Affirmations for dads (33+)

Affirmations for dads

  • Today and every day I recognize that fatherhood is the biggest game of my life!
  • Today I love and respect my father like never before!
  • I am a great dad, I am a great dad, I am a great dad and I get better and better each and every day.
  • I am a great dad! Today and every day I am building lifetime memories with my kids.
  • Today I am the best dad I have ever been!
  • I am a great dad! My kids are amazing people!
  • I am a great father! Today I recognize my success as a parent!
  • Today and everyday I honor the role of fathers in our culture.
  • I am blessed with a beautiful and healthy family.
  • My children may not appreciate me now, but one day they will understand the sacrifices I have made for them!
  • As a father, I am at the top of my game!
  • As my children reach maturity, I easily transition from controller to wise guide.
  • I give my children the gifts of life and opportunity!
  • I am a great father. My children are lucky to have me!
  • Today and every day I learn and grow as a father!
  • Today I feel like a successful dad and I AM!
  • I am a great father! I listen to my children and meet their needs while always remaining the dad!”
  • I learn from my mistakes and become a stronger and better father to my kids!
  • The success and happiness of my kids is my greatest legacy. Today I am creating an awesome legacy.
  • Today and every day I model for my kids that a man can be both strong and caring.
  • I am an awesome dad! I am coach, counselor, and confidante to my kids!
  • I am a great dad, and I get better at fatherhood every day.
  • My beautiful and healthy family is my greatest asset.
  • My greatest legacy in life is the success of my children.
  • The more love I give to my family, the more there is for me to receive.
  • I deserve love and I get it in abundance.
  • I make wise decisions that are beneficial to me and to my family now and in the future.
  • I devote time to my personal development every day because I know that I deserve it.
  • I set a positive environment for my family at home.
  • Every day I am becoming a better dad.
  • I always keep my promises to my children.
  • I am a great role model for my children.
  • I am healthy and full of energy.
  • I am a source of positive inspiration for my spouse and my children.
  • I love and respect my spouse and my children.
  • I am a family man, first and foremost. 
  • My family relationships are filled with love, joy and fun.
  • I strive for well-rounded development in each of my children.
  • My marriage and family are the most sacred aspects of my life.
  • I am committed to being a forever father in a forever family.
  • I am a problem solver.  I focus on finding solutions to the problems in my path.
  • I see the good in my wife and children.
  • I am flexible and tolerant in my relationships at home.
  • I understand that habits make a person and I help my children develop good habits.
  • I make decisions with an eye to the long term.
  • I am an awesome father.
  • My children KNOW I love them and that I BELIEVE they can accomplish ANYTHING.
  • My children love me and I actively support their dreams.
  • I actively support my children’s goals and DO the things they want to do.
  • My legacy life goal is to help my children achieve their dreams.
  • I choose to spend time with my children and I seek out their company.
  • I am actively engaged with my family and they KNOW I love them because I spend time with them and I am fully present when I am with them.
  • I know that where I spend my time, there my heart is, so I choose to spend time with my family.
  • I am a source of wisdom, love, and encouragement for my children.
  • My children and I have a special connection of spirit that goes beyond just father-child, we are eternal spirits who will always be together.
  • You’ve modeled servanthood to me.
  • You’ve shown me what it means to be the spiritual leader of a family.
  • You’ve demonstrated that church and God should always be our #1 priority.
  • You’ve instilled positive spiritual experiences within me.
  • You listen to our tough decisions and respond with wisdom.
  • You set an example for humility.
  • You’re dedicated to your family.
  • You’ve shown me that serving others is more important than serving myself.
  • You’ve challenged me to take every situation to God in prayer.
  • You showed us respect by listening to us while disciplining.
  • Your love and support for me is very evident in all that I do.
  • Thanks for teaching us family values and investing into me personally.
  • Thanks for modeling diligence and faithfulness in spite of difficulties and opposition.
  • You’ve challenged me to pray about every decision, big and small.
  • Your love and support is always evident.
  • You taught me that scripture is dependable and is the foundation of life.
  • You’re a great model of the necessary balance between ministry, family, relaxation and staying fit.
  • Thanks for caring so much about our upbringing that you invested countless hours into home schooling us.
  • Your continued quest for knowledge and understanding inspires me to do the same.
  • You willingness to try new and sometimes uncomfortable things challenges me to do the same.
  • I pray that one day I will be able to pass on to my children the abundance of spiritual knowledge and insight that you’ve passed on to me.
  • Thanks for modeling a life that is devoted to God.
  • Your constant availability to your young children shows how much you care for us in being a stable presence in our lives.
  • Thanks for immediately changing your ministry responsibilities when I asked you to attend my wrestling matches.
  • You helped me choose friends wisely and encouraged me to be the one to influence them.
  • You taught me that the heart and romance are immensely valuable and should always be addressed with prayerful consideration.
  • You demonstrated that your wife always comes before children and ministry.
  • I figure if you can find time to exercise and stay in shape, then there’s no excuse why I can’t either.
  • Through your example I’ve learned to be wise with the financial resources God’s provided, as small or large as they might be.
  • While growing up I was greatly influenced by watching you trust God with little details.
  • You’ve shown me that gifts from the Lord are always meant to be shared with others.
  • I am an amazing father
  • My child is looking forward to meeting me
  • I will care for and love my baby no matter what
  • Parents are incredible humans. I’m looking forward to being one
  • My hands are strong and capable.
  • I quiet my mind as I protect the birthing space.
  • I am a deeply supportive person.
  • I am filled with profound love and gratitude for my partner.
  • I am flexible and adaptable to any situation.
  • I can do this. I am doing this.
  • This birth is a beautiful love story between my partner, our baby and me.
  • I leave all of my worries and fears behind me as our birthing time begins.
  • I bring an open heart, a sharp mind, and strong hands to our birth journey.
  • I initiate a cooperative relationship with our birth care team.
  • I am fully engaged and present in each moment.

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