Affirmations for fear of death (31+)

Affirmations for fear of death

  • I live life to the max.
  • I am focused on enjoying life.
  • I speak openly about death.
  • I am relaxed at funerals.
  • I have a realistic attitude to death.
  • I know that life is for living.
  • I take each day as it comes.
  • I can think about death calmly and rationally.
  • I am in complete control of my thoughts.
  • I know that death is a long way away.
  • The idea of death is easy for me to deal with.
  • I focus on living in the here and now.
  • I am calm when thinking about death
  • I am free from fear of death
  • I can quiet easy talking about death
  • I am living life to the fullest
  • I have cured my fear of death
  • I am in control of my thoughts
  • I am calm when thinking about dying
  • I am not afraid of dying
  • I always live for the preset moment
  • I can cure my fear of death
  • I will cure my fear of death
  • I will overcome my fear of death
  • I am in full control of my fear of death
  • I am calm at funerals
  • I am calm when I see a coffin
  • I stay calm and in control when around death
  • I stay calm at the thought of dying
  • When people talk about death I stay in control
  • I am calm when death or dying is spoken about
  • I am free from my fear of death
  • I live my life to the fullest
  • I live every day to its limit
  • I lead a full and fear free life
  • I am a fearless person!
  • I am not scared of anything!
  • I am a brave girl!
  • I have the strength to do a lot of amazing stuffing life!
  • I am challenging all my fears!
  • I desire to do the undone!
  • Exploring the new gender is completely my thing!
  • I will never let fears come in between my way!
  • I have overcome all my fears and insecurities!
  • I can challenge the conventional and Orthodox thinking which prevails in a society!
  • I will never go back just because I am not sure about its outcome!
  • I get excited to do extraordinary things!
  • No fears can trap me!
  • I do not fear to try new and challenging things in life!
  • I am a brave man!
  • By the passing time, I am getting braver and braver!
  • I will always describe myself as a brave lady, who is willing to do extraordinary stuff in life!
  • Fears make me curious!
  • I do not quit until I overcome all the fears!
  • I am a crazy person who wants to do crazy things in life!
  • My daring will bring all the good things in life!
  • There is no explanation for me to be terrified of anything!
  • I have been achieving all my goals after overcoming fears and insecurities!
  • I am passionate to do those things that folk is afraid of accomplishing!
  • I am doing all the possible things to make it in life!
  • I am not scared of losing!
  • I am a strong individual!
  • As a person, I am not scared of any person or thing!
  • I have faith in my abilities!
  • I am relaxed about everything!
  • Nothing can make me feel weak!
  • I am not docile!
  • I keep upgrading my actions and list of fears!
  • Failing is a part of life, I do not have to be appalled by it!
  • The only route to withstand I fear to face them!
  • I will seek achievement no matter what!
  • Nothing can make me feel like a loser!
  • My mind is the strongest organ in me and it never allows me to give up!
  • The only quirk I am frightened of is dying as a nobody!
  • I have no worldly fears and insecurities in my life!
  • I do not count myself among those who do not try things in life because they fear failures and death!
  • Why should I be terrified of perishing when this is the ultimate truth of life!
  • I will not waste my skills and talents simply because I am scared!
  • I will make it in life by exploring new things in life!
  • I can easily eliminate all the fears in life by simply focusing on my dreams!
  • I am a human with no fears!
  • Fears make people weak and I am not at all weak!
  • I can give a tight reply to all those who have mistaken my honesty for my fears!
  • I do not like to dwell my existence in a nutshell!
  • Adapting to new situations will help me cope up with my fears!
  • Life is more than fear!
  • Fearful people can barely make it in life!
  • I will dance when I want to and not be intimidated by what the community might think of me!
  • I will always stand for what is right!
  • I do not care for what people see me as!
  • My fears will not stop me from becoming a good person in life!
  • I have no troubles in dealing with fears and insecurities in life!
  • My fears will not let me down!
  • Doing what I love to do is what makes me a powerful person!
  • I have no intention of quitting just because I am scared of trying in life!
  • will keep excelling in life!
  • I will not stay back from doing what is right in life!
  • I will keep proving my worth!
  • I have seen the hardest moments in life and yet I have not given up!
  • Seeing my parents getting it is the worst kind of far which I have accepted!
  • I do not let fears overpower my strength!
  • I will not say no to any opportunities because of my fears!
  • am following what my heart says!
  • I will build a life without fear and insecurities!
  • I am doing great in life!
  • Nothing is easy, we have to work hard and overcome all the fears!
  • I will live life on my terms and condition!
  • Keep growing and overcoming your fears!
  • I am getting my life on the right track!
  • Nothing is hard for me!
  • I have my fears under my control
  • I do not stress out unnecessarily on my fears!
  • My talents are greater than my fears!
  • Kudos to me for doing so well despite having endless insecurities!
  • I was born to conquer the world and not sit at home because I am scared of experimenting in life!
  • I carry myself very well, I do not let my fears be visible in my face!
  • I do not worry too much!
  • I am glad that I am doing great things in life!
  • I dominate my fears!
  • Fear of losing myself is great, so I work hard to make my fears lose!
  • In a war between my fears and strengths, I am certain that my strengths will win!
  • I count on my abilities and not on my fears!
  • Very few can overcome their fears in life and I am among them who can overcome their fears!
  • My bravery has no limits!
  • I do not fake being scared when I am not scared of anything in my life!
  • Fears have no place in my life!
  • I can be a brave woman!

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