Affirmations for enneagram 9 (25+)

Affirmations for enneagram 9

  • Forgiveness is my superpower.
  • Forgiveness sets me free.
  • I act rather than procrastinate.
  • I affirm that I am dependable.
  • I am a powerful healing and mediating force in the world.
  • I am at peace on the inside and outside.
  • I am at peace on the inside and outside.
  • I am attentive to my problems.
  • I am determined to show love to myself.
  • I am focused and attentive at all times.
  • I am independent
  • I am not responsible for other people’s happiness.
  • I am persistent
  • I am present in the here and now.
  • I am safe.
  • I am strong, confident and independent.
  • I am willing to see things differently.
  • I am worthy of love.
  • I can be kind while maintaining boundaries.
  • I can do less and receive more.I am alert to the world around me.
  • I can improve my life
  • I can place my happiness first.
  • I chunk down my problems to work through them.
  • I embrace change
  • I embrace change.
  • I engage in life fully.
  • I express my own opinions
  • I follow through to the end
  • I give and receive love generously.
  • I let go of the need to go along with others simply to maintain the peace.
  • I no longer merge with others, because I have my own unique expression.
  • I pay attention to the world around me
  • I play a significant role in this world.
  • I release the past and I embrace the present moment.
  • I respect my body and as a result, take good care of it.
  • I respect my integrity and that of others.
  • I say no when I need to
  • I take a stand on things and voice my opinion.
  • I take an active interest in life.
  • I take care of my needs.
  • I take ownership of my life
  • I trust in the timing of my life.
  • I willingly face problems
  • I work on my personal growth.
  • I’d rather be happy than be right.
  • I’m willing to show others the real me.
  • It feels great to let my walls down.
  • It’s okay to make myself a priority.
  • My feelings are valid and important.
  • My participation in the world is important and as a result my presence is significant.
  • Obstacles are opportunities for growth.
  • The world is safe.
  • When I feel good, I elevate those around me.

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