Affirmations for finding a job (33+)

Affirmations for finding a job

  • The prefect job is finding it’s way to you
  • Compensation abundance is coming your way
  • You are working for an organization that culturally aligns with your values
  • The work you do makes and impact
  • You work for a supportive and engaging leader
  • Your leader provides you with feedback to grow
  • The organization you work for is ethical and transparent
  • Your new company offers a lot of growth opportunities
  • Your new colleagues offer support and an environment you look forward to
  • You are confident in your job searching
  • You are grateful for finding such a great job fit
  • Money flows easily and freely to you
  • You are open to receiving your dream job offer
  • You have a fun new job
  • The right work is coming your way
  • You will have multiple great offers to choose from
  • You love and enjoy the work you do
  • Your new job offers you the flexibility you want
  • You are open to amazing new opportunities
  • You are motivated and eager to find your next great role
  • You easily visualize your ideal role
  • You are worthy of the role you love
  • Your new job is fulfilling
  • You got this
  • Your new job allows you to make a positive difference
  • You deserve an amazing job
  • Your new job appreciates you
  • Your new job will be challenging in the best ways
  • Every application or contact is a potential yes
  • You are in a great position to start a new job
  • Your new job brings you joy
  • Your new job will bring positive changes in your life
  • Everything that has happened has led you to your new, amazing job
  • Your work is appreciated
  • You are rewarded for your great work
  • Your have several growth opportunities
  • You enjoy the work you do
  • You are fantastic at your work
  • New and creative ideas are constantly flowing
  • You are achieving amazing things
  • Your leader is supportive and kind
  • You are expanding your skillset regularly
  • You are excited to work everyday
  • You are confident in your skills
  • Your work makes you feel proud
  • You do fulfilling work
  • The work you do yields amazing results
  • You have the motivation and drive you need to crush it every day
  • You are making the right career choices to get you where you want to be
  • You are an asset to any organization
  • Your career provides you financial abundance
  • Your job and organization are stable and financially secure
  • You are an expert at your job and others look to you for guidance
  • You are worthy of this amazing career
  • Your work and their leaders value you as a human
  • You have great relationships with those you work with
  • You attract the work and projects that bring you joy
  • You are positive and enthusiastic at work
  • You help others achieve the success you’ve been able to as well
  • You get consistent promotions and recognition at work
  • Your job and career aligns with your purpose
  • Success is inevitable for you
  • You are provided all the resources you need to succeed
  • You are able to re-direct all doubts and negative thoughts for good
  • You can easily pivot and change when needed
  • Your opinion and voice is heard
  • I am attracting into my life a well-paying job.
  • I am attracting a new opportunity for a great job.
  • I am calm, relaxed, and confident during my job interview.
  • I passed the interview successfully and got the job.
  • I am very happy that my work suits me, and I am well paid.
  • I have only positive thoughts in my mind.
  • I have found the perfect job for me.
  • I am working at a job that I love and enjoy.
  • I am very satisfied with my new job.
  • I am working now, and I am well paid.
  • I have a wonderful job and I enjoy it very much.
  • I am working in a pleasant environment, surrounded by nice people.
  • I am doing what I love doing and I am well-paid.
  • I am an expert in my profession, and I am well paid for my skills.
  • I am successfully using my skills at work.
  • People love working with me.
  • My work is most rewarding.
  • I am am getting promoted in rank and salary.
  • I have been rewarded with a significant bonus.
  • I am receiving a significant promotion.
  • I am working in luxurious surroundings.
  • I am determined to be successful at work.
  • I am working for a successful company, which rewards me generously.
  • I thank the Omnipotent Power of the Universe for helping me get a wonderful, well-paying job.
  • I deserve a great job and today I find it!
  • I am recession proof! I have the skills, talent, and abilities to compete in any economy!
  • I am a great employee! Any employer is very lucky to have me!
  • I am an asset to any organization and I prove it in every interview.
  • My confidence is superb! My great job arrives in my life today!
  • Every time I interview, I display confidence and energy!
  • Every time I interview, I radiate credibility and capability!
  • Whenever I interview, I always create a positive impact!
  • Right now, my resume is being selected by all the right people.
  • My resume gets me interviews and I show up as a winner!
  • Right now, my great job is looking for me!
  • I am ready for my interview. I am confident in my interview. I am successful in my interview.
  • Amazing jobs are appearing in my life out of nowhere!
  • As I put my intention for a great job out into the Universe, the Universe responds with great job opportunities.
  • I am creating the career of my dreams. It appears in my mind and then in my world.
  • I am ready to work! I am ready to contribute! I am ready to shine high! I communicate that energy in every interview!
  • Every NO for the wrong job gets me to closer to the YES that is perfect for me!
  • I close my eyes and I see myself in my ideal job. I open my eyes and I go make it happen!
  • Breathing in, I know I am worthy of a great career. Breathing out, I have it!
  • I ask and I receive! I seek and I find! I ask for my ideal and today I find it!

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Research Resources

Manifestations are sometimes viewed as pseudoscience but there is some interesting research that does at least give you some reason to believe otherwise.
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