Affirmations for faith and trust (33+)

Affirmations for faith and trust

  • I acknowledge God in every creation
  • I radiate love and joy towards all beings
  • Problems are just an illusion of the mind
  • I am a divine creation and therefore I am deserving
  • I live life in the present moment
  • I feel the healing power of the spirit throughout my body
  • I seek happiness through the mind and not through material pleasures
  • I am surrounded in eternal light
  • I feel the sense of a higher power and energy in everything I do
  •  I purify my thoughts with the knowledge that God guides me
  •  I am a spiritual being
  •  Everything that happens, happens for the greater good
  •  The universe accommodates my needs
  •  I am in control of my own spiritual growth
  •  My body and mind are in alignment with the universe
  •  I give and receive love in abundance
  •  I let go of doubt
  •  Religion is just a way of life
  •  I know I am part of something much bigger
  •  I surrender to God
  •  I attract good things to my life
  •  I am slowly but surely fulfilling my destiny
  •  The whole world is within my grasp
  •  I rejoice in the way things are
  •  Everything I’m searching for is searching for me
  •  I am protected by the Holy spirit’s mercy
  •  I am a wonderful blessing for the world
  •  I am enveloped by a divine, guiding power
  •  I am anchored by love
  •  The whole universe conspires for my good
  •  I sense and relish all the positive energy around me
  •  I let go of everything that isn’t part of my divine plan
  •  I grow along with my good actions
  •  I am divinely-inspired
  •  I effortlessly attract all that I need
  •  I am linked to an unlimited source of abundance
  •  Every day, I come closer to fulfilling my destiny
  •  My strength lies in my divine connection to the creator
  •  I find joy and purpose in simply being myself
  •  I am grateful for all my experiences
  •  I am an infinite being
  •  I am a being that transcends time and space
  •  I regularly purify my mind and soul
  •  My body is my vessel and I cherish it
  •  My soul is connected to that of a higher power
  •  My soul is immortal
  •  I renew myself by letting go of expectations
  •  I let the light of my soul guide me
  •  I honor my divinity. I am sacred
  •  I am a divine being of light and I let myself shine
  •  I am honest and above all, true to myself
  •  I am not to be tamed. I am free
  •  Sometimes it means going through the darkness before my light can emerge
  •  My body is an incredible, complex, and beautiful vessel
  •  It’s true if I believe it to be true
  •  I am a beacon of love and happiness
  •  I am a human expression of the Universe
  •  I follow and am guided by my instinct
  •  I listen to the voice of my soul
  •  I am a beautiful expression of life
  •  I am in harmony with my energy
  •  I will not let myself become something that I am not
  •  I awaken my soul now
  •  In hard times, there is always a guiding light
  •  I am not in the universe. I am the universe
  •  I hear the positive voices of my Angels
  •  I nourish and value my mind, body, and soul
  •  My spirit grows stronger with each day
  •  My inner light will shine in any situation
  •  My soul is beautiful and unique
  •  My every action is blessed with divine love
  •  My conversations draw divine energy
  •  Love is the only way
  •  I walk in trust of my greater purpose
  •  I welcome positive people and experiences into my existence
  •  My soul is at peace
  •  I am one with God
  •  I am a being blessed with an abundance of love
  •  I am my true self
  •  I am one with my soul
  •  I trust the universe
  •  I am deeply grateful for all that I’m blessed with
  •  Everything I need is within me
  •  The divine light within me shines brightly
  •  I expect miracles to happen
  •  I affirm only positive things for myself and others
  •  Gods wisdom is ever-present
  •  My faith is making me complete
  •  I forgive myself and others
  •  My spiritual development is my priority
  •  When I listen to my heart, I am guided by God
  •  The universe always throws new opportunities in my direction
  •  Every hardship enriches my soul
  •  I am worthy of receiving blessings
  •  I trust the process of life and death
  •  I trust God in my life
  •  I feel god in my heart
  •  I am open to the guidance of the Universe
  •  The Universe works through me
  • I trust that I am divinely guided

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