Affirmations for feminine energy (33+)

Affirmations for feminine energy

  • I am a confident and sexy woman
  • I allow my femininity to shine through
  • I am graceful, sexy, and beautiful
  • Men are naturally drawn to my femininity
  • I am a woman who knows how to attract a man
  • I am both dominating and submissive at the same time
  • I am irresistebly feminine
  • Men can pick up on my subtle sexual signals
  • I am the woman that everyone notices
  • Others admire my highly charged feminine energy
  • I will express my womanly nature
  • I will allow my femininity to shine through
  • Men will be helpless in my presence
  • I will light up a room with my positive energy
  • Others are starting to notice my subtle sexual power
  • I will act with grace, confidence, and power
  • I am starting to understand exactly how to attract men
  • Men are drawn to my femininity
  • I will allow my true beauty to shine through
  • I am becoming an alpha female
  • Being an alpha female comes naturally to me
  • I can naturally attract men wherever I go
  • My nature is subtle yet powerful
  • I naturally draw men towards me
  • I have a primal feminine energy within me
  • I am a beautiful, sexual, graceful woman
  • Being confident is just who I am
  • I just naturally am the alpha female
  • Men are drawn to my ultra feminine energy
  • I can tap into and express my womanhood at will
  • I honor the divine feminine within me by allowing myself to express it.
  • It is easy for me to flow with all things that come my way without doubting their beauty.
  • My heart is open to giving and receiving overflowing amounts of love.
  • The sacred energy within me is flourishing and driving me forward.
  • I am aligned with the compassionate and understanding energy that is divinely mine.
  • I see my magnificent inner essence, as my essence is to be a Goddess, to see the Goddess in me, and to awaken the Goddess within me. 
  • From this moment on I will live differently, exactly the way a real Goddess should!
  • I see myself as a radiant Goddess Lakshmi – the Goddess of wealth, prosperity, abundance, luck, and happiness. 
  • I am worthy to live in the world that prospers, that makes me happy, that brings me all the luck and happiness. 
  • I am worthy to have everything I want in my world. 
  • A time of prosperity starts in my life!
  • I am a wise and beautiful woman in this world. 
  • I am a stunning Goddess. 
  • I admire myself. 
  • My body is a flower that exudes beauty and femininity!
  • My life is amazing. It is full of love. 
  • Love begins with myself in my life, it fills me with the golden light making my whole body youthful and beautiful. 
  • My eyes become loving and playful. 
  • Love fills my skin with light making it smooth and soft. 
  • My female organs are filled with vitality and health. 
  • And my soul becomes pure and full of joy. 
  • My mind is calm and relaxed. 
  • A smile never leaves my face!
  • I have firmly decided to love myself and to make myself happy in this world. 
  • As I am unique and special for myself and for my loved ones. 
  • Happiness is always inside of me!
  • I see myself as Goddess Saraswati – goddess of wisdom and knowledge; a goddess who is a protector and healer of those who suffer. She is a Divine Mother who brings gifts, food, children, and life force to her loved ones.
  • I am the only one who can control my own destiny! I am responsible for my life and constantly grow my abilities. 
  • I am free and can realize my full potential. 
  • And I am in control of my life.
  •  I am a powerful woman and there are no limits to this power! 
  • I am a Goddess. 
  • I am worthy of love and respect. 
  • I aspire to learn new things in life. And I am fully grounded. 
  • I am aware of my own power and I use it. At the same time, I enjoy everything that I have.
  • I am Saraswati, who brings joy, and I love and value myself. 
  • I also like other women, I love them and I support them. 
  • And I am fully satisfied with my life. 
  • I radiate love in all its diversity. 
  • I like being a woman. 
  • And I like that I am living here and now, and I fill my life with love. 
  • Each moment of my destined life I will spend with Light, Prosperity, Love, and Pleasure!
  • I see life as a unique gift. 
  • I can feel my wholesomeness and perfection. 
  • And I am safe, all is well around me. 
  • I am a very powerful woman who is worthy of love and respect. 
  • And I am also able to fully unfold the femininity that I received from God!
  • I feel myself as Goddess Parvati – a goddess of time, power, and spiritual awareness. 
  • I have a strong spiritual connection. 
  • I feel my connection with the whole life. 
  • I radiate life and divine beams of serenity! And I will follow the path of wisdom and will live life in full harmony with everything around me. 
  •  open myself for the universal energy of grace!
  • I believe that God supports me. 
  • Life supports me in every situation. 
  • I fully trust life. 
  • I discover all the mysteries of creation for myself and become a calm and peaceful Deity who is observing life around me!
  • A power is pulsating in my heart that has created the whole world. 
  • Divine forces always guide me. 
  • My guardian angel always protects me. 
  • I am always protected by the Divine Force. Life and God love me. 
  • No matter where I am – I am calm. 
  • The essence of life is always within me.
  • I am releasing my past effortlessly and trust life fully. 
  •  close doors to all the past hurts and disappointments and forgive everyone, including myself. 
  • I have no place for irritation and anger because I am filled with serenity, love, and a feeling of gratitude towards forces who created my beautiful body!
  • I am free and everyone who was part of my past is free as well. 
  • I am ready to move forward towards new adventures that await me!
  • One lifetime comes and goes, but I remain, eternally. 
  • I am alive and full of energy no matter which dimension I exist and what happens to me. 
  • I am completely connected to this vast world of the Universe!
  • Love surrounds me now, and forever. So be it!

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