Affirmations for doctors (31+)

Affirmations for doctors

  • I listen to people
  • I am sincere
  • I am dedicated to my patients
  • I give my patients the time that they need
  • I am selfless when it comes to my work
  • I am devoted to helping others
  • I am confident with my capabilities
  • I enjoy helping others
  • I love my job
  • I am medically intuitive
  • I will focus on my patients’ needs
  • I will think only of my patients
  • I will stop feeling insecure
  • Others will see me as a brilliant doctor
  • I will overcome any self-doubt
  • I will be efficient with my time
  • I will be patient with others
  • I will be considerate and understanding
  • I will soothe others’ pain
  • My medical skills will develop incredibly
  • I am naturally genuine
  • I was meant to be a doctor
  • Helping others is my calling
  • I have excessive knowledge on the human body
  • I excel at my profession
  • I always know how to handle medical situations
  • My colleagues see me as a fantastic doctor
  • I am perfect at my job
  • I am able to cure people
  • My talent as a doctor is unmatchable
  • Don’t give up on your dreams or your dreams will give up on you
  • I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me –Philippians 4:13 *
  • I am somebody with a purpose in life
  • I am equipped with the necessary knowledge to be successful in my field
  • I am superior to self-doubt and negative thoughts
  • Today will be better than yesterday
  • All that is happening in my life, is for my ultimate good
  • I will be the doctor that I want for myself
  • I am rising above my past transgressions and setbacks
  • Be patient with yourself for nothing happens before it’s time
  • I am relaxed and calm as I prepare for this surgery.
  • My surgery will be successful.
  • I will wake up easily and feel refreshed after surgery.
  • When I wake up after surgery, my pain will be managed.
  • When I wake up after surgery, my nausea will be managed.
  • My body will work quickly to heal after my surgery.
  • My blood loss will be minimal and my body will quickly replace any blood or fluids.
  • I am a strong person and will adapt to the lessons my body may be teaching me through
  • this process.
  • I trust in my body’s ability to welcome in and use what is helpful and healing to me.
  • I also trust my body to reject what is unhealthy and not needed in my healing journey.
  • I trust my health care team to use their skills for my good and to promote healing.
  • Doctors are my friends.
  • My doctors and nurses always treat me with respect.
  • My hospital stay is very short and sweet.
  • My insurance covers every part of my hospital stay.
  • My insurance covers every part of my doctor visit.
  • My insurance covers every part of my prescriptions.
  • I like and respect the doctors in my insurance plan.
  • Visiting my doctor is a pleasurable experience for me.
  • I’m free from seeing my doctor as a God.
  • I now need doctors less and less.
  • The money I pay my doctor is always reasonable.
  • My doctor bills are always well within my means.
  • This hospital is well staffed.
  • I find the perfect doctor for my needs.
  • My stay in the hospital is pleasant and quick.
  • All my nurses treat me very well.
  • Doctors in this hospital have my best interests at heart.
  • It’s okay to need therapy and counseling.
  • My therapist understands and helps me.
  • Needing mental help is okay.
  • I’m free from being ashamed of getting mental help.
  • It’s alright to choose to have plastic surgery.
  • I leave this hospital even better than when I came in
  • I became a nurse to make a difference and I make a difference every day.
  • I give my all because I know my patients are counting on me.
  • I choose to help the sick and the suffering because I care.
  • I let go of what I cannot control.
  • When it counts, I am the calm at the center of the storm.
  • When I’m done caring for others, I remember I to care for myself too.
  • My training and my experience get me through whatever comes my way.
  • I am compassionate to patients and families.
  • I never allow a patient become just a number.
  • Breathing in, I control what I can control. Breathing out, I release what I cannot control.
  • Even in tough situations, I see the good in other people.
  • Even in tough situations, I see the good in me.
  • I am human. I will make mistakes and I will get better.
  • Every storm makes me stronger.
  • My happiness is always my choice.
  • I work for healing. I live for healing. I am part of the healing.
  • I choose hope over fear.
  • I embody compassion for my patients and their situation.
  • I am an efficient, effective, professional.
  • Nursing is not what I do. Nursing is who I am.
  • I give the patients my best. I give the doctors my best. I give myself my best.
  • I am a great nurse.
  • I am good at helping people.
  • I am very patient.
  • I work great under pressure.
  • I love helping people.
  • Helping people fulfills me.
  • I listen to my patients` needs.
  • I am calm and stable in stressful situations.
  • I encourage my patients.
  • I am compassionate and giving.
  • I care about patients.

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