Affirmations for cleaning (47+)

Affirmations for cleaning

  • I love cleaning
  • I always clean as I go
  • I enjoy maintaining a neat and tidy house
  • I am a clean person
  • I always clean up first and then relax
  • I have a regular cleaning schedule and I stick to it
  • I always clean things before they get too dirty
  • I always tidy up after myself
  • My bathroom is healthy and clean
  • I have a natural drive to keep things clean
  • I am beginning to enjoy cleaning
  • I will always clean up after myself
  • I will consistently maintain a tidy home
  • I am turning into someone whose home is always tidy
  • I am starting to get into the routine of regularly cleaning up after myself
  • Cleanliness and hygiene are becoming more and more important to me
  • I am beginning to get the hang of cleaning as I go
  • I am starting to notice how good it feels to have a clean house
  • Every day it becomes easier to keep the bathroom clean
  • I am developing the mindset of someone who is effortlessly clean and hygienic
  • I enjoy cleaning
  • Cleanliness comes naturally to me
  • Cleaning regularly is a normal part of my everyday routine
  • I just love the feeling of a neat and tidy house
  • Keeping everything clean is an important part of my life
  • I find that doing the housework actually calms me down
  • I always clean up after myself, it’s just the way I am
  • People see me as someone who is always neat and tidy
  • It is important to me that my house be clean and healthy
  • Whenever I make a mess I just clean it up
  • I shall tolerate no uncleanliness in body, clothes, habitation or thought.
  • I am clean in body, habits and thoughts.
  • My house is clean and in perfect order
  • I enjoy cleaning and tidying my house 🙂
  • I enjoy doing household tasks like cleaning, laundry, paying bills and grocery shopping
  • I am clean in body, habits and thoughts
  • I enjoy living a simple life.
  • I easily let go of things that no longer serve me.
  • Having space in my home, car, or office allows me to think clearly.
  • I have the discipline and stamina to tackle this decluttering project, one step at a time.
  • I don’t have to declutter my whole house in a day, just one area.
  • I choose to show gratitude for the memories each object represents and then to release them to welcome a new chapter in my life.
  • I close one chapter in my life and release the objects associated with it so I can open new ones.
  • I can appreciate things without possessing them.
  • If I haven’t needed it in a year, I can survive without it.
  • I lived without this object for years, and I can live without it again.
  • I can learn the skills necessary to develop an organizational system that works for me.
  • If it’s not meaningful, I don’t need it.
  • I gratefully accept the limited lifetime that I have and let go of things I will not live long enough to use again.
  • I love being organized.
  • Being organized allows me to do more in life.
  • My life and home are organized and clean.
  • I am a highly efficient and disciplined person.
  • I am in control of my life and surroundings.
  • My life flows effortlessly because I am organized.
  • I attract abundance in my life through being organized.
  • My house is clean and highly organized.
  • Living in a clean house makes me feel good.
  • I love inviting people over to my clean house.
  • I enjoy spending the time it takes to clean my house.
  • My home is an extension of my life which is clean and organized.
  • My environment is in harmony with nature and everything flows effortlessly.
  • I enjoy cleaning before things get too messy.
  • My bathroom is beautiful and spotless.
  • My bedroom is neat and tidy and I look forward to sleeping in my made bed.
  • I do not need to own a lot of stuff.
  • Owning too many things weighs me down.
  • I am okay. My possessions do not define me.
  • I choose to find meaning through relationships and experiences rather than just through objects.
  • People who matter notice me, not my possessions.
  • If I end up needing something, I can always buy it later.
  • I find security in myself and through my Higher Power rather than in the things I own.
  • I am strong enough not to need to buy this.
  • I welcome abundance rather than fear and scarcity into my life.
  • Hoarding objects comes out of valid fears, but I let them go as they no longer serve me.
  • I know that I will not have time in my life to use this, and that is okay. One lifetime is a gift from the universe and it is enough.
  • I am grateful for what I have. I choose to want what I have.
  • All who visit our home feel immediately welcome and at peace.
  • Each and every day I simplify my world a little more.
  • Each day I de-clutter one more area of my life.
  • Every day I do something to make my surroundings more comfortable.
  • Every square inch of my home makes me feel at ease.
  • I absolutely love my new flat!
  • I adorn my environment with fresh flowers.
  • I am actively seeking the perfect home for me and my family.
  • I am building the home of my dreams.
  • I am completely at ease in my new home.
  • I am creating a harmonious environment for myself and those I love.
  • I am creating an environment that motivates and inspires me.
  • I am creating the home of my dreams.
  • I am designing and building the home of my dreams.
  • I am living in an environment that supports my goals in every way.
  • I am now living in my new dream home.
  • I am so excited to be moving into my own apartment.
  • I am totally at peace in my surroundings.
  • I am very content and comfortable with my surroundings.
  • I beautify my life by simplifying my surroundings.
  • I clean my home so that my mind can be clear and inspired.
  • I create a comfy home for my family.
  • I create a happy place to live.
  • I create an environment of serenity and order.
  • I create an environment that supports my desire for success.

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