Affirmations for cyclists (29+)

Affirmations for cyclists

  • I am becoming more motivated by the day
  • I will become a positive thinker
  • I am finding myself more focused on my training
  • I am turning into someone who is willing to do what they need to do to win
  • I am learning to love training
  • I will push through the pain barrier
  • I will stick to my training schedule
  • I am becoming fitter and fitter
  • I am transforming into an amazing cyclist
  • I am becoming more determined to push myself
  • Training is something I love to do
  • Staying motivated at all times is easy for me
  • Being physically fit is something I pride myself on
  • I’m an amazing cyclist
  • I have a high level of motivation
  • Cycling is fun
  • I always make sure to push myself in my training sessions
  • People see me as someone who is focused on winning
  • I find it very easy to think positive
  • Training for a race comes easy to me
  • I am a phenomenal cyclist. I am always pushing myself to go faster and further.
  • I do whatever it takes to cross the finish line first and win my races. 
  • I am always thinking about ways to improve my cycling speed.
  • I love training for races and rides. I was born to cycle.
  • I am always motivated to train hard and improve my cycling speed. 
  • I am dedicated to training for and winning my race.
  • I am improving my mental stamina while riding. 
  • I naturally have positive thoughts while training.
  • I am becoming faster and more motivated each time I ride. 
  • I will turn into a powerful positive thinker.
  • I will focus more and more on my training. 
  • I am becoming a dedicated cyclist who does what it takes to win races.
  • I am loving the burn I feel while training. 
  • I will push past my pain barrier while training and racing.
  • I will stay committed to my training plan. 
  • I am becoming faster and faster.
  • I am becoming a world class cyclist. 
  • I am becoming more motivated to push myself hard during races.
  • Training and riding are things I love to do. Staying consistent at all times is something that comes naturally to me.
  • Being physically active and healthy is something I love to do. 
  • I’m an amazingly strong cyclist.
  • I have high levels of energy and motivation. 
  • Cycling is exciting and gives me adrenalin.
  • I am always pushing myself to do better in my training sessions. 
  • Others know that I am strong and focused on winning.
  • I naturally think positive thoughts while cycling. 
  • I find it easy to train for races and competitions.
  • I enjoy training to be a great cyclist.
  • Cycling is fun and exciting.
  • I constantly achieve new cycling plateaus.
  • Cycling energizes and delights me.
  • My cycling performance improves every day.
  • Cycling keeps me fit and healthy.
  • My cycling technique is excellent.
  • Cycling helps me get plenty of fresh air.
  • I enjoy the challenges cycling brings.
  • I respect other road users while cycling.
  • I always cycle with safety in mind.
  • I am committed to being the best cyclist I can be

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