Affirmations for dreams (35+)

Affirmations for dreams

  • Dream success and great fortune flow toward me right now in a river of superabundance.
  • I now attract success with my dream ideas.
  • Dream achievement is a natural outcome for me.
  • I am fully capable of achieving my big dream.
  • Despite current appearances, my big dream is coming true right now.
  • My dream of [name your dream here] is coming true right now.
  • My big dream to be [name your dream here] appears in my life right now.
  • Dream opportunities naturally appear with each step that I take toward achieving my dream.
  • The positive outcome is always mine.
  • Successful dream achievement is my natural state of mind.
  • My dream salary of [name amount] is here right now.
  • Today is the day that I make my big dream come true.
  • Doors of opportunity now fly open for my dream.
  • I am a living example of dream achievement.
  • I am fearless in achieving my big dream of [name your dream here]
  • I am not too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream.
  • There is always something to be grateful for on this dream journey.
  • I am open and receptive to everything that happens to me on my dream journey.
  • I now have the power to achieve my dreams today.
  • I am [insert dream name], richly paid for my creations.
  • I give thanks for the satisfying fulfillment of my dream.
  • My life is glowing with radiant beauty, radiant wealth, and radiant good.
  • I refuse to give up on my dream.
  • It is my divine destiny to achieve [name your dream].
  • Dream miracle after dream miracle now manifests in my life.
  • My dream plan is now moving quickly toward fulfillment.
  • All financial doors are open, [dollar amount] now flies to me without delay.
  • I am rich in dream abundance.
  • Every day in every way, my big dream is coming true.
  • I have all that I need for dream achievement.
  • My big dream possibilities are endless.Dream Big Success Affirmations Big Dream 
  • I now receive dream guidance from expected and unexpected sources.
  • I have all the time I need to achieve my dream.
  • It is easy for me to complete my dream goals.
  • Every day in every way my dream life gets better and better.
  • I accept that fear means I am on the right track towards an amazing life.
  • Today I face my fear and take a risk to make my dream come true.
  • Today I seize each big dream opportunity that comes my way.
  • Setbacks are simply soft stepping stones on the path to achieve my greatest dream.
  • Every positive effort I put out there to achieve my dream will be equally rewarded now.
  • I enjoy dream achievement every day.
  • I am comfortable moving forward on my big dream.
  • I am committed to achieving my dream of [name your dream].
  • Nothing will stop me from achieving my dream.
  • I am living the life of my dreams.
  • Money is flowing into my dream of [name your dream] now.
  • I have all the energy I need to achieve my dream.
  • I am surrounded by love and support for my dream.
  • Today, my hard work will put me one step closer toward my dreams
  • I believe in myself and my ability to succeed
  • I am focused and persistent and I will never quit
  • I breathe in confidence and breathe out fear
  • My possibilities are endless
  • I attract those that help me reach my goals
  • I am a strong and beautiful person and I can overcome all obstacles
  • My courage is stronger than my fear
  • Today I will not stress over things I cannot control
  • All I can do is follow my instincts because I’ll never please everyone
  • No matter how others treat me I will treat others with respect and kindness
  • I will approach failure with confidence and see my mistakes as learning opportunities
  • I am excited about all the things that are going to happen to me today
  • I forgive myself
  • I am worthy of positive relations in my life
  • I am in the process of becoming the best version of myself
  • I welcome miracles into my life
  • I am worthy of my dreams
  • I live my own truth every day
  • My body is getting stronger and healthier every day
  • My dream success flows towards me like a river.
  • I am a natural magnet of everything that I wish to achieve.
  • I shall achieve all the dreams that I have seen for myself. 
  • Despite the odds, my dreams are flowing towards me.
  • My dream of [name of your dream] is coming live.
  • I am attracting the right situations that will help me reach my dream life.
  • Everything is happening at the right time and in the right place to help me achieve my dream life.
  • Opportunities appear to me naturally and help me get closer to my dream life.
  • I am living my dream life.
  • every action that I take is in the favor of my dream life.
  • My dream life is getting closer to me with each passing day. 
  • My dream life is just a few steps away.
  • I shall achieve my goals with the help of Universe. 
  • Success is akin to me.
  • I attract success in everything that I pursue.
  • The Universe is acting following my dream life.
  • Achievement is a natural outcome of everything that I do.
  • I am a magnet to a positive result.
  • Everything that happens is for my good.
  • I am in the right direction to achieve my dream life.
  • My life is full of abundance.
  • My dream life is full of abundance.
  • I am manifesting the best life.
  • I am exemplary as I am leading the life of my dreams.
  • I am not old to set new goals and achieve them.
  • I set new benchmarks for myself each day.
  • I am not afraid of risks and all these risks add up to my goals.
  • Today is indeed a great day for me since I have got one step closer to my dream life.
  • I am lucky to have everything that I once dreamt of.
  • I am currently living my dream life.
  • I am always in a positive state of mind that pushes me closer to my dream life.
  • I am thankful for all the achievements so far in my dream journey.
  • I am thankful to the Universe for staying by my side and helping me to achieve my goals and dreams.
  • I often fulfil everything that I dream of achieving.
  • I never give up on my dreams.
  • I always take up the bull by its horns and emerge victoriously.
  • Nothing can deter me from achieving my dream life.
  • I striving hard each day to get closer to my dream life.
  • Success flows in my direction.
  • I am appreciated for everything that I have achieved.
  • I always appreciate myself for hard work.
  • I always take out time to appreciate myself for all the hard work I put in to achieve my goals.
  • I set examples for people by achieving my dreams and goals.
  • With each passing day I becoming better at my work.
  • I have become a better human in the journey of achieving bigger goals.
  • Every day I plan to achieve  better and more in my life.
  • I am always thankful for the satisfaction I feel after I achieve all my dreams.
  • The Universe always lays out a helping hand for me.
  • I manifest everything that I want to.
  • I manifest one miracle after the other.
  • The way I achieve my goals is considered a miracle by many.

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