Affirmations for codependents

I am the co-creator of my life, I am fully involved in co-creating my life in an exciting, Joyous, and harmonious way.

I am now celebrating life, having fun and enjoying myself.

I am glad I was born and I Love being alive.

I Love myself and naturally attract Loving relationships into my life. I send Love to my fears.

My fears are the places within me that await my Love.

I speak my truth at all times.

I let go of any fear that keeps me from having a voice.

I release any beliefs that keep me from being authentic.

I let go of the belief system that I must take care of those close to me.

I let go of the thought that I am acting selfishly by taking care of my needs.

I am committed to my own personal path.

I move towards the highest version of myself.

I let go of any shame that keeps me in a caretaking role with others.

I chose to take care of myself.

I can love you without taking responsibility for your happiness.

I am not responsible for your thoughts and feelings.

I release taking responsibility for your happiness.

I release control over anyone.

You are accountable for you and I am accountable for me.

I release any responsibility for your wholeness.

I am aware your pain allows you to grow.

I have a right to my feelings and you have a right to yours.

I experience my own pain and feelings instead of yours.

I allow the divine to support me in letting go of responsibility for others.

I take responsibility for my actions; not yours

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