Affirmations for eating healthy (33+)

Affirmations for eating healthy

  • Planning healthy meals is a joy.
  • Hello, kitchen, you are my nourishment center. I appreciate you!
  • I have everything I need to help me prepare delicious, nutritious meals.
  • I am so grateful to be choosing food that supports my best health.
  • I can easily make a nutritious, delicious meal.
  • I love spending time in the kitchen!
  • I am worth the time and money I invest in my health.
  • I am so fortunate that I can choose healthy foods for my family.
  • My family loves to eat healthy food.
  • The kids love to try new foods.
  • I am learning new things that heal my body one step at a time.
  • I am willing to take this time to nurture myself.
  • I am so grateful for this wonderful food
  • I am well nourished in preparation for the day ahead of me
  • My body heals and strengthens with every bite I take.
  • My family gathers together with great joy and love.
  • I bless this food and my body with love.
  • I listen for when I am satisfied and full.
  • This food is healing me.
  • My taste buds are changing every day- I no longer crave foods that don’t nourish me.
  • I am willing to slow down and take this time to nourish myself
  • I radiate confidence, beauty and grace
  • Every cell in my body vibrates good health
  • I love and respect my body
  • I choose health and wellness over restrictive diets and unpleasant workouts
  • I feel great when I take care of myself
  • I openly give and receive love
  • Every day I am become stronger and healthier
  • All that I need is within me
  • Every day is a new day filled with joy and health
  • I’m savoring each bite.
  • I’m listening to my body.
  • Today I eat for nourishment.
  • I joyfully observe the tastes and textures of this food.
  • I’m making compassionate choices toward myself.
  • I’m allowing my body to guide my food awareness.
  • I stop eating when I’m comfortably sated.
  • I eat well so that I can live well.
  • I appreciate and give thanks for this food.
  • I’m free from old patterns and habits that involved food.
  • I release past guilt and negative feelings about eating.
  • With each bite, I feel more energized.
  • I make powerful choices about food.
  • I eat only when I am actually hungry.
  • This food is a foundation for my healthy lifestyle.
  • “In this food I see clearly the presence of the entire universe supporting my existence.” – Thich Nhat Hanh
  • I’m grateful for sticking to all of my healthy habits.
  • I’m connected with my body and I love to keep it healthy.
  • My positive attitude helps me be healthy.
  • I’m physically, emotionally and mentally healthy, and I’m grateful for that.
  • My priority in life is being healthy.
  • Being healthy is my new lifestyle.
  • My healthy lifestyle makes me feel amazing.
  • I’m grateful for my positive attitude and my healthy body.
  • I enjoy being healthy and that makes me feel amazing.
  • I love my body and my healthy habits help me achieve the look I’ve always desired.
  • I’m thankful for finding the time for self-care and healthy living.
  • I believe I can change my habits to healthier ones.
  • I love working out because it makes me feel amazing.
  • I eat healthy and I enjoy being full of energy.
  • I take care of my body by eating healthy, sleeping enough and doing exercise.
  • My healthy eating habits allow me to enjoy a deep and relaxing sleep.
  • I love healthy food, as this is the only food I crave.
  • I nourish my body with healthy foods that I love.
  • I only eat healthy food and my body shows its gratitude by having more energy.
  • I choose to eat healthy and nourish my body.
  • I choose to eat healthy food always
  • I eat right and correctly
  • My body and mind are nourished
  • I enjoy eating healthy food each day.
  • I prefer nutritious food over junk food.
  • I feel great and look god eating healthy food.
  • I live healthy and plan my diet
  • My skin is fresh with more fruits and vegetables
  • I plan my diet and eat moderately
  • I eat timely and work enthusiastically
  • I eat to maintain fitness
  • I eat nutritious food
  • I am confident and happy to attract happy people
  • I am emotionally stable
  • I am tolerant and live peaceful with people
  • I live comfortably and independently
  • I choose to walk in happiness and love
  • I am contented and live to satisfaction
  • I am friendly and kind to people
  • People love and care for me
  • I choose to see positivity in others
  • I pay attention to my body
  • My health, my highly treasured wealth
  • My body is clean and free from sicknesses and diseases
  • I learn to improve my skin health
  • I give my body its due care and attention
  • I choose a moist environment to maintain a youthful skin
  • I am conscious of the food I eat
  • What I plan is what I eat
  • I choose to plan balance diet
  • I am able to eat what my body needs
  • I am mindful of what goes into my mouth
  • I delight in healthy delicacies
  • I eat just enough food to nourish me.
  • I always stop eating when I am full.
  • I eat small healthy meals.
  • I only eat when I am hungry.
  • I enjoy feeling light and clean.

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