Affirmations for exam success (33+)

Affirmations for exam success

  • My results will not disappoint me!
  • I am confident about the marks and result!
  • My knowledge is my strength!
  • I have written all the answers!
  • I will qualify for this exam and that too with good marks!
  • I have not repeated the previous year’s mistake of mugging up everything, instead, I have thoroughly prepared 50% of the syllabus 
  • I have done very well on these exams!
  • My results are what I have done and I know I have done extremely well!
  • I want my parents to be proud of me and this examination has given me the chance to prove my worth!
  • I have cleared my doubts for the upcoming examinations!
  • I am all cool!
  • I gave my best!
  • I have come this far on my own merit, I will keep going on my own!
  • I have covered all my syllabus!
  • I am confident that I will pass this exam!
  • I will take it easy!
  • I will score good marks!
  • I am sure this time, I will not be the runner-up but the winner!
  • I am thriving at everything I do!
  • I will top this time!
  • I know what I have written, so I know whether or not I can make it!
  • I can do everything in life!
  • I have the ability to cross many milestones in life, these examinations cannot let me down!
  • Whatever the results will be, I have already got the knowledge about the matter of concern!
  • I will excel in this examination as well!
  • My marks in this exam will prove my worth!
  • I can give my best!
  • I need not worry so much!
  • It is easy to pass these examinations!
  • I just need to focus on the syllabus more than anything!
  • I will do well in the examination!
  • I can crack this easily!
  • I am an intelligent student!
  • I have not left any portion untouched-I do not need to worry!
  • I have been improving a lot!
  • I will not let my teachers and parents down this time!
  • I am well prepared for the upcoming examination!
  • I will prove my eligibility this time!
  • I have learned a lot this time!
  • Marks are just the number!
  • I should crave knowledge and not just numbers! 
  • I have been working hard for these examinations!
  • I am sure that this time I will be able to make it!
  • I will not wait for the last moment, I will prepare from now itself!
  • I have divided and scheduled my study time- I just need to stick to that!
  • My teachers and mentors will be proud of me!
  • There is no one who can beat me in the examination results!
  • I did it!
  • How intelligent and smart I am to crack this tough examination in just one attempt!
  • I know that everyone knows that I am a sharp student!
  • People will give examples of my hard work and determination one day!
  • I am an extraordinary student with good learning skills!
  • I have learned and raised a lot in this examination!
  • I am a sharp student!
  • I just did not attempt all the questions, but I also wrote all the correct answers!
  • I am not waiting for the result, I already know I did it!
  • I am a good student and I have proved it many times, so why not this time as well!
  • I am a talented and sharp brained student!
  • I do not write anything without full information!
  • I have adequate knowledge about the domain!
  • I cannot fail such an easy exam!
  • I will outshine this time as well!
  • So what if I could not make it the last time, this time I am sure to pass!
  • I just have to decide which college I want to see myself in!
  • I am not bookish!
  • Passing this exam is nothing!
  • I am not at all worried about the marks!
  • I can’t loiter to behold my result!
  • Finally, I can have good news after so long!
  • My skills will not let me down!
  • I have made it!
  • I did it!
  • Everything is right this time!
  • I had prepared well this time, unlike the previous year!
  • I am a bright student!
  • I won’t let anyone down this time because of my results!
  • I will keep standing in my expectation!
  • I have higher hopes for the upcoming results!
  • I have figured out everything for myself!
  • I realize what I want to accomplish in life!
  • Things will change positively for me after the result!
  • I can’t wait to see me standing in the first position!
  • Nothing can change my aim!
  • I have discovered a lot of growth in myself!
  • Nothing can halt me from fulfilling my fantasies, not even the results!
  • I will not settle for any average marks!
  • No one but this result will speak in favor of me!
  • My bad days are about to be over!
  • This result will change my life in a positive manner!
  • I do not fear failure!
  • I know I am a good student!
  • Average is not my thing!
  • My abilities are far from being comprehended!
  • I will learn and grow from this result!
  • I do need a result to tell how knowledgeable I am!
  • I will not keep my result as a parameter of my achievement!
  • Knowledge about that respective domain is more essential than a result!
  • My marks will make me the hero this time!
  • I will be exemplary!
  • I have killed it!
  • I have never given up on anything simply because I could not score good marks!
  • I am doing good in terms of academic results!
  • Silly people keep results as the mark of their success!
  • I need to focus on the next exam because I already know I have done well in this one!

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