I wake up excited and happy to go to work.
  • When I feel good, I get more done.
  • My work makes a difference.
  • I do not dwell on setbacks. I stay focused on my happiness. 
  • I love what I do. 
  • I love myself and deserve a great career.
  • I am not afraid to change course.
  • My happiness comes first. 
  • Thinking good thoughts feels good.
  • I deserve to be abundant.
  • My work today creates an amazing tomorrow.
  • I get paid for doing what I love.
  •  My workplace is calm and supportive.
  • I am worthy of my dreams.
  • The possibilities in my life are infinite.
  • I am becoming more successful each day.
  • I am fully capable of achieving my dream.
  • I believe in myself and my ability to succeed.
  • I am successfully living up to my full potential.
  • Today is the day that I make my dream come true.
  • I believe in myself and all I have to offer the world.
  • Success and achievement are natural outcomes for me.
  • I am not too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream.
  • I am committed to achieving success in every area of my life.
  • I have released all limiting beliefs about my ability to succeed.
  • All of my thoughts, plans and ideas lead me straight to success.
  • Every day is filled with new ideas that inspire and motivate me.
  • I am surrounded by positive, supportive people who believe in me.
  • Every day in every way I am acting more like a successful person.
  • I accept that I am an unlimited being and that I can create anything I want.
  • I am worthy of all the good life has to offer, and I deserve to be successful.
  • I realise that success is a result of right thinking and hard work. I excel in both.
  • The power is within me. I learn from the past, live in the now and plan for the future.
  • I believe in myself and in my goals.
  • Every day I take steps to reach my goals.
  • My mind is clear, focused and energised.
  • I push my limits and I achieve great things.
  • I am focused on making my dreams a reality.
  • I have the power to achieve any goal I desire.
  • I am committed to making my goals a reality.
  • My goals fit perfectly with all areas of my life.
  • When I follow my plan, positive things happen.
  • Because I believe in my goals, I achieve my goals.
  • I know I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.
  • I have the passion and determination to achieve my goals.
  • Defining my goals helps me to achieve my life’s purpose.
  • Everything I do supports the larger vision I have for my life.
  • Staying motivated and passionate about my dreams is my nature.
  • I devote time every day to research, study, plan and implement my ideas.
  • I possess the strength and ability to accomplish all my goals and dreams.
  • Every achievement was once a small dream. Today I act on my dreams.
  • I am willing to step outside of my comfort zone to accomplish the goals I set for myself.
  • I recognise the barriers to achieving my goals and I move around them, over them and through them.
  • I am focused on the task in front of me.
  • I work ahead of schedule to relieve work stress.
  • When I plan, I have more time for work and play.
  • I invest my time wisely.
  • I can save time without losing my quality of work.
  • My time is precious, I savor every moment.
  • I eliminate all distractions.
  • It feels good to get things done.
  • I make time to enjoy the things I want to do.
  • I no longer procrastinate. I make a choice and move on.
  • I make time to rest, recharge and relax.
  • I no longer waste time. I budget it according to my priorities.
  • A schedule eliminates the stress of uncertainty.
  • I respect my time.
  • Time is a finite commodity, a precious resource not to be squandered.
  • When I manage my time well, I feel good.
  • There is time for everything I have to do and everything I want to do.
  • Work fast. Play slow.
  • I am the boss of my time.
  • The better I manage my time, the more time I seem to have.

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