Affirmations for career (39+)

Affirmations for career

  • I am in charge of my destiny.
  • My career change is smooth and stress-free.
  • I am on my way to my desired destination.
  • The choices and attitudes of today shape my future.
  • Success is inevitable.
  • I stop and reject negative thoughts no matter the situation.
  • There is no uncertainty when I align with my inner being.
  • I am the architect of my career.
  • Change helps me align with my true purpose.
  • I am right where I need to be at this moment.
  • I do not let the opinions of others determine my path.
  • I know the right choice for me.
  • Challenges are opportunities.
  • I am creative, resourceful and brimming with confidence.
  • This career change feels good.
  • I respect myself and who I am.
  • I never give up on my dreams.
  • I find new ways to make my dreams happen.
  • I forgive myself for not changing careers sooner.
  • I allow myself to adjust and align my career as needed.
  • I sweep negative thoughts aside, they are of no use to me.
  • My career change starts with changing my thoughts.
  • When I focus on what I want, the universe delivers.
  • When I focus on what others want, I lose myself.
  • My dreams come first.
  • My thoughts align with the future I want to create.
  • Ease and flow help my career grow.
  • Opportunities for success surround me.
  • Fear has no place in my career.
  • When I don’t have the answers, the universe does.
  • When I align, I am fine.
  • I have all of the resources I need.
  • Rejection is realignment.
  • There are no wrong choices when I listen to my soul.
  • I build my career with confidence.
  • Each day I get closer to being the person I really am.
  • I believe in my talents and abilities.
  • I am perfectly suited for this work.
  • I choose to be happy in my job.
  • I can change the course of my life anytimeI want to.
  • An amazing job opportunity finds me today.
  • An exciting new career prospect is on its way to me.
  • Employers are impressed by my talents and skills.
  • Employers are taken by my presentation and personality.
  • Every action I take moves me towards my perfect career.
  • Every career move I make turns out to be even more positive than the last.
  • Great jobs are finding me.
  • I actively pursue all job opportunities that have potential.
  • I advance my career at every opportunity.
  • I advance quickly at work.
  • I am a career magnet – I am attracting excellent job prospects all the time.
  • I am actively seeking the perfect career for me.
  • I am actively seeking the perfect career for my aptitudes and talents.
  • I am actively seeking the perfect career for my talents and skills.
  • I am being paid very well to do an exciting and rewarding job.
  • I am completely energized to find my ideal work.
  • I am completely open to receiving new career opportunities.
  • I am extremely thankful for my new career as a…
  • I am now attracting the perfect career for my talents.
  • I am now taking my career to the next level.
  • I am quickly and effortlessly working my way up the corporate ladder.
  • I am regularly promoted at work.
  • I am so happy and grateful for the new career opportunity that I have found.
  • I am successfully scaling the corporate ladder.
  • I am the perfect person for the job.
  • I am thrilled to have found the perfect job for me.
  • I am totally confident that the perfect job for me is just around the corner.
  • I am well-paid and have a rewarding job.
  • I attract wonderful job opportunities today.
  • I deserve to find the perfect career.
  • I eagerly search for my perfect occupation.
  • I ensure that my career choices are what is best for me.
  • I find the ideal job for the hours I am able to work.
  • I find the perfect career that is enjoyable, fulfilling and pays incredibly well.
  • I give thanks for the perfect job that is now part of my life.
  • I have a fantastic part-time job that I love.
  • I have a fulfilling career that is financially rewarding.
  • I have an exciting and rewarding job that pays me well.
  • I have created a great resume and send it out to every company that I would like to work for.
  • I have finally found my dream job!
  • I have found the perfect career for me.
  • I have found the perfect free-lance job.
  • I have many job options from which to choose.
  • I have much to offer potential employers.
  • I have now found the ideal career for me.
  • I have now found the perfect occupation for me.
  • I have the perfect job and am eager to contribute every day.
  • I know exactly what I want from my career.
  • I know that I can do great things for this company.
  • I know that it is only a matter of time before I find the perfect job for me.
  • I know to find the perfect job I need to take positive action every day.
  • I know what my ideal career is.
  • I love going on job interviews.
  • I love job-hunting!
  • I now have a brilliant new career.
  • I make a fantastic impression in interviews.
  • I now have a fantastic full-time job in a field I love.
  • I now have a wonderful job that I really enjoy.
  • I now have the best job in the world for me.
  • I now know exactly what my calling is and easily find work in this field.
  • I send my resume out to all the companies I would like to work for.
  • Job-hunting is fun because I love meeting new people.
  • Lots of job offers are coming my way every day.
  • My career grows with leaps and bounds.
  • My career is finally taking off!
  • My career is overflowing with success.
  • My career prospects are unlimited.
  • My chosen career beings me great joy and satisfaction.
  • My ideal employment is coming to me right now.
  • My ideal job is right around the corner.
  • My ideal job offers me complete creative freedom.
  • My life work is looking for me right now.
  • My new chosen career offers great freedom and reward.
  • My new job fulfills me in all ways.
  • My new job has great perks.
  • My new job is exactly right for me.
  • My new job offers fantastic benefits.
  • My new work hours are perfectly suited to my lifestyle.
  • My perfect career is waiting for me to claim it.
  • My perfect job is coming to me right now.
  • My phone rings every day with new job offerings.
  • My resume is professional and attracts incredible career prospects.
  • New career opportunities constantly appear in my life.
  • The most incredible job is waiting for me to discover it.
  • The perfect job for my talents is on its way
  • The right job for my talents is coming to me now.
  • The universe is leading me to my perfect job.
  • There are plenty of opportunities for me in my field.
  • There are tons of great opportunities from which I can choose.
  • There is a great demand for people with my talents and abilities.
  • Today is the day I find my perfect job.
  • Wonderful new career opportunities come my way today.

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