Affirmations for expectations (25+)

Affirmations for expectations

  • Father God I trust you
  • I allow the higher plan for my life to unfold.
  • I am a natural optimist. I expect things to work out well, and they do
  • I am expecting great things to happen in my life today
  • I am living my best life
  • I am making room in my life for unexpected and beautiful blessings
  • I am open to receiving new possibilities.
  • I am working towards my full potential
  • I choose inner happiness, regardless of exterior circumstances.
  • I choose positive thoughts over negative thoughts
  • I constantly exceed my own expectations.
  • I constantly exceed the expectations of others.
  • I don’t expect too much; I simply have good morals.
  • I dream big and expect big.
  • I embrace the journey
  • I exceed all expectations in all that I do.
  • I exercise gratitude over frustration
  • I give the hurt, the pain, any feelings of anxiousness, and disappointment to you Lord
  • I have a right to ask for and expect something in life.
  • I have faith, and I have a vision.
  • I have great expectations.
  • I hold great expectations for myself.
  • I know what it is I want to attract and it is making its way to me
  • I let go of all expectations.
  • I let go of all expectations. I flow freely and lovingly with life.
  • I let go of all expectations. I know that only good awaits me at every turn.
  • I no longer need to compare myself to others.
  • I release old beliefs that no longer serve me.
  • I set goals based on my own values.
  • I speak life into the things I am believing for until they become a reality
  • I surround myself with people who lift me up and encourage me
  • I take captive any feelings of disappointment
  • I take ownership in getting clarity on the life I want and the future I see for myself
  • I trust the process
  • I trust you in the bad times
  • I trust you in the good times
  • I trust you with my future
  • I trust you with my heart
  • I will commit to reminding myself of all the times it has all worked out in my favor in the end
  • I will not let disappointment prevent me from pushing forward with a positive mindset and outlook
  • I’m going to find a way to grow from this.
  • I’m going to stop forcing this situation. Let go.
  • I’m on an interesting journey!
  • If it hasn’t worked out yet, it’s not the end (Repeat x2)
  • If the door won’t open, it’s not my door.
  • My energy sets the tone of my day, my interactions, and my thoughts, so I am intentional about my mood, my temperament, and the vibes I send out
  • My story will be an inspiration
  • Negativity has no place in my heart, soul, or mind
  • Practice is important, not the outcome.
  • Successful people ask for things regularly. Mediocre people wait for someone to come along and offer them more. I am a successful person who asks for and receives what I want!
  • The best is yet to come
  • The only thing holding me back from experiencing the life of my dreams is my level of expectation.
  • Things will change soon enough.
  • This is a new season
  • To increase self-esteem I will lower expectations.
  • Today, I exude confidence.
  • You have blessed me with giftings and talents only I posses.

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