Affirmations for driving anxiety (35+)

Affirmations for driving anxiety

  • I feel calm and confident about my actions behind the wheel.
  • I’m confident. I know I will solve my problems successfully.
  • No matter the destination, I drive with confidence and ease.
  • I am a qualified driver.
  • I respect other road users.
  • Every time I drive I arrive at my destination quickly and safely.
  • I avoid getting distracted while driving.
  • I stay relaxed and focused while driving.
  • Driving is fun and enjoyable.
  • I am free from my fear of driving.
  • I feel calm and confident of my actions behind the wheel.
  • I am a safe driver.
  • My driving gets better every day.
  • I relax and flow with the traffic.
  • I enjoy being in control of a vehicle.
  • I face difficult situations with courage and conviction. I always find a way out of such situations.
  • I trust that life supports me. I am safe.
  • I appreciate other drivers.
  • I drive safely and responsibly.
  • I drive with care and attention.
  • Today, I’m willing to fail in order to succeed.
  • I am solutions-oriented. Driving anxiety syndrome is solvable.
  • I can make this drive safely.
  • I am a safe, careful driver; I will be fine.
  • I am confident behind the wheel.
  • Driving gives me the freedom to travel
  • I take charge of my emotions, my desires, and my abilities.
  • I am sailing through my driving test
  • I am a focused driver
  • I am confident in my driving abilities
  • I am calm and relaxed behind the wheel
  • I enjoy driving
  • I am an aware driver
  • I am staying calm during my driving test
  • I am enjoying my driving test
  • I am focusing on passing my driving test
  • I am passing my test
  • I will be confident during my driving test
  • I will be focused behind the wheel
  • I will remain calm during my test
  • I will enjoy taking my driving test
  • I will concentrate on my driving
  • I will be free from distractions
  • I will pass my driving test
  • I will thrive under pressure
  • I will stay in control while taking my test
  • I am going to easily pass my test
  • Driving comes naturally to me
  • I have confidence in my driving
  • Focusing is easy for me
  • My concentration level is high
  • Driving tests are easy to me
  • My demeanor is calm
  • Others see me as a careful driver
  • My awareness is high when behind the wheel
  • My emotions are controlled
  • Driving tests are fun
  • I do not drive anywhere that I can take a walk or a bike or a cab or a subway or best of all, a plane.
  • I feel rested and energized and in full focus on my entire drive.
  • I refrain from driving if I feel mentally distracted or preoccupied.
  • I do not get behind the wheels if my emotions are not in check.
  • I pay attention to where I am going and how I get there.
  • I forgive the stupid, impatient, and careless drivers on the road because I used to be one of them.
  • I use my time wisely on the road by starting an audio program at the start and letting it run uninterrupted until I reach my destination.
  • I do not put myself or others in harm’s way by minding the big and small stuff.
  • I am a good, safe, alert, and careful driver every single time I get behind the wheels.
  • I am a good and confident driver
  • I know how to remain calm during any situation
  • I am driving with confidence
  • I am a safe and confident driver
  • I am learning to drive with confidence
  • I feel safe in and out of the car
  • I love the feeling of turning and merging
  • Everyone benefits when I drive well
  • My hands and legs always know what to do.
  • Green light, green light~ Go! Go! Go!
  • I am relaxed behind the wheel.
  • I am always in control of my vehicle.
  • People admire my driving skills.
  • I know I’m a good driver.
  • My driving is safe and controlled.
  • I look out for potential road hazards.
  • I’m always aware of what’s happening on the road.
  • I handle my vehicle efficiently.
  • I give way to other drivers.
  • I am a courteous and conscientious driver.
  • Every day I feel more confident about my driving skills.
  • Driving is easy for me.
  • No matter what happens on the outside, I am at peace on the inside.
  • Being calm and at peace is part of my nature.
  • Rather than feeling anxious, I focus my energy on my dreams and goals.
  • I harness the surplus of energy I have and focus it on my goals.
  • I am relaxed, happy, and free from worry.
  • I transform anxiety into curiosity on my way to joy.
  • Each exhalation I take calms my nerves and brings ease to my body and mind.
  • I exhale anxiety and inhale joy.
  • Curiosity trumps anxiety. Remain curious.
  • I have the choice to be free of worry and anxiety.
  • Curiosity is the natural antidote for anxiety. I choose to remain curious
  • I choose to be calm, clear, and focused even in times of stress.
  • My mind is always in a state of peace and serenity.
  • Rather than anxiety, I choose curiosity on my journey back to joy.
  • I recognize anxiety for what it is and I choose to be free of worry. This is my preference.
  • I cultivate life-affirming tools to harness my energy and re-focus on my joy.
  • I breath in calm and breath out peace. I breath in calm and breath out love. I breath in calm and breath out joy.
  • I am free of anxiety and worry.
  • Rather than feeling anxious I focus my compass on my life vision and take action steps towards manifesting my dreams.

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