Affirmations for dream body (45+)

Affirmations for dream body

  • I love and approve of myself.
  • I am at peace with my body, heart, and soul.
  • Every day, I am feeling healthier and stronger.
  • I am learning how to love my body.
  • It’s safe for me to be myself.
  • Today, I focus on the good things that are unfolding in my life.
  • Trusting my body is becoming easier and easier.
  • Healing is happening in my body and in my mind.
  • I choose to breathe in relaxation and breathe out stress.
  • My health is improving and so is my life.
  • I am surrounded and protected by the healing white light.
  • Everything I eat heals me and nourishes me.
  • Making small changes are becoming easier for me.
  • Healing happens with each baby step I take.
  • I am choosing progress over perfection.
  • I am guided by my intuition. I know what to eat and how to live my life.
  • I naturally connect with other like-minded, positive people.
  • Letting go of the past is good for me. It is safe for me to let go.
  • I can feel that everything is beginning to change.
  • I am feeling healthy, focused and determined.
  • Lots of new and exciting things are opening up in my life.
  • I can heal my body. I am healing my body. My body is healing.
  • I can do this. I am doing this. Healing is happening right now.
  • I am guided by a higher power.
  • I am energetic and strong.
  • I see the best in everyone and they in me.
  • I believe in my ability to truly love myself for who I am.
  • I accept my body shape and acknowledge the beauty it holds.
  • I am the creator of my future and the driver of my mind.
  • I let go of unhelpful patterns of behavior around food.
  • I allow myself to make choices and decisions for my higher good.
  • I let go of any guilt I hold around food choices.
  • I accept my body for the shape I have been blessed with.
  • I let go of relationships that are no longer for my higher good.
  • I believe in myself and acknowledge my greatness.
  • I allow myself to feel good being me.
  • I accept myself for who I am.
  • I bring the qualities of love into my heart.
  • I have hope and certainty about the future.
  • I am grateful for the body I own and all it does for me.
  • I do a healthy amount of exercise regularly.
  • My body gets all the nutrients it needs.
  • My desire for fattening foods is dissolving.
  • I have a strong urge to eat only health-giving and nutritious foods.
  • I feel good about myself.
  • I am attaining and maintaining my ideal weight.
  • I am strong and healthy.
  • I am peaceful and calm.
  • My Mind, Body & Soul are gifts of the Universe to me.
  • My body is my temple that I love and takes care of every single day of my life.
  • I have a beautiful body that I care for
  • I trust in my ability to give my body exactly what it needs
  • I treat my body well, and, in return it treats me well
  • I have peace in my body
  • I take responsibility to heal my negative beliefs about my body. I experience my body as radiantly healthy
  • I take responsibility to think energizing thoughts. I choose to have a positive and grateful attitude about my body
  • I deeply love and accept myself.
  • My mind-body connection is strong and healthy.
  • I grow deeper in love with my beautiful body every day.
  • Thank you, dear body, for what you do for me.
  • I release myself of poor dietary habits .
  • My health is improving every day.
  • I enjoy clean, high-vibrational, healthy foods.
  • My body shrinks in size every single day.
  • Healing is occurring in my mind, body, and spirit.
  • I release myself from food addiction.
  • I am so attractive at my natural weight of ____ pounds.
  • My body is my temple.
  • My fat cells are shrinking minute by minute.
  • I slide so easily into my size ___ skinny jeans.
  • Losing weight is extremely easy and fun.
  • I am fully in control of my appetite.
  • I am in total control of my food choices.
  • Every cell in my body is vibrant and strong.
  • I have the capacity to create healthy habits.
  • I enjoy eating slowly to enjoy my meals.
  • My desire for unhealthy foods is diminishing day by day.
  • I feel so attractive in my well-fitting clothes.
  • I am the perfect weight for my frame and height.
  • weight loss affirmation law of attraction
  • Keeping fit makes me so proud of myself.
  • I have fun expending energy through intentional movement.
  • I know I am reaching my weight loss goals.
  • My metabolism is quick and efficient.
  • I love the nourishment of clean, healthy foods.
  • My digestive system works in perfect order.
  • I release temptation to eat sugary, fattening foods.
  • I love who I see when I look in the mirror.
  • My curves make me unique and gorgeous.
  • I dress in a manner that accentuates my best features.
  • I am confident in my looks.
  • My life is of the highest quality since I prioritize my health.
  • I love improving my physical fitness.
  • I am so beautiful.
  • I’m getting thinner and slimmer everyday
  • I love and appreciate my body
  • Losing weight is easy and I’m getting closer to my ideal weight
  • My body is shedding it’s weight easily and effortlessly
  • It’s okay, it happens to everyone and I love myself no matter what
  • God loves me unconditionally so I choose to do the same
  • It’s done already so I choose to focus on something I feel positive now instead of dwelling on the past mistake
  • God always gives me another chance to eat right for my body
  • I can control how I feel about my action and I always choose positivity in any situation

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