Affirmations for critical thinking (37+)

Affirmations for critical thinking

  • I am a critical thinker
  • I ask the right questions
  • I gather relevant information
  • I interpret information efficiently
  • I always use critical thinking to analyze a situation
  • I form strong opinions
  • I communicate well with others to formulate solutions
  • I am a strong-minded individual
  • I carefully select answers to puzzling questions
  • I impose intellectual questions
  • I will form my own unbiased opinions
  • I will know when to ask the right questions
  • I will exclude outside influence when solving a problem
  • I am developing my critical thinking skills constantly
  • I will be more open-minded in recognizing solutions
  • I will skillfully gather information and formulate my own opinion
  • I will self-monitor and self-direct my thoughts
  • My thinking skills will improve in quality
  • I will become a stronger intellect
  • I will come to sensible solutions
  • I naturally pinpoint accessible solutions
  • I self-monitor my reasoning
  • I break down complex situations on an advanced level
  • Others see me as a decided, logical thinker
  • I am organized and conclusive in thought
  • My mind is naturally inquisitive
  • I am constantly asking intelligent questions
  • I just naturally have an open mind
  • I am open to all ideas and solutions
  • I consistently process information
  • Everybody is doing the best they can, including me.
  • I release the need to criticize others.
  • I only speak positively about those in my world. Negativity has no part in my life.
  • I become more proficient every day.
  • I allow myself freedom with all my emotions.
  • Healthy expressions of anger keep me healthy.
  • I express my anger in appropriate places and ways.
  • I give myself permission to acknowledge my feelings.
  • All of my emotions are acceptable.
  • I comfort my inner child, and we are safe.
  • I am safe with all of my emotions.
  • The more honest I am, the more I am loved.
  • My opinions are valued.
  • I respect others for being different, but not wrong. We are all one.
  • I am willing to release all patterns of criticism.
  • All my choices are in agreement with my desires.
  • As I choose my thoughts, I choose my life.
  • Each day I choose to see things from the most optimistic perspective.
  • Each decision I make presents wondrous new possibilities.
  • Every day I have the option to make choices that support my well-being.
  • Every moment of my life is full of choices.
  • I accept the decisions of others, and realize that it is their right to make their own choices.
  • I always choose the bolder option.
  • I always have the choice to re-create my reality.
  • I always have the freedom to choose.
  • I always have the power to choose the most optimistic outlook.
  • I always know what all my options are.
  • I choose to accept only those beliefs which empower my life.
  • I always make choices that benefit my cause.
  • I always make wise and confident decisions.
  • I am always aware of the choices I make and accept the consequences for each decision.
  • I am always free to change the way things are.
  • I am always free to choose my thoughts and actions.
  • I am always free to make my own choices in life.
  • I am completely free to choose the direction of all my thoughts.
  • I am extremely happy with the choices I have made in life.
  • I am fully confident in all the choices I make in my life.
  • I am so grateful for the many choices I have in my life.
  • I am so grateful to live in a time when I have so many choices in life.
  • I am totally free to become anyone I choose.
  • I am totally free to determine my response to every situation in my life.
  • I am totally free to make my own choices and decisions.
  • I can be whoever I choose to be.
  • I choose friends who are positive and supportive.
  • I choose how to react in any situation.
  • I choose my thoughts and beliefs wisely.
  • I choose my thoughts and how I react to things in my life.
  • I choose positive thoughts at every opportunity.
  • I choose to allow only positive, empowering thoughts to dwell in my mind.
  • I choose to appreciate everything life brings me.
  • I choose to be cheerful regardless of any other circumstances that arise.
  • I choose to be healthy every minute of my life.
  • I choose to do those things that I know will improve my life.
  • I choose to experience life calmly and peacefully.
  • I choose to feel good about myself.
  • I choose to focus my mind on energizing, uplifting thoughts.
  • I choose to laugh at the outrageous things in my life.
  • I choose to let go of my attachment to past habits.
  • I choose to live a healthy life.
  • I choose to look for the good in life, and find this good in abundance.
  • I choose to see a world of unlimited potential.
  • I choose to welcome all the good things that life has to offer.
  • I choose what to do and when to do it.
  • I completely trust myself to make positive choices in my life.
  • I confidently choose the direction my life takes.
  • I consciously choose to nourish my mind with positive, uplifting thoughts.
  • I constantly make wise decisions and choices.
  • I control my future by the positive choices I make today.
  • I control my life by the positive choices I make.
  • I control my life by thinking positive thoughts and making positive choices.
  • I ensure that I make positive choices every day.
  • I greatly appreciate the choices that having money brings me.
  • I have the ability to make wise, productive decisions.
  • I have the confidence to make positive choices in my life.
  • I have total faith that my decisions will benefit all areas of my life.
  • I have unlimited choices in my life.
  • I honor all decisions in my life with steadfast resolve.
  • I intend to live my life by choice, not chance.
  • I intentionally choose only those thoughts which help to improve my life.
  • I keep my mind alert and open to all possible solutions.
  • I know that each decision I make creates new opportunities.
  • I know that happiness is simply a choice that I can make at any time.
  • I know that I choose my emotions, and I have the confidence to make the most empowering choice.
  • I know that I create my own feelings by the thoughts I choose to think.
  • I know that I have total freedom in what I choose to think and believe.

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