Affirmations for dating (31+)

Affirmations for dating

  • My heart is open and ready to receive a new man into my life.
  • I am worthy of love and affection.
  • I am a good women and will attract the right man.
  • I am beautiful and men find me desirable.
  • I am clear with my intentions and expectations in a relationship.
  • I’m confident and comfortable in my own skin.
  • I will find a man who loves me for me and not just my appearance.
  • I deserve to have a wonderful man in my life.
  • I’m content with my physical appearance.
  • I know I am not perfect and that’s ok.
  • Men find me desirable and attractive.
  • I am a beautiful and sexy women.
  • I deserve to find a man that treats me with respect.
  • I know I don’t need a man to feel complete. I am ok with being alone.
  • Every person I meet is teaching me what I want and don’t want in a relationship.
  • I don’t compare myself to other women because I know I am unique.
  • I deserve to find a good women to share my life with
  • Women find me sexy and attractive.
  • I am a good person and the right women will see my value.
  • I let go of any fears of failure in finding the right woman.
  • I have a lot to offer a woman and others see that.
  • Women see me as a strong man with who is confident and independent.
  • I will not settle for less just because I feel lonely.
  • I will make a good provider one day when I find the right woman.
  • Women like me because I make them feel protected.
  • I deserve love and affection.
  • I am sexy, magnetic and strong.
  • I am grateful everyday for the people I meet because I know I’m getting closer to finding the right woman.
  • I’m not scared to take risks.
  • I welcome change into my life.
  • The person I seek is also seeking me.
  • I let go of any fears of rejection.
  • I understand people are generally nice and also fear rejection too.
  • I don’t need the approval of others to feel good about myself.
  • I accept the fact that not everyone will like me and I’m ok with that.
  • Rejection is part of life and I will not take it personally.
  • I fearlessly approach others confidently.
  • I know I will find the right person for me.
  • I let go of any anxiety and fears of meeting new people.
  • I will be myself with whoever I’m with.
  • I trust that everything is happening as it should be.
  • Dating comes natural to me.
  • I know I can trust to bring the right person into my life.
  • It’s easy to trust my partner.
  • I understand I’ve been hurt in the past and I will not let that keep me from trusting others.
  • There are good people out in the world that I can trust.
  • I deserve love.
  • I know what I value in a relationship.
  • I can keep looking if this date doesn’t work out.
  • I have qualities to bring to the table that will make me an asset to the right person.
  • Dates that don’t work out just mean that person and I weren’t a match. I am still worthy of love from more compatible people.
  • I am ready for mature love and give and take.
  • I know what I will tolerate and what I won’t.
  • I am strong enough to wait for people who will respect and understand me.
  • I can respect and understand others and I am the ‘right person’ for someone.
  • My dating past does not define me.
  • My dating mistakes do not define me.
  • I am co-creating my own love story afresh every day.
  • I am open to finding a partner but okay by myself.
  • I know how to give respect and expect it in turn.
  • I choose again today to make my partner a priority.
  • We are building something beautiful together.
  • I choose to attempt to understand their actions rather than rushing immediately to judgement.
  • I let small annoyances go rather than carrying a grudge.
  • I am my partner’s biggest cheerleader and they return the favor.
  • Our communication is open and honest. We share our ups, downs, triumphs and challenges.
  • We are best friends as well as lovers.
  • My life is no longer all about me, I choose to share my time, energy, and resources with my partner.
  • At the same time, I nurture my own dreams and identity so I can give him/her my best self.
  • We complement each other and are a team!
  • I am confident with myself
  • I am sure of myself
  • I realize that a date is only potential, not set in stone
  • I relax on my dates
  • I am always myself, wherever I am
  • I am comfortable with my personality
  • I say what I need to say
  • I plan to be spontaneous
  • I am intuitive
  • I am expressive
  • I will listen to my date more
  • I will stop being insecure with my true self
  • I will keep the attention on my date
  • I will answer truthfully
  • I will stop worrying about everything that I say
  • I will develop strong dating confidence
  • I will no longer be ashamed of myself
  • I will pay attention to my date
  • I will let things take their natural course
  • I will stop fretting over how things are going
  • I am naturally polite and romantic
  • I simply let the conversation carry us
  • My ideas and words flow fluently
  • I ignore urges to stutter and stammer
  • I am always relaxed on a date
  • My dates see the true me
  • My dates see me as a confident individual
  • I avoid being anything but myself
  • I naturally forget about looks
  • I was born with dating confidence

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