Affirmations for childbirth (45+)

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Affirmations for childbirth

  • I can do hard things
  • I am brave
  • The baby is coming
  • My body knows what to do
  • Women have birthed babies for centuries
  • I will hold my baby soon
  • I need you to help me relax
  • I don’t know what to do to feel better
  • I soften, I open, I release
  • I’m a stone cold bitch
  • F*ck, F*ck, F*ck
  • Today is my baby’s birthday
  • Breathe
  • I will see my baby soon
  • Every contraction is one step closer
  • Fear is a liar
  • Open, Open, Open
  • I can do anything for 90 seconds
  • Live for the breaks
  • Loose lips, loose jaw
  • I am a badass
  • I’ve got this
  • I am the strongest person I know
  • Explore the pain
  • This is only temporary
  • This is normal, this is labor
  • Lean into the discomfort
  • Help me, Jesus.
  • Suck it up buttercup, I am birthing this f*cking baby 
  • My body and my baby are working together and know what they are doing.
  • She/He is almost here.
  • Relax, relax, relax
  • Open palms, relaxed toes
  • I am safe
  • I am strong, brave and beautiful
  • My baby is safe
  • This will not last forever
  • OMG, WTF
  • Peace, love and babies 
  • I am doing it
  • I can’t, I can’t, I can’t…I CAN 
  • Come on baby
  • This is productive pain
  • My perineum is strong
  • Fierce body, calm mind
  • It’s just pressure
  • Everything is tiptop ticket-boo (where are our Call the Midwife fans??)
  • This is only temporary 
  • By tomorrow, I will have my baby
  • I did it
  • I am going to have a gentle, beautiful birth.
  • My baby is safe.  I am safe.
  • My breathing is deep and even.
  • I let go of my fears and embrace the experience of birth.
  • I rest patiently and let my baby come to me.
  • I trust my instincts to know what I need for my labor.
  • I am grateful to be giving birth to my child today.
  • My body will give birth in its own time.  
  • My baby and I are healthy and strong, ready for this birth.
  • So many people love my baby already.
  • I let go of any tension I’m holding in my face, hands, legs, and abdomen.
  • I relax the space between my ears.
  • I slowly breathe up with each surge.
  • I blow my lips and loosen my jaw.
  • I breathe my pelvis open.
  • My body is both strong and soft, able to easily birth my baby.
  • I make room for my baby coming down.
  • My body is working to bring my baby to me.
  • Labor will not last forever.  Soon she will be in my arms.
  • I let it get heavier and give in to what my body is doing.
  • This is for my baby.
  • I blow away all my tension.
  • Each contraction brings my baby closer to me.
  • My cervix is soft and elastic, easily stretching for baby to come through.
  • I visualize my cervix slowly opening to make way for my baby.
  • I work with my baby.  Together we will find our way to each other.
  • My cervix is melting over my baby’s head.
  • I surrender fully to each wave.
  • I do not fight the birth in any way.  
  • I sway and soften more and more.
  • My body is relaxed and limp.
  • My job is to simply allow the birth to happen.
  • My body has a wide open space for my baby to descend.
  • I am soft, relaxed, and open.
  • I open more with every breath.
  • I completely melt with each new wave.
  • Good strong contractions help my baby come to meet me.
  • I am having a peaceful, healthy birth.
  • I will breathe slowly and deeply to relax my muscles and bring oxygen to my baby.
  • I let all that’s tight float away.
  • I follow my intuition and give birth in the way I desire.
  • I feel the strong waves of labor and know that everything is normal and progressing.
  • I have patience. I have an open heart.
  • I am surrounded with love and prayers from family and friends.
  • Inhale peace, exhale tension.
  • When it’s most uncomfortable, I am the most relaxed and at peace with the process of birth.
  • The more intense it is, the closer I am to holding my daughter.
  • Love compels me through each contraction.
  • I am going to meet my son very soon, look into his eyes, hold his little hands, and kiss his face.
  • This is the first day of an amazing new adventure with all the people I love.

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