Affirmations for educators (35+)

Affirmations for educators

  • I am a person of high integrity and sincere purpose.
  • I am a competent and capable teacher.
  • I treat myself and my students with kindness and respect.
  • I am becoming a better teacher every day.
  • I am making a difference in my students’ lives.
  • The work I do matters.
  • I am thankful to have a challenging and fulfilling job.
  • I motivate and empower my students.
  • I believe in myself and my abilities.
  • I am peaceful and calm, and greet the day with ease.
  • Teaching is my purpose! Teaching is my passion! Teaching is my life!
  • Great teachers are great learners. I am a great teacher and a great learner.
  • I am an awesome teacher making a real difference in the lives of my students today!
  • Today my students have my absolute commitment.
  • Today I give my students all I can so that tomorrow they can be all they can!
  • My teaching makes an impact in the world in completely unexpected and amazing ways.
  • Each and every day, I bring knowledge and dedication to my classroom.
  • I love teaching! At the end of every day, I KNOW I have made a difference.
  • I am a great teacher! I am a great teacher! I am a great teacher and I get better and better each and every day!
  • I am a great teacher! Each day I strive to be that teacher my students will look back on an say, “Thanks!”
  • I thrive on making [fill in your subject] relevant to the lives of my students and today I do!
  • Teaching is more a relationship than a job or a role. Today I remember to relate the learning to each student!
  • A great teacher lives within me! Today that teacher is shaping futures!
  • Today and every day, I stay focused by remembering why I got into teaching!
  • Each and every day, I share life’s greatest gift – the gift of learning!
  • My commitment to my students is unwavering, but they must meet me half way!
  • I own my responsibility as a teacher and insist that parents do the same!
  • Like all good teachers, I share my knowledge. Like all great teachers, I share a my joy for life and learning.
  • Every moment has within it, the power to transform every moment that came before it.
  • Today I am a good teacher becoming a great teacher!
  • Today I am a great teacher becoming a world-class teacher!
  • Today I AM a world-class teacher!
  • I am proud to be a teacher.
  • I believe that teaching is one of the most honorable
  • and noble professions in the world.
  • I love what I do and understand that my enthusiasm is contagious.
  • I bring knowledge and understanding to my classroom
  • and enjoy sharing my expertise.
  • I care about my students and show it through dedication,
  • kindness, and a friendly word.
  • I know what I give my students will come back to me in many
  • beautiful and unexpected ways.
  • I realize that my students will be better people because of me
  • and I will be a better person because of them.
  • Finally, I know that I make a positive difference in my students’ lives
  • and that makes all my hard work worthwhile.
  • I matter.
  • I make a difference in young people’s lives.
  • I’m a capable, confident professional.
  • I’ve got this.
  • I’m open to embracing change.
  • My professional judgements are valid.
  • I love what I do.
  • Taking care of myself is important and necessary.
  • I make a difference in my student’s lives
  • The things I do on a daily basis matter more than I know
  • I believe in myself and my abilities
  • I see each student for the unique person that they are
  • I can handle stressful and chaotic situations
  • I am a valuable asset to my students, my school and my community
  • The work I do every single day matters
  • My students are more than a test score
  • I am a capable and competent teacher
  • I am more than what my students accomplish
  • How you care and love your students’ rocks!
  • Keep smiling, it’s contagious.
  • Your encouragement may be the only words of life your student is receiving.
  • Your patience with students is golden.
  • That outfit that you threw on so quickly, it’s fabulous.
  • Your ability to teach goes beyond any standardized teacher rating scale.
  • Laughing aloud in the teaching lounge is mandatory.
  • No one has more passion for her content than you do.
  • The way you closed your learning objectives—amazing!
  • Real learning goes beyond the textbook, thank you for your creativity.
  • Glitter and paper confetti everywhere? So what?!
  • You pick the best books for Silent Sustained Reading—you go girl!
  • It’s okay if you heated up your coffee a gazillion times today.
  • The principal thinks you’re awesome—and so do I!
  • Ahhh—Snow Days—a brief respite for your soul.
  • Who has better handwriting than you?
  • If the students are rolling their eyes at you, it means they secretly admire you: promise.
  • What if God placed you in the life of your most difficult student for Heaven’s sake?
  • Lesson didn’t go so well? Thank God for tomorrow.
  • Optimism and hope oozes from your soul!
  • Tenacity is your middle name.
  • You give the best hugs.
  • Love the new seating arrangement.
  • You survived your informal observation—yay you!
  • No one affirms his students quite like you do.
  • I am an excellent teacher
  • I love working with children
  • I understand children
  • I develop new material in a way that’s easy for them to learn
  • I am a confident educator
  • I see each child individually
  • I adapt to every student’s strengths and weaknesses
  • I am disciplinary when need be
  • The students respect me
  • I am changing lives every day
  • I will stop teaching to the test
  • I will do what’s best for the education of each student
  • I am developing the children into excited learners
  • I will be invested in the education of each child
  • I will make learning fun
  • I will be creative when teaching lessons
  • Parents, children, and colleagues will respect me as a remarkable teacher
  • I will do what’s in the best interest of each student
  • I will devote my time to teaching
  • My grading will be fair and precise
  • I am a natural teacher
  • I’ve always wanted to be a teacher
  • Teaching others comes naturally to me
  • I am always coming up with creative ideas for lessons
  • I am always open-minded to what the children need
  • I am a great source of guidance for the children
  • My classroom atmosphere is fun and inviting
  • I maintain a friendly learning environment
  • My students see me as a great teacher
  • I am a wonderful role model for the students

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