Affirmations for christian woman (29+)

Affirmations for christian woman

  • Although you may fail, you are not a failure. When you fall you are simply building your character.
  • Be patient but don’t stop working hard. His promises are real and they will come in His time.
  • Do everything with an attitude of excellence.
  • Don’t hold on to what God himself is trying to rip apart. Trust that those that he removes from your life will be replaced with people who are better suited for your journey.
  • Excellence is not God comparing you to others. But Him knowing your capabilities and wanting you to use each lesson to improve yourself.
  • God has given me everything I need to avoid temptation.
  • God is always with me because he lives inside me.
  • God is in love with me.
  • God wants me to know that he loves me more than he wants me to be perfect.
  • God will protect me from harm.
  • God’s strength keeps me from being a sinner.
  • Hold your head high because you are everything God said you are.
  • I am a woman after God’s heart.
  • I am a world changer.
  • I am beautiful.
  • I am blessed.
  • I am close to God.
  • I am flawless and created with divine purpose!
  • I am free from the chains of guilt, shame and condemnation.
  • I am getting stronger as God disciplines me.
  • I am humble and listen to wisdom.
  • I am humbled because God could allow me to experience the same struggles, pains, and obstacles as others.
  • I am more in love with God than the world.
  • I am more than what other people think.
  • I am pure.
  • I am unique, powerful, and humble. I am not better than anyone.
  • I am worthy of God’s blessings.
  • I choose to have faith in God.
  • I delight in honesty and the truth of God.
  • I do not keep a record of the things people do wrong.
  • I don’t have to be perfect to feel God’s love.
  • I don’t have to rush my process.
  • I don’t have to settle for doubt.
  • I don’t have to settle for fear.
  • I forgive, love, and show patience to others.
  • I have a piece of God’s personality because I was created in his image.
  • I have a purpose to help bring God’s Kingdom to earth!
  • I have access to the God’s gift of faith.
  • I have access to the peace of God.
  • I have mustard seed faith and my prayers move mountains!
  • I have received forgiveness for my sins.
  • I hear the voice of God.
  • I love myself well.
  • I love people that are difficult (from a distance sometimes.)
  • I repent and change my ways to honor God.
  • I surround myself with wisdom.
  • I understand that God forgives the worst sinners.
  • I use my free-will wisely.
  • I will not look down on anyone.
  • I won’t try to be God in the lives of others.
  • Love who you are right now because right now you are exactly who God created you to be.
  • Nothing can separate me from the love of God. Nothing.
  • Speak only with love because there is power in tongue.
  • You become a better version of yourself everyday and I’m proud of you for that.
  • You do not have to do it all. God equipped you with a circle so that you would have people around you that help you get things done.

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