Affirmations for finding a husband (31+)

Affirmations for finding a husband

  • I express my gratitude towards the Universe for showering all the abundance in my life.
  • I accept the love that I have attracted in my life.
  • I am clear about everything I want from a relationship and I am attracting the same.
  • I am a magnet to strong and long-lasting relationships.
  • I am grateful towards the Universe for the perfect match.
  • The love that I share with my soulmate is very pure and everlasting. 
  • I have positive and loving energy and my soulmate would appreciate that about me.
  • I am attracting a soulmate who shall respect, pamper and love me.
  • I am tuning in with my soulmate now.
  • My soulmate and I am on a spiritual journey. I am attracting love.
  • I am manifesting the soulful love that I deserve.
  • I am destined to be with my soulmate.
  • I have the divine right to be with my soulmate.
  • I share an unbreakable bond with my soulmate.
  • I am getting closer to my soulmate with each passing day.
  • The energy between me and my soulmate is increasing with each passing day.
  • I can tune in with my soulmate the moment we meet.
  • I can sense the connection between me and my soulmate.
  • I am destined to be with the man I deserve to be with.
  • I deserve the sweetest and purest form of love.
  • I am the priority of the person who is in love with me.
  • There lies a very magical and beautiful bond between me and my soulmate.
  • The most loving person is attracted to my life.
  • I am allowing my soul to guide me towards my perfect partner.
  • There is nothing that lies between me and my soulmate.
  • My soulmate is irresistible towards me.
  • I am connected to my soulmate on a spiritual level.
  • I am in constant flow with love and abundance.
  • I am manifesting the true love I seek.
  • Nothing can keep me and my soulmate apart.
  • I am attracting a lover who shall also be my best friend.
  • I am attracting a soulmate who truly deserves me.
  • My soulmate is in love with the energy I radiate.
  • I have abundant space in my life for my soulmate.
  • My soulmate is in deep connection with me.
  • I am in perfect alignment and compatibility with my soulmate.
  • I always show up my true self while I am connecting with others.
  • I am sure that my loved one is on the way.
  • I am prepared to meet my soulmate not just emotionally but spiritually.
  • I am attracting beautiful moments with my soulmate.
  • My soulmate takes care of all my needs and desires. 
  • I am extremely loved by my true love. 
  • My soulmate is true giver and receiver of love.
  • I cannot be more grateful for the care I receive from my soulmate. 
  • My soulmate enjoys my company more than anyone.
  • I am Loved and shall always be loved.
  • My soulmate feels lucky to be a part of my life.
  • I am so thankful for all the love I am receiving.
  • I am meeting my soulmate.
  • My intuition is leading me towards my soulmate.
  • I am treasured by my soulmate.
  • I am willing and ready to let the right man/woman for me to enter into my life now.
  • I have found a man who loves me very much and I love him.
  • I am getting married to a wonderful, loving and understanding man/woman.
  • I have found the right man/woman, and we are getting married now.
  • I have found my loving life partner.
  • I am so happy for having a wonderful and loving wife.
  • I am so happy in the company of my loved one.
  • I have a wonderful loving and satisfying relationships with my spouse.
  • My spouse loves me and accepts me as I am.
  • There is love in my life.
  • Marriage is becoming a reality in my life.
  • I have found to right person for me, and we are getting married.
  • I am married happily to the man/woman who loves me.
  • I am abundantly rich with the love of my spouse.
  • I am blessed with a wonderful and the most satisfying marriage life.
  • My husband/wife and I, share the same interests.
  • I am experiencing love and warmth in my marriage.
  • Love and happiness are constantly flowing into my marriage life.
  • I am a loving and supporting partner.
  • I am blessed with a loving husband/wife.
  • My husband/wife and I, enjoy each other’s company.
  • The Universe is showering love on my wife/husband and me.
  • I love my husband
  • I am willing to do anything for our marriage
  • I love him more and more each day
  • I look forward to spending time with him
  • Our love for one another is strong
  • I love everything about him
  • We work out our issues peacefully
  • My husband is my best friend
  • Nothing can ruin our marriage
  • We are passionate for each other
  • I will listen to his ideas
  • I will be patient and understanding
  • I will enjoy spending time with him
  • We will set aside time to be together
  • I will stop letting life get in the way of our love
  • Our love will grow enormously over time
  • We will sustain a happy, healthy relationship
  • I will see things from his point of view
  • Our relationship is becoming stronger
  • I will pay attention to his needs
  • I trust my husband with everything
  • I’m always considerate and compassionate
  • We are made for each other
  • I always let him know how I’m feeling
  • I accept him and love him for who he is
  • Our marriage is powerful and beautiful
  • We are soul mates
  • Nothing can get in the way of our relationship
  • I have powerful feelings for him
  • There is no one I’d rather spend time with than my husband

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