Affirmations for embracing change (37+)

Affirmations for embracing change

  • I have everything I need to create anything I desire.
  • I see opportunities for improving the lives of others and myself everywhere I look.
  • I have the ability to attract people, resources, and capital to support all my goals.
  • I consistently take any needed actions to increase my wealth.
  • I am worthy of the success I crave to attain.
  • I have the means to multiply my financial gains.
  • I am determined to beat X to the Forbes’ list.
  • My name will soon be among the list of people with the highest net worth.
  • My mind is laser-focused on hitting my first million-dollar mark.
  • I have the grit that will take me places and make my finances abundant.
  • I easily overcome the challenges that hinder my millionaire dreams.
  • I can have what I want whenever I want.
  • I have the power to transform my life into a luxury.
  • I see a profitable opportunity to reinvent the business industry.
  • My charismatic personality will earn me million-dollar opportunities.
  • I have the qualities of a business leader.
  • I have the respect of everyone in the business community.
  • I was born to make millions.
  • I have the capacity to change the lives of people.
  • I invoke prosperity and wealth into my business.
  • I am creating opportunities that can benefit society.
  • I am practicing the principles of success from notable personalities.
  • I have the natural ability to make millions.
  • I can afford whatever I want, whenever I want.
  • I can turn a situation into an opportunity to make a profit.
  • I have the attitude of a millionaire “goal-digger”.
  • My dedication to work testifies to my millionaire potential.
  • I can do philanthropic works as a successful entrepreneur.
  • I am not easily discouraged in my quest for greatness.
  • I take part in financially-enriching experiences.
  • I don’t just seek opportunities, I create them.
  • My mind has a thousand ideas that I can turn into profitable ventures.
  • The determination I have will take me far in the economic spectrum.
  • I am inviting prosperity into my business.
  • There are opportunities everywhere that only I can cultivate.
  • No one can accomplish the dreams I have in mind other than myself.
  • Nothing can stop me from earning a seven-figure income.
  • The tasks I perform now are the puzzle pieces of my millionaire self.
  • Whatever I desire, I can turn into a reality.
  • My resources are sufficient for making me rich.
  • I will soon be rubbing elbows with the industry giants.
  • I will have a taste of my first millions soon.
  • I will see to it that my dreams become a reality.
  • I expect grander things to happen in my life anytime now.
  • I allow myself to receive a bountiful harvest of my hard work.
  • I have the ability to shift from a six-figure earner into a multi-millionaire whenever I please.
  •  It won’t take long until I become a millionaire myself.
  • I couldn’t be more prepared to realize my millionaire dreams.
  • I have what it takes to be a top earner in the industry.
  • Being affluent is my birthright.
  • I am made to conquer the world.
  • I am made to achieve what others cannot.
  • I am worthy of the future full of prosperity.
  • I am banishing the tendency to settle for anything less than I deserve.
  • I am born to enjoy great things.
  • I have the power to be wealthy whenever I wish.
  • I can showcase the richness that is hidden within me.
  • I can unleash my millionaire potential right now.
  • I can work my way up the economic ladder.
  • I can surpass the greatness of the millionaires before me.
  • I have a natural ability to discern money-making opportunities.
  • I have the guts to turn myself into a seven-figure income earner.
  • I have the perfect blend of dedication and willpower to become a millionaire.
  • My fortune is written in the stars ahead of time.
  • I have the confidence to level up my business into a million-dollar company.
  • I am not quitting on the process of making myself a millionaire.
  • I am determined to fulfill my millionaire ambitions.
  • I am ambitious and won’t waste an opportunity to make it to the top.
  • I can envision a prosperous future for my own business.
  • The work I perform today will turn me into a wealthy man someday.
  • I belong to the top 100 earners in my industry.
  • I have the right people to help me achieve my millionaire aspirations.
  • The progress I’m making is getting me closer to where I want to be.
  • I won’t lose sight of my vision to become affluent one day.
  • I am determined to make news with my wealth.
  • I can’t wait to share prosperity with my team.
  • The universe is conspiring to make me the millionaire I aspire to be.
  • The universe finds me worthy of the coming abundance and wealth.
  • I believe in my ability to transform my life from nothing to having everything.
  • The sound of the cash register announces my impending success.
  • My strategies are designed to make me rich one day.
  • My strength is being replenished to drive me to the top.
  • My courage is my armor against negativity surrounding my ambition.
  • I turn failures into stepping stones towards the million-dollar status.
  • I create the perfect plan to make it to the millionaire’s club.
  • I am going to dine and wine with the society’s wealthiest circle.
  • I am an inspiration to the aspiring millionaires in my industry.
  • I am the right candidate for the million-dollar opportunity.
  • I have millions of dollars sitting on my bank account now, waiting to be claimed by me.
  • I attract the energy of prosperity.
  • My skills are comparable to those of the million-dollar earners.
  • My mind is prepared for the upcoming success of my business.
  • The wealth of the future is within my grasp.
  • The abundance I’ve been dreaming of is in front of me right now.
  • I am positive that my destiny is to become a millionaire.
  • I am creating more opportunities for income growth.
  • I am developing a comprehensive plan to achieve a multi-million status.
  • I am equipped with the right tools to make me become a rich person.
  • I am given this chance to transform my life abundantly.
  • My self-confidence fuels my desire to rise among the ranks of millionaires.
  • My motivation doesn’t wane and only drives me towards my million-dollar ambition.
  • I will not allow self-doubts to prevent me from attaining a millionaire status.
  • Becoming a millionaire is one of my dreams that are worth realizing.
  • I don’t work hard for the money; I work hard for the dream.
  • The road to prosperity is paved by my hard work.
  • I am close to receiving my first million dollars.
  • I am success personified.
  • I am a millionaire in the making.
  • I am stretching my arms to receive abundance and wealth.
  • I am turning my life around to become a prosperous million-dollar earner.

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Manifestations are sometimes viewed as pseudoscience but there is some interesting research that does at least give you some reason to believe otherwise.
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