Affirmations for coworkers (39+)

Affirmations for coworkers

  • My colleague is hard working!
  • I am blessed to get a colleague like him!
  • He is a dedicated and honest worker!
  • He always helps me in times of need!
  • He saves me from the boss’s tantrums!
  • He treats me like a family!
  • I have a lot to learn from him!
  • He is a talented man!
  • She will guide me with the quality of work!
  • How humble man he is!
  • Everyone loves my colleague for the kind of work he delivers!
  • He has helped me a lot with work!
  • I will spend a lot of time with him/her!
  • He has helped me a lot!
  • He never ends experimenting with a new genre!
  • His dedication inspires me to do a lot!
  • He is a humble man!
  • He will not stop till he earns a lot of money!
  • His creativity will help me learn a lot of new things from me!
  • She will make a difference with her talent!
  • She is an extremely talented and sharp-witted lady!
  • I am growing under her company!
  • She is so polite and kind towards everyone, especially with me!
  • How talented and well-spoken my colleague is!
  • He has a very cool personality!
  • I admire him because he has struggled a lot to reach here!
  • He is a very friendly and kind person!
  • He is loved by all the staff of the company, especially the boss and clerks!
  • My colleagues taught me how to act like a team!
  • Without my colleagues, I would not be able to do so many tasks!
  • Their labor and hard work have helped me to give good results to the boss!
  • They are my savior!
  • I am getting inspired by their energy to complete the task with the utmost dignity and concentration!
  • People have started to listen to me because my colleagues made sure that I was not bullied in the workplace!
  • Long way to go with them!
  • I do not want to change my office because of my friends who are my colleagues as well!
  • They have never pressurized me to do anything that I do not want to do!
  • My office life is interesting because of them!
  • I have the strong will to work with them to flourish and succeed in life!
  • I am blessed to get colleagues like them!
  • My colleagues are not envious of my success, in fact, they pushed me to achieve it all!
  • I believe I can do anything with the help of my colleagues!
  • Life in the office is sort of okay and bearable because of super cool and genius colleagues!
  • My colleague wants me to succeed in life and my career!
  • I will take all the necessary qualities and notes on how to be successful in life with my colleagues!
  • My colleagues are the best form of workers on earth!
  • They do not postpone the task!
  • They treat me like we are family- I do not feel like an outsider here!
  • They are a bunch of smart and intelligent people!
  • I would have not been able to manage to keep up with the workload without his help!
  • I have reached this height all because of my motivating colleagues, who did not give up on me!
  • I am glad that I am a part of this work that has the best colleagues!
  • The colleagues of the workplace decide whether they choose to be toxic ones or kind ones- I am lucky I got kind ones!
  • The colleagues have motivated and encouraged me through the journey!
  • The work journey became more and more exciting because of my high-spirited colleagues!
  • I am always ready to encounter new things in the office along with my colleagues!
  • I have decided to build a very cordial relation with my talented colleagues!
  • I can do a lot more under the guidance of my colleagues!
  • I feel the warmth and cool vibes when I am around my colleagues!
  • They are the best bunch of people!
  • They help me to bring out the best in me!
  • Why should I worry when I know I have got their back!
  • They have never been harsh or cold towards me!
  • I can seek refuge at the end of the day at their homes!
  • They help me to decide what is good for me and what is not!
  • They are like my family!
  • I can totally trust them!
  • I know they can never be wrong about certain things!
  • They are a bunch of intelligent people, who have made it till here solely on their own!
  • They radiate positive and friendly energy in the office!
  • I stay positive because of them!
  • I love to learn and explore new and difficult tasks with them!
  • They never put me down or treat me like a junior!
  • They have been pointing out my mistakes so that I do not repeat them!
  • They want to see me thrive!
  • I no longer feel awkward around them- they are very friendly people!
  • They make sure I feel comfortable and they also listen to what I say!
  • I love to take advice from them because they are experienced and successful personas!
  • They do maintain standards of life but they are very humble when it comes to helping other members!
  • I can count on them!
  • I feel like I am one of them!
  • They never bullied me instead they taught me how to deal with it!
  • The atmosphere of the workplace is very motivating and cordial!
  • I have got a lot of good lessons and suggestions that are sure to help me in future endeavors!
  • They never give up until they get a satisfactory rest out of it!
  • I know they are the best kinds of humans!
  • They are far-sighted men and women who are competing to be better humans and employees!
  • I’m so impressed with how you handled that meeting today. I always admire how clearly you present your work
  • Hey! Your latest work on X is incredible. I can tell how hard you’ve worked on it—it shows.
  • I just wanted to say that I see how hard you’ve been working on X. I admire how dedicated you are to the work you do.
  • I loved what you had to say today about X, and I’d really like to learn more about it. Would love to grab a coffee and hear more, if you’re open to it!
  • Way to go on that project! We were all blown away.(Sometimes, short and sweet is awesome.)
  • I can’t get over how great your presentation was. I might need to pick your brain the next time I have to give one!
  • I’ve never thought about X that way before. You made me see it totally differently. I love that!
  • You are such an incredible problem solver.
  • I’m so impressed by how you communicate. It makes everything easier.
  • I don’t know what we would do with you and your ideas.
  • Thank you so much for helping me on X. I’m not the best at [insert a skill here that’s one of their strong suits], so you were a lifesaver.
  • You’ve got such amazing work ethic.
  • Your skills made this project come together.
  • You bring so much to this team, especially with presentations.(You can use any specific element or skill the person tends to add to the project.)
  • You ask such insightful questions.

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