Affirmations for cleansing (31+)


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Page last updated: 1/09/2022

Affirmations for cleansing (31+)

Affirmations for cleansing

  • I abandon old habits and choose new, positive ones.
  • I accept God and also his workers.
  • I accept the flow of caring power.
  • I am at peace with what is happening.
  • I am committed to resting my energy when I feel myself getting lost in negative thought
  • I am filled with positive actions.
  • I am gentle with myself and others.
  • I am intentional about the energy I put out and the energy I allow around me
  • I AM now choosing to cleanse myself and release any and all thought forms.
  • I banish ET’s and grays from my spirit and also mind.
  • I choose faith over fear.
  • I choose the contents of my life.
  • I clean all entities from me now.
  • I clean myself from all wickedness.
  • I cleanse myself and also others from entities.
  • I decline unfavorable spirit entities.
  • I decline wicked entities now as well as for life.
  • I deny as well as repulse dark forces.
  • I deny satanic forces.
  • I drive away dropped angels.
  • I eliminate all wicked from my life.
  • I eliminate dark hearts from my mind.
  • I eradicate dark pressures from my spirit.
  • I eradicate dark spirits from my body.
  • I forgive myself and release my worries to the Creator.
  • I get rid of all curses and also spells.
  • I get rid of dark forces from my mind.
  • I get rid of dark pressures from my body.
  • I get rid of dark souls from my spirit.
  • I let go of impatience and trust in God’s plan.
  • I no longer resist the lessons I’m learning.
  • I reject dark entities.
  • I reject dark spiritual accessories.
  • I reject reptilians.
  • I release the need to replay situations in my mind.
  • I release things that no longer serve me.
  • I repel any kind of adverse spirit entities.
  • I repel reptilians.
  • I transform negative energy into love and light.
  • I trust my Heavenly Father to order my steps and lead the way.
  • I turn down all spells and also curses.
  • I turn down and ward off ET’s and also grays.
  • I turn down fallen angels.
  • I ward off demons.
  • I welcome positivity into my life.
  • I welcome the fullness of all that God has for me
  • I withstand and also fend off dark pressures.
  • Obstacles are now falling away easily.
  • Other people do not control my emotions; I do.
  • Today is a clean slate.
  • Today, I welcome health and happiness.
  • You can’t be both awesome and negative. Choose one.

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